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Item Number Composer/Editor Title Voicing Level Cost
MK00069  (various)  Duets by Old Masters (Bach/Corelli/Telemann+) -score  SS  $5.50 
1H000091  (various)  Little Works of Great Masters, Book 1 (14 pieces) SS    $3.95 
MK00341  (various)  Polish Folk Dances in 2, 3 and 4 parts -sc SSAT  $5.50 
MK00149  (various)  Dances from the Alps -sc  SS  $5.50 
LPMTM01  (various)  Seven Canons of the Sixteenth Century -2 sc  SS/ AA/ TT    $6.75 
100710100  (various)  Walt Disney Favorites (13 of the best known!) 1-2 r    $4.95 
PAN0301  Andreae  10 Duette im altenstil -sc AA    $20.00 
DER1008  Anhalt  Galambabmalag The Halloween Witch - sc SS  $8.95 
ST03589  Anonymous  Folksongs and Dances, Vol 1 (German text) -sc SS   $9.95 
MK00636.7  Anonymous  Sonata in F Major (Illiew ed ) -sc  AA  $8.50 
MK00413  Anonymous  Old English Masque Dances (Monkemeyer ed ) -sc  SA  $5.50 
MK00660.1  Anonymous  Italian Duets, (about1730) Vol 2 (Ewerhart ed ) -sc  SB/AB  $8.50 
MK00673  Anonymous  Italian Duets, (about 1730) Vol 3 (Ewerhart ed ) -sc  AA  $5.50 
MK00527.8  Anonymous  Italian Duets (about 1730), Vol 1 (Ewerhart ed ) -sc  SA  $8.50 
ST04845  Anonymous  Folksongs and Dances, Vol II (German text) -sc SA    $9.95 
ST04066  Anonymous  Folksongs and Dances, Vol 2 (German text) -sc SS/AA  $15.00 
MK00165  Anonymous  Early French Duets -sc  SA/SS  $5.50 
ST04353  Anonymous  Folksongs and Dances, Vol 3 (German text) -sc SS/AA  $9.95 
ST10879  Arne  Short Duets, Vol 1 -sc SA  $7.95 
ST10880  Arne  Short Duets, Vol 2 -sc SA  $7.95 
SP02364P  Arnold (arr.)  Calypso! Economy pack 10 scores SS    $19.95 
SP02364S  Arnold (arr.)  Calypso! single score SS    $2.95 
SP02364  Arnold (arr.)  Calypso! - kit with score and CD -sc  SS    $14.95 
SP02364CD  Arnold (arr.)  Calypso! accompanying CD     $12.95 
MK00707  Autenrieth  5 Canons -sc  ST  $5.50 
MK00716  Autenrieth  Divertimento -sc  ST  $5.50 
MK00736  Autenrieth  Die vier Temperamente Stretches for 2 recorders in C SS  $5.50 
RCE0039  Bach, JS  4 Pieces from Well Tempered Clavier -sc  SA  $3.50 
MK00129  Bach, JS  9 Pieces from the Anna Magdalena Bach Book -sc  SA  $5.50 
ST04138  Bach, JS  Duets (15 pieces) -sc AA  $8.95 
ST02748  Bach, JS  From Anna Magdalena Bach Notebook -sc SA  $8.95 
ST10070  Bach, JS  Movements (12 selected pieces) -sc SS  $7.95 
PP00120  Bach, JS  Two Part Inventions (15 fine examples to amaze) -sc  SB  $14.75 
GH10674  Bachinger  Folkdances (17 - German) -sc SS/AA    $11.75 
PEL0753  Bachinger  Tessiner Folksongs -sc SS/TT    $11.25 
ST10463  Baines  Variations on an Old Pavan -sc SS  $7.95 
HACO002  Baker  Duet 7, Op 72 (1976) -sc SS    $6.75 
DOL0704  Barre, de la  Complete Duos, Vol 1: Suites 1-4, 1709 -sc  AA  $13.75 
MK00565  Barre, de la  Seventh Suite, 1713 -sc AA  $5.50 
MK02535 Barre,de la/ Danican-Philidor+ French Duets from the Early 1800’s AA 4 $27.00
TR00004  Baton  Suites a 2 (1733) Op. 1, Nos 1, 2 and 3, - sc  AA/AT  $4.75 
ST12277  Beechey  4 Duets of the French Baroque -sc SS  $8.95 
PP00069  Beethoven  Duet No II -ScP  AT  $5.25 
ST04370  Bender  New Childrens Songs (German text) -sc SS  $8.95 
ST05221  Bendik  Chorales and Hymns -sc SA    $9.95 
ST10358  Bennett  English Duets of 17th and 18th Century -sc SA  $6.95 
ST10497  Bergmann  Trebles Delight -sc AA  $7.95 
RCE0017  Bergmann  Three Study Duets -sc  SA    $2.00 
ST10856  Bergmann  Duets from Many Lands -sc SA  $7.95 
ST12054  Bergmann  Easter -sc SS    $1.50 
ST10112  Bergmann  First Duets -sc SS  $7.95 
ST10496  Bergmann  Second Duets -sc SS  $7.95 
DOL0116  Bernstein (ed)  The Medieval Collection (24 pieces 13-15th C )  2-3 r    $10.75 
DOL0109  Bernstein (ed)  The Duo Collection (35 pieces, 13th-19th C ) - sc  AA    $13.75 
PAN0222 Biedermann-Weber  Airs et Chansons -sc SS    $11.00 
PAN0224 Biedermann-Weber  Duos -sc SA    $11.00 
PAN0225 Biedermann-Weber  Im Gleichklang (In Unison) -sc SS    $11.00 
PAN0223 Biedermann-Weber  Lieder und Tanze (Songs and Dances) -sc SA    $11.00 
PAN0249 Biedermann-Weber  Zum Frohlichen Spiel -sc SA    $10.00 
MM00020 Bixler Ho Boys, Ho (reversible duets based on American sailing songs) -sc  SA 1 $3.00
HAEE011A  Blavet  6 Sonatas - AA  AA    $13.50 
GH08977  Blum  Wanderszenen -sc SS/TT    $4.00 
ST06395  Bohn  21 Small Duets -sc SS    $8.95 
OFB0005  Boismortier  6 Easy Duets (Suites, Op 17), Vol 1 Nos.1-3 - sc  AA  $9.95 
VDGS051A  Boismortier  Petites Sonates, Op 66, Vol 1 No.1-5 -ScP BB    $12.50 
OFB0006  Boismortier  6 Easy Duets (Suites, Op 17) , Vol 2 Nos.4-6 - sc  AA  $9.95 
VDGS051B  Boismortier  Petites Sonates, Op 66, Vol 2 No.6-9 -ScP BB    $12.50 
MK00518.9  Bresgen  Seven Pieces -sc  AT  $8.50 
ST10027  Britton  Easy Duets from his Note Book 1697 -sc SS  $7.95 
SP02353  Buckton  Medieval to Modern Musical Cameos -sc  SA  $2.95 
SP02309  Burakoff, S  Duet Time, Book 1 -sc  SS  $3.25 
SP02322  Burakoff, S  Duet Time, Book 2 -sc  SS  $3.25 
SP02326  Burakoff, S  Duets for Alto Recorder (10 folk songs) -sc  AA  $2.95 
SP02345  Burakoff, S.  Alto For Two -sc  AA(Perc)  $3.95 
SP02347  Burakoff, S.  Equally Easy -sc  SA  $2.95 
SP02343  Burakoff, S.  Hanukah Holiday -sc  SS  $2.75 
CM01008  Burakoff,G/ Strickland The Holiday Recorder (11 songs) -sc  SS  $4.00 
CM01015  Burakoff/Strickland The Duet Recorder, Book 2 (10 pieces) -sc  SS  $4.00 
SP02323  Burakoff/Strickland Renaissance Time -sc  Var.:SS  $3.25 
SP02303  Burakoff/Strickland Ten Songs and Dances -sc  SA  $2.95 
SP02334  Burakoff/Strickland Baroque Time -sc  SS  $3.25 
CM01002  Burakoff/Strickland The Duet Recorder, Book 1 (10 pieces) -sc  SS  $4.00 
SP02316  Burakoff/Strickland Musicke From Olde England -sc  SAT opt T  $2.95 
SP02304  Burakoff/Strickland Music of Three Centuries -sc  SA  $2.95 
ST02656  Burkhardi  12 Fantasies (1740) -sc AA  $8.95 
MK00443.4  Buterne  Sonata in C Minor (Lasocki ed ) -sc  AA  $8.50 
PAN0302  Campagne  Suite for 2 Alto Recorders -sc  AA  $20.00 
GH09556  Chedeville  Joyous Dances -sc SS/TT    $13.00 
OFB0123  Chedeville  Simphonies - Three Easy Duets -sc SS/AA  $9.95 
DER1029  Clementi  2 Sonatinas -sc SS  $10.95 
ST10063  Cole  Suite -sc SS  $7.95 
DER1700  Coles  28 Classical Duets (Mozart, Haydn +) -sc SA  $11.95 
DER1711  Coles  Medieval Duets (10 pieces) -sc SA/SS  $10.95 
MK00697  Collinet  6 Easy Duets, 1800 -sc SS  $5.50 
MK00466  Cooke  Six Duets -sc SS  $5.50 
ST02729  Corelli  Little Pieces -sc SA (G ad lib)  $8.95 
MK00737  Cottom  Miniature Suite in the Olden Style -sc  SB  $5.50 
OFB0017  Courtville  Six Sonatas -sc AA  $9.95 
ST11664  Courtville  Sonata in G Minor -sc AA  $7.95 
1PBE0000  Cowell  Duet for Three Recorders N (S) SA    $5.95 
1HEN0212  Croft  6 Sonatas (approx 1708) AA    $7.95 
OFB1028  Croft  Six Sonatas, Op 3 -sc AA  $9.95 
HAEE004  Danican-Philidor, P  Three Suites for Two Flutes (1717) -sc  TT    $13.50 
MK01100  Daniels (ed)  Villancicos de diversos Autores aus dem Cancionero -sc AA  $21.00 
1AP00015  Daquin/Rameau  2 Bird Duos (Le Coucou and Le Rappel des ) -sc AA + AT    $5.00 
SP02340  Davidson  Melodies From The Far East -sc  SS  $3.95 
OFB0178  de La Vigne  4 Suites, Op 1, No: 1, 2, 5 + 6 -sc AA    $17.95 
ST02716  Degen  Dutch Melodies: 10 Dance Tunes -sc SS  $7.95 
ST11667  Dekker  Four Bicinia -sc AA    $7.95 
DER1030  Dela  20 Easy Folksong Duets -sc SS  $8.95 
ST07316  Delius/Purcell+  52 Catches (Kanons) -sc 1-4A    $9.95 
ST07317  Delius/Purcell+  52 Catches (Kanons, Blow, Clarke+) -sc 1-4S    $9.95 
CM01017  Dietz  Folk Melodies of the Orient - sc  SA, Perc  $4.00 
MK01592  Dinescu  Zerrspiegel I (trans: Distorting Mirror I) modern notation! T/Gb, A/B  $20.00 
ST10962  Dinn  10 Dovetail Tunes -sc SA  $7.95 
ST08822  Dupuits  Amusements en Duo (Suite for 2 instrs) -sc AA    $14.95 
DER1017  Duschenes  Easy Duets (29 tunes including Oh Susanna, Nightingale +) SA  $9.95 
DER1016  Duschenes  First Duets (28 easy but delightful tunes) -sc SS  $9.95 
VDGS050  East  Two Part Fancies or Duos (7th Set Bookes, 1638) -ScP BB    $14.00 
PEL0869  Eustachius  18 Pieces in Two Parts -sc SA/TB    $25.00 
CM01012  Evans/Wollitz  Seven Renaissance Bicinia -sc  SA  $2.75 
MK00642  Eyck, van  5 Duets from Der Fluyten-Lust-hof (Hechler ed ) -sc SS  $5.50 
SP02325  Eyck, van  Five Duets -sc  SS  $2.95 
ST10406  Fesch, de  14 Duets -sc AT  $7.95 
MK01007  Finger  2 Sonatas (Rodemann ed ), Ms 229 -ScP AA  $18.00 
ST11619  Finger  Sonata in G, Op 2, No 6 -sc AA  $4.95 
OFB0026  Finger  Four Sonatas from Op 2 -sc  AA  $9.95 
ST11654  Finger  Sonata in C Major -sc AA  $7.95 
PAN0763  Fink  Tirlitanzli -sc SS    $20.00 
ST02705  Fischer  Short Pieces -sc SS  $8.95 
GH09933  Frauchiger (ed)  English Childrens Songs (German text) -sc SS/TT    $3.00 
IRCS023A  Frescobaldi  Canzoni a due bassi, Vol 1 (Il primo Libro…1628) -ScP BB    $8.00 
IRCS023B  Frescobaldi  Canzoni a due bassi, Vol 2 (Il primo Libro…1628) -ScP BB    $8.00 
MK00685  Friedrich, M  Florin Dixie, Op 17 and Trewince Stomp, Op 18 -sc SA/AA  $5.50 
1AP00010  Gabrieli/Mozart  2 Canons for Basses -ScP BB + BBB    $6.00 
SP02306  Gastoldi  Six Duets -sc  SA  $3.95 
PEL0889  Gebhardt  Ballo Classico -sc SS    $11.25 
PEL0890  Gebhardt  Two Songs for Soprano (German text) -sc SS    $11.25 
OFB0130  Genzmer  11 Duets -sc SA  $9.95 
OFB0129  Genzmer  Tanzstucke, Vol 2 -sc AA  $14.95 
OFB0034  Genzmer  Tanzstucke, Vol 1 -sc AA  $9.95 
OFB0024  Genzmer  European Folksongs, Vol 2 -sc AA  $8.95 
OFB0023  Genzmer  European Folksongs, Vol 1 -sc  SA  $8.95 
MK00557.8  Gesius  Exercita Duarum Vocum Synopsis musicae (1615) -sc  SS/TT/AT  $8.50 
ASIRS02  Giamberti  Duetti -sc SA/ST  $11.25 
LPMRM04  Giamberti  Duo Tessuti Con Diversi Solfeggiamenti (1657) -sc Various    $16.25 
ASIRS20  Giamberti  Tre Duetti (1657) -sc SA/TB/AT  $10.75 
ST02362  Giesbert  German Folk Dances, Vol 2 -sc SA (G ad lib)  $7.95 
ST02708  Giesbert  We Play Folksongs -sc AA    $7.95 
ST02441  Giesbert  Spielbuch: Songs and Dances, Vol 1 -sc SS    $8.95 
ST02442  Giesbert  Spielbuch: Songs and Dances, Vol 2 -sc SS    $8.95 
ST02736  Giesbert  Little Dances -sc SS/2=    $7.95 
ST02658  Giesbert  From the Baroque, 39 pieces (German text) -sc SS/AA  $7.95 
ST10013  Giesbert  Begone Dull Care (folk songs of the British Isles) -score SS  $7.95 
ST02438  Giesbert  Barocke Spielstucke 2 (65 pieces in 2 vols ) -sc SS  $7.95 
ST02437  Giesbert  Barocke Spielstucke 1 (65 pieces in 2 vols ) -sc SS  $7.95 
ST02709  Giesbert  Songs and Dances -sc SS    $7.95 
ST02361  Giesbert  German Folk Dances, Vol 1 -sc SA (G ad lib)  $7.95 
PP00061  Goldstein  Duets for Basses (12 songs) -sc  BB  $8.00 
PP00155  Goldstein  Goodbye, Sweetheart -sc SA    $4.50 
1PBE0041  Goldstein  Hymn Preludes SA/ST/AT    $9.95 
1PBE0002  Goldstein  Southwest of Baroque SA    $4.95 
ST11668  Gorton  2 Sonatinas -sc AA  $7.95 
MK00349  Graetzer (ed)  Brazilian Folk Songs and Dances -sc SS  $5.50 
MM00019  Gruskin  Western Folk Songs (12 reversible duets) -sc  SA (vo)  $3.00 
LPMIM04  Guami  7 Ricercari (1588) -sc SA    $7.75 
ST02732  Guericke  We Play Duets (German text) -sc SS    $8.95 
ST02745  Guericke  Spielmusiken und Liederreigen im Jahreslauf -sc SS    $7.95 
MK00577  Gusowski  Eight Polish Songs -sc SS  $5.50 
ST02741  Haag  Small Pieces for Spring (German text) -sc SS    $8.95 
ST11626  Handel  Duo in C Major (alternate version of F major) -sc AA  $7.95 
MK00076  Handel  Nine Duets from Pieces for Harpsichord -sc SA  $5.50 
ST02704  Handel  Pieces and Dances, Book 1 -sc SA  $8.95 
ST02742  Handel  Pieces and Dances, Book 2 -sc SA  $8.95 
PAN0213  Handel  Pieces for a Musical Clock -sc AA    $18.75 
MK00701  Handel  Vier Duette (4 Duets) with editors notes - 2 scores  AT    $7.00 
PAN0756  Harras  Chorales by Old Masters, Book 1 -sc ST/AT    $17.50 
ST06753  Haus  European Dances and Songs -sc SS/SA  $7.95 
ST07248  Haus/Mockl  Dance Music (German text) -sc SS    $6.95 
ST07228  Haus/Mockl  Easy Duets (German text) -sc SS  8.95
MK00628  Heberle  Eight Easy Marches (Petri ed ) -sc SS  $5.50 
MK02556  Heberle  5 Small Duos for Czakan or Recorder -sc rr  $16.00 
MK00448  Hechler (ed)  German Dances from England (about 1600) -sc SA  $5.50 
MK02071  Hechler (ed)  Duet Book for Altos, Vol 1: Masters of 17 and 18 Century AA    $20.00 
MK02072  Hechler (ed)  Duet Book for Altos, Vol 2: Contemporary Composers AA  $27.00 
CM01034  Hedrick  Three Thirteenth Century Dances -sc  SA/TB  $4.00 
GH09294  Helbling (ed)  Easy Duets (German text) -sc SS/TT    $5.00 
GH10230  Helbling (ed)  Popular Songs from Ticinesi (Italian text) -sc SS    $5.00 
GH08634  Herrmann  Easy Dances and Pieces (German text) -sc SS/TT    $5.75 
ST07772  Heyens/Engle  Spiel und Spass (Play and Fun with soprano) No.1 -ScP SS  $15.00 
ST04369  Hillemann  Aus der Blutezeit des Barock (28 pieces) -sc AA  $8.95 
ST04352  Hillsdorf  Songs + Dances from Many Countries (German lyrics) SS    $9.95 
ZR00162  Hirose  Ode II -sc AA    $14.00 
ST02718  Hoffmann  A Book of Childrens Songs -sc SS    $2.00 
ST02717  Hoffmann  Deutsche Dorfmusik -sc SS    $7.95 
MK02804  Hoogwegt  Loeki Stardust Quartets Tekanemos -sc ST    $14.00 
ST04807  Hook  Easy Pieces (11 short pieces) -sc SA  $8.95 
ST10556  Hook  Duettinos (nos 1-3 from 12 Duettinos, Op 42) -sc SA  $7.95 
ST08878  Hook  Easy Duets (18, most from 12 Duetinnos, Op 42) -sc SA  $9.50 
DOL0706  Hotteterre  Complete Duos (Op 1, 4, 6 and 8) -sc AA    $13.75 
ST10019  Hunt  12 National Airs -sc SA  $8.95 
ST10049  Hunt  All in a Garden Green (23 folk dances) -sc SA  $7.95 
ST04104  Hunt  French Dances of the 18th Century -sc SS/TT  $7.95 
ST10371  Hunter  4 X 6: 24 Easy and Progressive Duets -sc SS    $7.95 
MK01571  Jacob/Tobias  Fixe Idee - 2 scores AA    $16.00 
ASC0692  Janssen  Three Duos for Recorders (1998) -sc AA,BB,TT    $8.00 
MK00398  Jenkins  Four Two-Part Suites -sc SA  $5.50 
ST04374  Kaestner  Little Duets of Old Masters, Book 2 -sc SA  $7.95 
ST04803  Kaestner  A Collection of Minuets (Handel, Telemann+) -sc SA  $7.95 
ST04373  Kaestner  Little Duets of Old Masters, Book 1 (dance pieces) -sc SS  $7.95 
DER1032  Kasemets  Music of the Masters, Vol 2 (20 more: Purcell, Mozart+) SS  $10.95 
DER1033  Kasemets  12 Easy Duets (well-known folk songs) -sc SS/SA  $10.95 
DER1031  Kasemets  Music of the Masters, Vol 1 (20 very easy duets) SS  $10.95 
RCE0009  Katz  A Miniature Suite -sc  AA    $1.75 
ST11826  Katz  Six Short Pieces -sc SS  $7.95 
GH09859  Keller  Wir Floten zu Zweit -sc SS    $5.00 
PAN0211  Keller-Lowy  Von Der Volta zur Polka -sc AA    $18.75 
PEL0875  Keller-Lowy  A Little Book of Gay Dances -sc SS    $11.25 
PAN0246  Keller-Lowy  Alala -sc SA    $10.00 
PAN0248  Keller-Lowy  Dances and Airs from Appenzell -sc AA    $10.00 
PEL0883  Keller-Lowy  Der Sieben Sprung -sc SS    $11.25 
PEL0880  Keller-Lowy  Easy Duets from Old Masters -sc SA    $11.25 
PAN0244  Keller-Lowy  Erste Duette (First Duets) -sc AA    $10.00 
PEL0878  Keller-Lowy  Huscht und Hott (Gee-Up!) -sc AA    $11.25 
MK00589  Kernbach  Duets -sc AA  $5.50 
1H000088  Kinney  Renaissance for Two (16th century Bicinia Gallica) AT + AA    $4.25 
1HCA0022  Kolinski  French Baroque Music, 3 duets AA    $5.50 
1HRW0001  Kolinski  Fun with Recorder Duets (20 easy pieces) SS    $4.95 
1H000043  Kolinski  Music of the Jewish People  SA    $4.95 
ST02735  Korda  Folk Music from Austria -sc rr    $7.95 
ST02714  Korda  Old Vienna - Landler and Minuets -sc SS  $7.95 
RFS0001  Koulman (ed)  Four Folksongs -sc  SA  $1.75 
DOL0703  Krahmer  Originalstucke, Op 25 -sc  SS/AA/TT    $7.75 
MM00011  Kulbach  Tunes for Two (30 short, spirited dances) -sc  SS  $3.00 
MK01532  Kupkovic  Four Minuets -ScP SB    $18.00 
MK00514  Laburda  Six Little Recorder Duets -sc  SS  $5.50 
MK00384  Langer  Little Variations (beginner ensemble playing) -sc SS  $5.50 
MK00018  Lasso  Bicinien (1577) -sc SA  $5.50 
GH08972  Leemann  Happy Musicians (German text) -sc SS/SA    $11.75 
PEL0751  Lerich  Tuneful Duos -sc SA    12.5
ST04261  Lerich  Im Hagedorn -sc SA    $8.95 
PEL0865  Locke  Six Suites in Two Parts -sc SA    $21.25 
OFB0055  Loeillet, DeGant  Six Duets, Vol 1, No.1-3 (Bb, F, a) -sc  AA  $14.95 
OFB0056  Loeillet, DeGant  Six Duets, Vol 2, No.4-6 (G, F, d) -sc  AA  $14.95 
ST10081  Loeillet, John  Airs and Dances (8 selected pieces) -sc SA  $7.95 
MK00409  Luchterhandt  Four Duos -sc AA  $5.50 
LPMIM06  Lupacchino/Tasso  9 Fantasies (16th Century) -sc  Var:AT    $7.75 
MK00474  Maasz  Seven Easy Pieces -sc SS/TT  $5.50 
ST09576-01  Magolt/ Butz  Classical Hits (21 pieces: Vivaldi, Haydn, Moart ++) -sc S/ SA + CD  $17.95 
SP02319  Mancinus  4 Duets (from Duum vocum cantiuncularum, 1597) -sc  AB  $2.95 
IRCS012  Mancinus  8 Bicinia (from Duum vocum cantiuncularum, 1597) -sc ST    $6.75 
RCE0028  Margolis  Bugle Call Suite -sc  AA    $2.50 
MK01565  Maute  Lamento (AT) and Dornroosje (BB) -ScP AT,BB    $18.00 
MK00648.9  Medek  Striving Apart, 6 duos (contemporary) -sc SA  $8.50 
ST10771S1  Mendoza  Five French Dances (1750) - part S1  $0.75 
ST10771S2  Mendoza  Five French Dances (1750) - part S2  $0.75 
ST10756  Mendoza  Ten French Dance Duets -sc ST  $7.95 
PEL0743  Monkemeyer  Masters of the 16th and 17th Century, Vol 4 -sc SA/ST    $17.50 
MK02529  Monteclair  Three Suites -sc AA  $29.00 
PAN0820  Morley  6 Bicinien -sc ST/TB/SS    $22.50 
LMP0025  Morley  Bicinia on Morleys Canzonets -sc SS  $6.75 
GH07982  Moser/ Muller  Sing und Spielmusik, No.15 (Menuette) -ScP AA    $0.50 
OFB0163  Mouret  Six Sonatas -sc AA  $14.95 
1ECS2035  Mozart  12 Original Duets, 1786 AT    $10.00 
MK00060  Mozart, L  12 Pieces -sc SA/ST  $5.50 
ST02738  Mozart, L  Minuets for Nannerl Mozart -sc SA  $8.95 
ST02744  Mozart, L  Notebook for Wolfgang -sc SA  $7.95 
AVP0017  Mozart, WA  Sonata (K 292) - 2 scores SA/TB  $6.50 
ST10104  Mozart, WA  12 Easy Duets -sc SS  $7.95 
MK00656.7  Muller-Busch  Eight One-Page Pieces (contemporary) -sc SS  $8.50 
RM0010S  Muro  Six for Two -sc SS  $2.50 
RM0006EP  Muro  Simple Serenade - economy pack 10 scores     $9.95 
RM0006S  Muro  Simple Serenade -sc SS    $1.50 
RM0006C  Muro  Simple Serenade - tape     $7.50 
RM0008C  Muro  Swingin Easy - tape     $7.50 
RM0010KCD  Muro  Six for Two-(continuation of Easy Eight) kit + CD SS + CD    $16.95 
RM0006K  Muro  Simple Serenade-(unison and 2-part texture) kit + tape SS + tape  $9.95 
RM0010K  Muro  Six for Two - (continuation of Easy Eight) kit + tape SS + tape  $9.95 
RM0010CD  Muro  Six for Two - CD      $14.95 
RM0010EP  Muro  Six for Two - economy pack 10 scores     $19.95 
RM0006CD  Muro  Simple Serenade - CD      $13.95 
RM0010C  Muro  Six for Two - tape     $7.50 
RM0008KCD  Muro  Swingin Easy - (Intro to Big Band era) kit + CD SS + CD    $14.95 
RM0003EP  Muro  Capriols Caper - economy pack 10 scores     $9.95 
RM0008K  Muro  Swingin Easy - (Intro to Big Band era) kit + tape SS + tape  $9.95 
RM0008CD  Muro  Swingin Easy - CD      $13.95 
RM0008S  Muro  Swingin Easy -sc SS    $1.50 
RM0001K  Muro  The Kings Highroad-(stately procession) kit + tape SS + tape  $9.95 
RM0001EP  Muro  The Kings Highroad - economy pack 10 scores     $9.95 
RM0001S  Muro  The Kings Highroad -sc SS    $1.50 
RM0001C  Muro  The Kings Highroad - tape      $7.50 
RM0006KCD  Muro  Simple Serenade-(unison and 2-part texture) kit + CD SS + CD  $14.95 
RM0008EP  Muro  Swingin Easy - economy pack 10 scores     $9.95 
RM0002C  Muro  A Touch of Spain - tape      $7.50 
RM0002K  Muro  A Touch of Spain - (Latin rhythm) kit + tape SS + tape  $9.95 
RM0011EP  Muro  Friends Are Always There - economy pack 10 scores     $9.95 
RM0002S  Muro  A Touch of Spain -sc SS    $1.50 
RM0007K  Muro  Rockin Easy-(rocks from beginning-end!) kit + tape SS + tape  $9.95 
RM00003S  Muro  Capriols Caper -sc SA    $1.50 
RM0003C  Muro  Capriols Caper - tape      $7.50 
RM0003K  Muro  Capriols Caper (3 famous Renaiss. Dances) kit + tape SA + tape  $9.95 
RM0011CD  Muro  Friends Are Always There - CD      $13.95 
RM0011C  Muro  Friends Are Always There - tape     $7.50 
RM0011K  Muro  Friends Are Always There (long, lyrical) kit + tape SS + tape  $9.95 
RM0011KCD  Muro  Friends Are Always There (long, lyrical) kit + CD SS + CD    $14.95 
RM0004K  Muro  Recorder Rock - (upbeat, electronic perc) kit + tape SS + tape  $9.95 
RM0004EP  Muro  Recorder Rock - economy pack 10 scores     $9.95 
RM0002EP  Muro  A Touch of Spain - economy pack of 10 scores     $9.95 
RM0004S  Muro  Recorder Rock -sc SS    $1.50 
RM0004C  Muro  Recorder Rock - tape      $7.50 
RM0007CD  Muro  Rockin Easy - CD      $13.95 
RM0007EP  Muro  Rockin Easy - economy pack 10 scores     $9.95 
RM0007S  Muro  Rockin Easy -sc SS    $1.50 
RM0007C  Muro  Rockin Easy - tape     $7.50 
RM0007KCD  Muro  Rockin Easy-(rocks from beginning-end!) kit + CD SS + CD    $14.95 
RM0011S  Muro  Friends Are Always There -sc SS    $1.50 
ST10539  Murray  Treble and Tenor Duets -sc AT  $7.95 
OFB0066  Naudot  Babioles, Op 10, Vol 1 No.1-3 (C, G and C majors) -sc AA  $8.95 
OFB0067  Naudot  Babioles, Op 10, Vol 2 No.4-6 (C, G and C majors) -sc AA  $8.95 
RFS0034  Neuberger (arr)  22 Bicinia on German Folksongs (1985) -sc  SA  $5.00 
1H000064  Newman/Kolinski  First Book Of Duets SS    $3.25 
1H000065  Newman/Kolinski  Book of Easy Duets (15 folk songs) SA    $3.25 
ASC0110  Nieuwkerk  Intro (1993) contemporary - 2 scores AA    $6.00 
ASL0015  Nitka  Traditional Folksongs (19 songs) -sc  SS (G/Pf ad lib)   $2.50 
ASL0016  Nitka  Traditional Folksongs (19 songs) -sc  AA (G/Pf ad lib)   $2.50 
MK00505  Nobis  Contrasts -sc SA  $5.50 
MK01531  Nobis  Per Due -sc AA    $14.00 
DER1043  Northwood  Fantasia on a Minuet -sc SA  $10.95 
RCE0030  Owen  Favorite Folksongs from Germany -sc  SA/TB    $2.50 
RCE0029  Owen  Villancicos - Spanish Songs -sc  SA/TB    $2.95 
ASL0022  Owens-Roodman  Visits With Friends - sc  SA  $2.95 
ST11632  Paisible  Sonata, Op 1, No 2 in F Major -sc AA  $7.95 
ST11616  Paisible  Sonata, Op 1, No 4 in G Minor -sc AA  $7.95 
OFB0068  Paisible  Six Sonatas, Op 1, Vol 1, No.1-3 (d, F and c) -sc AA  $7.95 
OFB0069  Paisible  Six Sonatas, Op 1, Vol 2, No.4-6 (g, C and e) -sc AA  $7.95 
ST11617  Paisible  Sonata, Op 1, No 5 in C Major -sc AA  $4.95 
MK00388  Paporisz  Eight Two-Part Miniatures -sc SS/SA  $5.50 
MK00397  Paporisz  Scherzetti (8 two-part miniatures) -sc SS/SA  $5.50 
DER1037  Pasch  Around the World, Book 2 (11 more folk tunes) -sc SS  $9.95 
PAN0741  Petri (ed)  Musik aus Indonesien (Indonesian folk songs) -sc SAT combos    $30.00 
BRC0004  Peuerl  Suite of Dances -sc SS/TT    $2.95 
MK00250  Poser  13 Canons -sc SS  $5.50 
MK00312  Poser  Variations -sc AA  $5.50 
MK00201  Praag  Little Dialogues -sc SS  $5.50 
ST02726  Purcell  15 Short Duets -sc SA  $6.95 
1WRB0037  Purcell  Purcell Collection (50 selections) S,SA,SAT,SATB   $12.95 
DOL0702  Quantz  Six Duetti, Op 2 (1759) - 2 part books w/ commentary AA    $13.75 
MK00454  Rebscher  Encounters -sc SS/ST/TT  $5.50 
MK00406  Rebscher  Our Animals (beginners) -sc SS  $5.50 
ST04375  Rein/Lang  German Folksongs (German text) -sc rr    $12.95 
LPMTM02  Rhaw  Bicinia Germanica (1545) Selection I - 2 sc  AT    $6.75 
ST04851  Roehr  12 Little Pieces -sc SA  $5.95 
MK02127  Roelcke  12 Sacred Songs (12 Geistliche Lieder) -sc ST    $25.00 
PAN0764  Roelcke  Frischer Wind -sc SS    $20.00 
ST06358  Rohr/Lehn  Beginning Book for Ensemble Playing (German) - sc SA    $9.95 
BRC0002  Rosenberg  Music from the Classical Period -sc SA    $3.50 
BRC0003  Rosenberg  Music from the Romantic Period -sc SA    $3.00 
1WRB0010  Rosenberg  Recorder Consort, Vol 1 (47 pieces) -sc S,SA,SAT,SATB   $16.95 
1WRB0028  Rosenberg  Recorder Consort, Vol 2 (44 pieces) -sc S,SA,SAT,SATB   $16.95 
1WRB0034  Rosenberg  Recorder Consort, Vol 3 (40 pieces) -sc S,SA,SAT,SATB   17.5
1WRB0057  Rosenberg  Recorder Consort, Vol 4 (40 pieces) -sc S,SA,SAT,SATB   $12.95 
BRC0001  Rosenberg  Selections from Danserye -sc SA    $3.50 
LPMCS14  Rossi  Sonata sopra l’Aria del Tenor di Napoli -ScP SS  $7.00 
AVP0016  Rossini  Five Duos - 2 scores SA  $4.00 
MK00431  Rotenbucher  Bergkreyen 1551 (Monkemeyer ed ) -sc AT  $5.50 
MK00478  Rottler  Childrens Dance Book, 6 little dance pieces -sc SS/TT  $5.50 
MK00526  Rottler  Childrens Games -sc SS  $5.50 
MK00604  Rottler  Ferien auf dem Lande -sc SA  $5.50 
PEL0887  Ruegg  Popular Swiss Dances -sc SS    $7.00