Recorder hard cases, soft cases, Cavallaro Recorder rolls, lights, tuners, thumb rests, neck straps, bore oil, Duponol, oiling brushes

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Finding our way rafting among Alsek Lake icebergs, Alaska, August, 2012

Moss Beach

Moss Beach, CA, August 2005





Korg Chromatic Tuners

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Tuner Description Price

Korg CA-40

  • Chromatic pocket-sized auto tuner

  • Adjustable calibration range (410-480 Hz)

  • Built-in reference tone (12 notes/A4, Bb4 switchable.)

  • Auto power off and memory backup

  • LCD needle meter w/manual and auto modes

  • Input receptacle for pickup (not included)

  • Batteries included!

Tune string and wind instruments in a flash with the OT-120, a new tuner that combines the accuracy of needle-type meters with superior functionality, wide tuning range and a new, sleek vertical design. $89
Korg OT-120

Korg OT-120


Chromatic tuner with a wide 8-octave detection range that supports band and orchestra instruments

Dual display provides both a needle-type meter and an LCD for excellent visibility

Sound Back (Patented: Patent pending) mode plays a reference pitch for the note that's closest to the input pitch. The meter indicates the discrepancy between the input and the correct pitch

Multiple Temperaments: supports historical tunings

Transpose mode is convenient for wind instruments

Choose from 3 levels of needle response speed (slow, medium and fast)

Both auto and manual tuning modes are provided

Built-in reference tone plays in a 5-octave range

Broad range of calibration (349 Hz--499 Hz)

Built-in mic supports acoustic instruments

Use with an optional clip-on pickup for accurate tuning in noisy environments

Energy-saving design for long battery life (approximately 100 hours)

Durable soft case included

More information

Korg TM-40

Korg TM-40

Korg TM40 Chromatic Tuner and Metronome

Both tuner and metronome functions operate simultaneously or independently.

More information



CAVALLARO RECORDER ROLLS                   Top of Page

please note: all measurements, patterns and colors are approximate

Cavallaro Southwestern Tapestry

Southwestern Tapestry

Cavallaro Cats Tapestry

Cats Tapestry

Cavallaro covers are made from 8 oz, 100% waterproof 420 denier nylon duck material. Inside each cover is a thick polyester shearling, which both insulates and pads the instrument.

While many professional musicians prefer black covers, we realize that many people like to add a little color to their lives. Our color choices are black, navy, forest green, pewter gray, burgundy, orchid (purple), brown, royal blue and teal. Tapestry choices are at left($12.50-$18 extra).  Cutting fees for colors are $18 extra, above the cost of the roll.

Case cover care instructions

Cavallaro colors


Leaves Tapestry

Cavallaro Floral Tapestry

Floral Tapestry

Cavallaro Leopard Tapestry

Leopard Tapestry




Cavallaro Case

My Price

70SR            SOPRANO RECORDER ROLL                    


(2 slots) 11" tall x 5" wide;  each slot is about 2.5" wide

70BF             BAROQUE FLUTE

(4 slots) 11" tall x 11" wide;  (plus 1 swab slot) each slot 2.5" wide (for flute with 2 middle joints)  

72AR1           ALTO RECORDER ROLL                        

(3 slots) 12" tall x 11" wide;  (plus 1 swab slot) each slot 3+"

72AR2           ALTO W/2 CORPS RECORDER ROLL              

(4 slots) 12" tall x 12" wide;  (plus 1 swab slot) each slot 2.5 to 3" wide  

72AR3           ALTO W/3 CORPS RECORDER ROLL  (or SA)            

(5 slots) 13" tall x 15" wide;  (plus 1 swab slot) each slot 2.5 to 3" wide

73TR            TENOR RECORDER ROLL                       

(3 slots) 15" tall x 12" wide; (plus 1 swab slot) each slot 2.5 to 3" wide  


(4 slots) 15" tall x 14" wide; (plus 1 swab slot) each slot 2.5 to 3" wide

74RRA           RECORDER ROLL                             

(7 slots) 13" tall x 24" wide; each slot 3 to 3.5" wide

74RRB           RECORDER ROLL                      

(9 slots) 13" tall x 30" wide; (plus 1 swab slot) each slot 3" wide  

74RRC           RECORDER ROLL                       

(13 slots) 13" tall x 41" wide; (plus 1 swab slot) each slot 3" wide

74RRD           RECORDER ROLL  FOR SOP + ALTO + TENOR                      

(6 slots) 15" tall x 21" wide;  (plus 1 swab slot) each slot 2.5 to 4" wide  

74RRE           ROLL FOR SATB                            

(8 slots) 21" tall x 32" wide (plus 1 swab slot); each slot 2.5 to 5" wide

                                                                            SOFT CASES                             Top of Page

Mollenhauer 7701 soft case

Cotton bags

7601 Soprano, 1 pc. (tube) $6
7701 Soprano, 2 pcs. $11
7702 Alto, 3 pcs. $16
7703 Tenor, 3 pcs. $22
7710 Soprano/Alto $24

Mollenahauer 7722 soft case

Bags with leather trim
7720 Sopranino, 2 pcs. $21
7721 Soprano, 2 pcs $21
7722 Alto, 3 pcs. $27
7723 Tenor, 3 pcs. $35

Roll Bags made of linen

Mollenhauer 7735 recorder roll

7735 for 5 pieces (14" long) (e.g. SSA/T) $37

Mollenhauer 7738 recorder roll

7738 for 8 pieces (14" long) (e.g. SSAT) $40

                    HARD CASES                          Top of Page


Soprano & Alto--tight fit, but safe, depending on the sizes & shapes of the parts


  • Simple, inexpensive hard case

  • Sopranino, soprano, alto or even 2 of them

  • ABS plastic and foam

  • Sliding locking handle for secure closure

  • 12" x 8.5" x 2.625" OD






Mollenhauer 7100 sopranino hard case

Hard case for Sopranino (7100) $70

Mollenhauer 7101 soprano hard case

Hard case for Soprano (7101) $70

Mollenhauer 7102 alto hard case

Hard case for Alto (7102) $89

Mollenhauer 7103 tenor hard case

Hard case for Tenor (7103) $102

Mollenhauer 7104 bass hard case

Hard case for Bass (7104) $162

Mollenhauer 7200 soprano/alto hard case

Hard case for SA (7200) $130

 Mollenhauer 7300 sopranino, soprano, alto, tenor (SnSAT) hard case

Hard case for SnSAT (7300) $210
Mollenhauer 7400 sopranino, soprano, alto, tenor, bass (SnSATB) hard case Hard case for SnSATB (7400) $265

Kung 9302 soprano hard case

Kung Superio hard case for 2-piece soprano (9302) $40

Kung 9402 alto hard case

Kung Superio hard case for alto (9402) $58

Kung 9502 tenor hard case

Kung Superio hard case for tenor (9502) $91
Moeck Rottenburgh hard case for sopranino (Z9519), zippered $41
Moeck Rottenburgh hard case for 3-piece soprano (Z9529), zippered $50
Moeck Rottenburgh hard case Moeck Rottenburgh hard case for alto (Z9539), zippered $62
Moeck Rottenburgh hard case Moeck Rottenburgh hard case for tenor (Z9549), zippered $75


Hardwood Recorder Stands

In Stock

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recorder stand recorder stand recorder stand w/instruments recorder stand disassembled
Beautifully made hardwood recorder stands. 

Come apart for easy transport and storage. 

Standard configuration is for SnSATB: $75 

Custom configurations upon request.


                                                                             Miscellaneous Accessories                                Top of Page

AdjustRite Musician's Chair--adjustable height from 15' to 20" in one inch increments

Sturdy, comfortable, foldable

  • The "ADJUSTRITE" Musician's Chair just may be the greatest musician's chair ever!
  • The padded back gives you enough support to help you sit correctly, making it very comfortable for those long gigs or practice sessions.
  • You can easily adjust the height of the chair, so it will fit both children and adults equally well.
  • Folds up neatly and easily for convenient transport and storage
  • This well-designed, comfortable, sturdy, easy-to-use, adjustable folding chair will be a great addition to your music room or studio
  • Buttons on the legs adjust the leg height in 1" increments, so you can adjust the chair to suit yourself
  • Adjustable so seat is level, tilting backward or tilting forward for best playing ergonomics for your instrument
  • It's great for the viola da gamba to get just the right height for optimal thigh slant



Cork grease tube

Cork Grease - Tube Container $3.50

 Cork grease tub

Cork Grease - Tub Container $2.00
  Bore Oil for Recorders, Canola oil, with vitamin E, 1 oz. $3.25
  Duponol, anti-clogging liquid, ~0.5 oz. $2.50

Yamaha Recorder Cream for Plastic Recorders  

Special joint cream for plastic recorders. Tub

Moeck Maintenance Kit

Moeck maintenance kit

For use with all hardwood recorders: oil, Duponol, oil application brushes.

$18.00 Sn/S

$18.75 Alt/Ten

Mollenhauer recorder jewelry

Brooch, tie pin, necklace pendant, or earring

Baroque miniature recorder, playable, but not meant to be performed on :-)

approx. 3" long.


Music Stand




K&M Ruka Ultra Lightweight Music Stand

Perfect for the musician on the go, this music stand can be collapsed, packed up and easily forgotten about. The Ruka Music Stand from K&M is a 3 piece, extremely lightweight option for the performer trying to lighten their load. The aluminum body is strong and sturdy, though admittedly not designed for extremely heavy books or binders, and the large deep desk with page holders ensure your music stays in place while you're playing. The desk height and angle are fully adjustable and, when collapsed, the stand is less than 20" inches long.  Case included.


Lotus Design LED Music Stand Lights (17 & 34 LED models)

The first thing most people notice is the quality of the light itself. We use a special hybrid LED which is designed to diffuse the light so there are no hot spots or voids. These LEDs produce a natural, pure white color. It is not yellow like an incandescent bulb. It is not blue like fluorescent light or cheaper LEDs. In fact, it is the same color temperature as the flash on a typical camera.

Lotus Light LED 34


The light shade is connected to a 10" long flexible arm so you can direct the light exactly were you want it. Our custom designed arm is stiff enough to stay where you adjust it.

Lotus LIght - no replacing batteries


Lithium batteries have big advantages over older style batteries. Most lights use disposable alkaline batteries which are costly and toxic to the environment. Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) batteries are an option, but they don't hold as much power as Lithium batteries and they lose their charge rather quickly.

 Lotus Light Circuit Board



Our engineers designed a "smart" circuit board which controls the charging and the discharging of the battery. It uses a "smart" charging chip so you can recharge the battery in less than 2 hours. The current going to the LED array is controlled by a "smart" voltage regulator which maintains the light output at a constant level until the battery is nearly discharged. Other battery powered lights begin to dim as soon they are turned on.

Two power levels:  medium and high

Lotus Light with Detatchable Clamp


Our clamp design makes Lotus Light more useful. The padded jaws open wide enough to clamp onto anything up to 3/4" thick. The preloaded torsion spring provides a good grip on thin metal stands.
The clamp can be detached from the battery case. This makes it more compact to store and more useful for other applications such as lighting artwork on a wall, accent light, merchandising light, podium/lectern light, reading light, camping/tent light, etc.

power supply


Your Lotus Light comes with a specially designed power supply for charging the lithium battery. It automatically switches to match the current you plug into (110 to 250 volt) so you can use it anywhere in the world. For added convenience we designed the power supply with an extra long cord.

into Gig bag


Lotus Light is compact and the LEDs are not fragile. You can throw it in your instrument case or gig bag.



Lotus Design LED Music Stand Lights


Model LED17 LED34
Power Consumption 1.8W 3.6W
Color Temperature 5000K 5000K
Runtime on High
w / Lithium Polymer Battery
6 hrs

3 hrs

Runtime on Low
w / Lithium Polymer Battery
12 hrs

6 hrs

Weight 8oz / 220g 8.5oz / 240g
Shade Width 6.5" 13"
Price $109 $159


Lotus Light makes a great piano light


Both models come with a padded travel pouch

Mighty Bright XtraFlex Duet Dual LED Music Stand Light

Mighty Bright XtraFlex Duet Dual LED Music Stand Light

The Mighty Bright XtraFlex Duet Super LED. Music Light uses two specially-designed heads that spread light evenly, without any annoying hot spot to washout print and make your music hard to read. The twin, highly flexible arms are easy to position to put light in tight places, and they also make it very easy to fold the unit into a small package for easy storage. The Mighty Bright XtraFlex Duet is equipped with a base that allows the light to be used as either a clip-on or as a freestanding unit. This versatility makes the XtraFlex Duet perfect for lighting things other than music- racks, pedal setups on dimly lit stages and mixing boards will all benefit. Powered by three AAA batteries (not included).

I used to this one all the time.  It is fairly bright and really does easily cover two pages. The batteries last a long time--I don't know how long since they haven't started to run our of juice yet, after about 10 hours of use. But I've now upgraded to the Duet 2, below, which is twice as bright.


Mighty Bright Duet 2 Dual LED Music Stand Light

Mighty Bright Duet 2 LED Music Stand Light

The Mighty Bright Duet 2 is the professional music stand light with double the brightness of its predecessor! The Duet 2 features fully adjustable goosenecks to cover two pages. The Duet is already used internationally by professional musicians. Best of all, the LED lights never need changing! The included AC adapter provides an added benefit for orchestras and bands using controlled lighting.

Duet 2 Specifications

  • Four different light level options
  • Dual flexible arms provide infinite maneuverability
  • Two lighting heads, each containing two large LEDs
  • Sensor switches on each lighting head require just a tap to turn on one or both LEDs
  • Optical grade lens provides evenly distributed light with no hot spots
  • Easily bends to compact position for storage
  • Extra strong clip grips almost anything or use free standing
  • Offers 20 hours of continuous use on 3 AAA batteries
  • Powered by included AC adapter (110-240 volts) or 3 AAA Batteries

  This one is twice as bright as the Duet Dual, a boon to older eyes like mine.  I love it!


                FUZZY SWABS FOR RECORDERS      Top of Page




microfiber mops










Swab stick




Stick only; can be used for removing moisture or oiling









                                           OILING BRUSHES

recorder oiling brushes Sn/Sop






Artist's brush for oiling recorder ramp or edge


                                                    THUMB RESTS                                 Top of Page


for plastic recorders--will mar finish of wooden recorders unless lined with moleskin

Made of dark brown or black plastic

  Description Price

slip-on thumb rests

Soprano $1.75
Alto $2.50
Tenor $3.00



  Description Price
Self-adhering wooden recorder thumbrests

Rosewood Thumb rest  

Fits alto or tenor recorders


Pearwood Thumb rest

Fits alto or tenor recorders


Grenadilla Thumb rest

Fits alto or tenor recorders

Mollenhauer wooden thumb rests Rosewood







Brass thumb rests, neck strap loops Adjustable thumb rest w/neck strap hook (d) $42.00
Adjustable thumb rest  (e)


Combination thumb rest/neck strap hook (b or c)


Neck strap hook (a)



Kung neck strap Kung foam-padded neck bass strap, 9015 $25.30
Yamaha webbed recorder neck strap Yamaha Webbed Bass Neck strap $21.00
Mollenhauer neck strap Felt-lined bass neck strap $15.00


Ordering Information                                                                                                                                                Top of PageSubcontrabass recorder in Bb, by Adriana Breukink

Email, call or write me to order or discuss your needs.  You can't order from my web site--I like to discuss your order with you first.

Many people have told me how much they enjoy my bringing my ‘store’ of instruments to workshops so that they can try many different ones over the course of a few days.  This makes their decision-making process much easier. 

Obviously, when ordering by mail, I can’t send you my whole ‘store’ of instruments to try, but I do try to come as close as is reasonably possible.  All instruments can be ordered on approval.  I am happy to send out two or more instruments for you to compare.  For instance, I could send out two or three rosewood altos, or rosewood, pearwood, grenadilla and  boxwood altos for you to sample.  Then you can play them (please, no more than 15 minutes per day, just as if you were starting the breaking-in process), let your friends try or listen to them, and let a teacher try them.  This gives you some feedback on your choice, and gives you more confidence in your decision. 

I want you to be satisfied with your instrument, and feel under no obligation to buy it if you don’t like it.  A normal time for deciding is approximately one week.  I, of course, expect any returned instruments to be in like-new condition (see below).  Whether you decide to buy an instrument or not, all I ask is that you pay for shipping costs both ways.

Once you have decided on a purchase, I will bill you. 

Email, call or write me to order or discuss your needs.  You can't order from my web site--I like to discuss your order with you first.


I had an instrument returned that smelled of cigarette smoke.  The customer did not smoke, but a visitor did.  I haven't yet succeeded in removing the smell.  I can't sell a smoky instrument, so I do not want to send instruments on approval to households where people are allowed to smoke.  If a smoky-smelling (or mildew-smelling) instrument is returned to me, I will not accept it, and you will have bought it, since it is no longer in like-new condition.  In my experience, hardly any recorder players smoke, so this should be a rare occurrence.  So please, no smoke, mildew or lipstick, and brush your teeth before playing--all things you should do if the instrument were yours.  I hope you understand this policy.


I don't give out customer contact information to other companies.


I accept personal checks, money orders or cashiers checks.  
I accept Visa, MasterCard, and Discover. VisaMasterCard  

To order, email, phone or write me your request.

425 N. Whisman Rd., Ste. 200

Mountain View, CA 94043

 (Map)  (Detail)

(866) 511-2981 toll free

(Pacific Time Zone)

(650) 938-5367 local/foreign/Skype


OPEN BY APPOINTMENT-Call--I'm here most of the time, 6-7 days a week