PRB Productions

Recorder, Viol Music

Catalog # Composer/Editor Title Instrumentation Format Price
    Recorder Music      
PRBES6 Atkins, Henrietta A Collection of Songs for three Notes S,Pf Sc, Pt $10.00
PRBCCS1 Banks, Ridgway Maacama Trio ATB Sc, Pts $8.00
PRBCCS26 Bishop, Martha Recorders on Parade SAA/SpTB Sc, Pts $12.00
PRBES3 Blaker, Frances The Recorder Player's Companion Rec Book $19.00
PRBCCS25 Burford A Cotswold Suite SATB Sc, Pts $12.00
PRBCCS23 Burford Seven Ghostly Fancies SAT Sc only $3.50
PRBCCS16 Burford, Freda Six Thumbnail Sketches AA Sc,only $2.00
PRBCCS30 Chandler, Stephen Quips AAT Sc, Pts $7.00
PRBCCS29 Dolmetsch, Rudolph Air and Minuet SAT Sc only $1.00
PRBCCS27 Guess-Hanson, Suan Four for Three - Four Pieces for Recorder Trio ATB Sc, Pts $9.00
PRBCCS22 Guess-Hanson, Suan Sympathetic Introspection ATB Sc only $0.90
PRBCVS5 Herman, Carol Emily Dickinson Five Poems Sop. Voice, Alto Recorder Sc only $9.00
PRBCCS2 Jenkins, Leonie Carousel Rondo for Recorder Quartet SA/SpTB Sc, Pts $9.00
PRBCCS3 Jenkins, Leonie Shoreline Suite SAAT Sc, Pts $9.00
PRBCCS47 Larson, Steve Suite for 3 Recorders SAT Sc, Pts $12.00
PRBCCS14 McKinley, Ann Two Quartets for Recorders SAAT,ATTB Sc, Pts $8.00
PRBCCS4 Pepping, Ernst Seven Pieces for Recorder Quartet SATB Sc, Pts $10.00
PRBCCS11 Poulenc Sonata SATB Sc, Pts $12.00
PRBBS2 Sammartini Concerto for Oboe and Strings Oboe,2Vn,Va,BC Sc, Pts $15.00
PRBCCS37 Seibert, Peter Passamezzo, Pavan, and Galliard SATB Sc, Pts $6.00
PRBCCS34 Seibert, Peter Ruggiero SATB Sc, Pts $5.00
PRBPTS3 Seibert, Peter Ten Bass Hit and (transposed as) The Ten Tenors 10 Basses/10 Tenors Sc, Pts $8.00
PRBCCS18 Staeps East-West S,AATB,Guit Sc, Pts $16.00
    Music for Viola da Gamba      
PRBCVS39 Ayton, Will Four by Four Tr,Tn,Tn,B Sc, Pts $10.00
PRBCVS7 Ayton, Will Four Song Settings Voice/Tr, Tr,Tn,B Sc, Pts $15.00
PRBCCS35 Ayton, Will Music for Three Viols (or String Trio) Tr,Tn,B Sc, Pts $8.00
PRBVCS7 Bach, J.S. Prelude & Three Fugues Tr,Tr,Tn,B,B Sc, Pts $12.00
PRBVCS3 Bach, J.S. Prelude No.24 and Fugue No.8 Variable Sc, Pts $8.00
PRBVCS49 Bach, J.S. Preludes and Fugues Tr,Tn,B Sc, Pts $18.00
PRBVCS1A Bach, J.S. Ricercare (BWV1079) Tr,Tr,Tn,Tn,B,B Sc, Pts $8.00
PRBVCS1 Bach, J.S. Ricercare (BWV1079) and Aus Tiefer Noth (BWV686) Variable a 6 Sc, Pts $12.00
PRBVCS26 Bach, J.S. The Art of the Fugue Var 2-4 Viols Sc, Pts $40.00
PRBVCS42A Bach, J.S. Twelve Preludes and Fugues Vol. 1 Tr,Tr,Tn,B Sc, Pts $17.50
PRBVCS42B Bach, J.S. Twelve Preludes and Fugues Vol. 2 Tr,Tr,Tn,B Sc, Pts $18.00
PRBCMS8 Ballinger, Peter Fantasia Tr,Tr/T,T,B Sc, Pts $10.00
PRBCCS8 Ballinger, Peter Trio for Viola da Gamba TrTnB Sc, Pts $10.00
PRBCCS21 Bartok Ten Pieces 5 Viols Sc, Pts $12.00
PRBCMS5 Bishop Browning Tr,Tr,Tn,B,B Sc, Pts $10.00
PRBCCS15 Bishop Eight Canonic Duets BB Sc only $15.00
PRBCCS12 Bishop Mosaics for Viol Consort Tr,Tr,Tn,B Sc, Pts $12.00
PRBCCS5 Bishop Suite for Two Bass Viols BB Sc, Pts $10.00
PRBCCS9 Bishop, Martha Elegy and Passacaglia for Three Viols TBB Sc, Pts $10.00
PRBCCS44 Bishop, Martha Five by Five by Five 2Tr,2Tn,B Sc, Pts $12.00
PRBCIS10 Bishop, Martha Preludio and Passagaglia B 7 string Sc only $5.00
PRBCCS40 Bishop, Martha Suite #2 BB Sc, Pts $10.00
PRBCCS6 Bishop, Martha Two Fantasias for Three Viols Variable Sc, Pts $8.00
PRBVCS32 Brahms Brahms for Viols, Organ Chorale Preludes Var 4-6 viols Sc, Pts $32.00
PRBPTS2 Bratton, John and Charles Gounod The Teddy Bear's Picnic and Funeral March for a Marionette Tr,Tr,Tn,B,B Sc, Pts $10.00
PRBVCS4 Bull Chromatic Hexachord Fantasy for Four Viols Tr,Tr/Tn,2B Sc, Pts $10.00
PRBCMS2 Burford, Freda The Turn of the Year 4 Viols Sc, Pts $9.00
PRBVCS46 Coleman, Charles The Six-Part Fantasias for Viol Consort 2Tr,2Tn,2B Sc, Pts $30.00
PRBVCS45 Coprario, John The Six-Part Pieces Tr,Tr,Tn,Tn,B,B Sc, Pts $23.00
PRBVCS29 Cranford, William Consort Music Tr,Tr,B Sc, Pts $8.00
PRBVCS33 Cranford, William Consort Music Tr,Tr,Tn,B Sc, Pts $16.00
PRBVCS31 Cranford, William Consorts of 5 Parts Tr,Tr,Tn,Tn,B Sc, Pts $19.00
PRBVCS27 Cranford, William Six Fantasias Tr,Tr,Tn,Tn,B,B Sc, Pts $28.00
PRBCIS4 Davidoff, Sydney Suite B,H Sc, Pts $10.00
PRBVCS19 Dering, Richard Eight Fantasias for Five Viols 2Tr,2Tn,B Sc, Pts $25.00
PRBVCS24 Dering, Richard Six Fantasias Tr,Tr,Tn,Tn,B,B Sc, Pts $27.00
PRBVCS12 Dering, Richard Two In Nomines Six Viols Sc, Pts $12.00
PRBCIS7 Dolmetsch, Rudolph Caprice B Sc only $3.50
PRBVCS51 Dowland, John A Pilgrimes Solace for Voices, Viols and Lute Tr,Tn,Tn,B,Opt Lute Sc, Pts $53.00
PRBCCS46 Elfenbein, Jay Browning for Four Viols Tr,Tn,B,B Sc, Pts $12.00
PRBVCS50 Gesualdo, Carlo Selected Madrigals Tr,Tr,Tn,Tn,B Sc, Pts $35.00
PRBVCS40 Gibbons The First Set of Madrigals and Mottets Apt for Viols and Voices Quintet Sc, Pts. $45.00
PRBVCS36 Gibbons Three Fantasias in Six Parts TrTrTTTB Sc, Pts $16.00
PRBVCS23 Gill, George In Nomine Tr,Tr,Tn,Tn,B,B Sc, Pts $5.00
PRBCCS28 Goldstein, David A Pleasant Suite TnB Sc, Pts $12.00
PRBCCS33 Goldstein, David Daybreak Tr,Tn,Tn,B Sc, Pts $5.00
PRBBMS17 Hacquart, Philip The Complete Works for Solo Viola da Gamba B Sc only $10.00
PRBCS8 Hammer, Franz Xaver Five Sonatas for Viola da Gamba, Violoncello, or Basso and Harpsichord Vdg, opt Vc, Bc Sc, Pts $35.00
PRBES2 Herman, Carol Alphabet Soup, A Tablature Primer for Viols All Viols Sc only $14.00
PRBCVS4 Herman, Carol Emily Dickinson, Four Poems Sop.Voice,B Viol 2 Perf Sc $10.00
PRBES4 Herman, Carol Twenty Five Easy Etudes for the Bass Viol B Sc only $19.00
PRBVCS14 Hingeston The Fantasy Suites for Four Viols Tr,Tr,B,B, Org Sc, Pts $32.00
PRBVCS47 Hingeston, John Fantasia Suites forViolin, Bass Viol and Organ Vn,B,Org Sc, Pts $47.00
PRBVCS20 Hingeston, John Fantasia-Suites for Three Viols, Vol.I Tr,Tn,B,Org. Sc, Pts $35.00
PRBVCS25 Hingeston, John Suites Tr,Tr,B,Org Sc, Pts $28.00
PRBVCS6 Hingeston, John The Suites for Five & Six Viols Variable Sc, Pts $50.00
PRBCMS4 Hodgkinson, Christine Chaconne in D minor Tr,Tr,Tn,Tn,B,B Sc, Pts $10.00
PRBVCS56 Houle, George Itialian Ricercars & Canzonas for Four Viols, Vol 1 Tr,Tr/Tn,Tn,B Sc, Pts $32.00
PRBVCS57 Houle, George Itialian Ricercars & Canzonas for Four Viols, Vol 2 Tr,Tr/Tn,Tn,B Sc, Pts $32.00
PRBVCS11 Ives, Simon Ayres BB Sc only $14.00
PRBVCS10 Jenkins Two Fantasia-Suites Tr,B,Organ Sc, Pts $25.00
PRBVCS17 Jenkins, John Three-Part Airs, Vol.I Tr,Tr,B,BC Sc, Pts $18.00
PRBVCS21 Jenkins, John Three-Part Airs, Vol.II, Airs in A Minor and D Major Tr,Tr,B,BC Sc, Pts $18.00
PRBCCS7 Jenkins, Leonie Fantasy for Three Viols Tr,Tn,B Sc, Pts $6.00
PRBPTS1 Ketèlbey, Albert In a Persian Market Tr,Tr,Tn,Tn,B,B Sc, Pts $23.00
PRBCLMS1 Lidl, Andreas Six Sonatas B,Vc 2 Sc $22.00
PRBCCS31 Loeb, David Fantasias for Eight to Twelve Viols Var. Sc, Pts $21.00
PRBCCS42 Loeb, David Four Fantasias for the Japanese Consort Tr,Tr,Tn,B Sc, Pts $9.00
PRBCCS43 Loeb, David Les Rondes for two Lyra Viols Lyra Viol, Lyra Viol Sc, Pts $8.00
PRBCCS13 Loeb, David Nine Fantasias for the Japanese Consort 3-6 Viols Sc, Pts $12.00
PRBCIS6 Loeb, David Six Fantasias on Sephardic Melodies B Sc only $9.00
PRBVCS41 Maynard, John Seven Pavins Lyra Viol, B Sc, Pts $12.00
PRBCVS6 Michael, Sarah Three Consort Songs on Sonnets by Edna St. Vincent Millay V,Tr,Tn,B Sc, Pts $12.00
PRBVCS30 Milton, John Three Fantasies Tr,Tr,Tn,Tn,B Sc, Pts $15.00
PRBVCS34 Monteverdi Third Book of Madrigals 5 Voices/Viols Sc, Pts $55.00
PRBVCS48 Morton, Joëlle, ed Dance Music for Two Lyra Viols, Airs and Dances by William Cranford, Simon Yves, Jo. Bosley, and Joseph Sherly BB Sc,tab $10.00
PRBBMS16 Norcombe, Daniel Nine Divisions for Bass Viol B Sc only $10.00
PRBVCS44 Okeover, John Consort Music for Five Viols Tr,Tr,Tn,Tn,B Sc, Pts $18.00
PRBES1 Panofsky, Margaret Bass Viol Technique B Sc only $40.00
PRBVCS39 Peerson, Martin Fantasias & Almaines for Six Viols TrTrTTBB Sc, Pts $50.00
PRBCMS7 Platt, Gillian Suite Tr,Tr,Tn,Tn,B Sc Pts $10.00
PRBCCS20 Presser, William Song for Three Viols Tr,Tn/B,B Sc, Pts $6.00
PRBVCS35 Ravenscroft, Thomas Four Fantasies Tr,Tr,Tn,Tn,B Sc, Pts $16.00
PRBCCS10 Ross, Susan Snowflower for Six Viols Tr,Tr,Tr,B,B,B Sc, Pts $11.00
PRBRS1 Rotenbucher, Erasmus Diphona Amoena et Florida, a Collection of Bicinia Vol 1 Var 2 sc $27.00
PRBRS2 Rotenbucher, Erasmus Diphona Amoena et Florida, a Collection of Bicinia Vol 2 Var 2 sc $27.00
PRBVCS2 Salvatore, Giovanni Due Canzoni a 4 TrTrTnB Sc, Pts $10.00
PRBBMS4 Schenck, Johann Two Sonatas for Two Bass Viols BB 2 Perf Sc $20.00
PRBCCS41 Seibert, Pater Fantasia Pacifica TrTrTnB Sc, Pts $8.00
PRBCCS32 Seibert, Peter Five for Seven 2Tr,3Tn,2B Sc, Pts $16.00
PRBCCS45 Seibert, Peter Sextet for Viols 2Tr2Tn2B Sc, Pts $10.00
PRBVCS5 Simmes, William Seven Phantazias 5 viols Sc, Pts $20.00
PRBVCS43A Simpson, Christopher Little Consort, Suite 1 in G Minor Tr,Lyra Viol/B, BC Sc, Pts $16.00
PRBVCS43B Simpson, Christopher Little Consort, Suite 2 in G Major Tr,Lyra Viol/B, BC Sc, Pts $14.00
PRBVCS43C Simpson, Christopher Little Consort, Suites III and IV in D Minor and D Major Tr,Lyra Viol/B, BC Sc, Pts $20.00
PRBVCS37 Simpson, Christopher Six Ayres Lyra Viol, B Sc only $6.00
PRBCCS17 Thorndycraft The Nightingale - Fantasia for Four Viols Tr,Tr,Tn,B Sc, Pts $10.00
PRBCMS3 Thorndycraft, Rosemary Fantasia 5 Viols Sc, Pts $10.00
PRBVCS8 Vitali Sonatas, Op.5, Nos.10-12 4 & 5 Viols/Violins Sc, Pts $17.00
PRBVCS9 Ward, John Five In Nomines Four Viols Sc, Pts $15.00
PRBVCS16 Ward, John Seven Fantasias for Four Viols Tr,Tr,Tn,B Sc, Pts $18.00
PRBVCS18 Ward, John Eight Fantasies Tr,Tr,Tn,B Sc, Pts $20.00
PRBVCS15 Ward, John Six Fantasias 4 Viols, org Sc, Pts $25.00
PRBCMS1 Warhurst, Tricia The Charney Quadrille 6 Viols Sc, Pts $12.00
PRBVCS13 White, William Fantasy a 5 & Two Pavans a 6 5,6 viols Sc, Pts $11.00
PRBBMS8 White, William Two Verse Anthems For Six Voices and Six Viols (Organ) Tr,Tr,Tn,Tn,Tn/B,B, Org Sc, Pts $16.00
PRBVCS38 Young, William Airs and Dances BB 2 Sc $20.00