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Item Number Composer/Editor Title Voicing Level Cost
MK00744.5  Autenrieth  Solo -Five Study Pieces for Playing Soprano  $8.50 
PCB0001  Ball  12 Studies for Treble Recorder    $16.00 
ST10089  Bergmann  Second School Ensemble - 6 French Folksongs SS/SSA(Pf) $7.95 
ST10109  Bergmann  10 Canonic Studies SA  $7.95 
MK02117  Bousquet  36 Etudes, Vol 3 (1851) $25.00 
MK02116  Bousquet  36 Etudes, Vol 2 (1851) $25.00 
MK02115  Bousquet  36 Etudes, Vol 1 (1851) $21.00 
RS00005  Chandler  Recorder Studies, Vol 5 (quintet or ensemble) -ScP SAATB    $13.95 
RS00004  Chandler  Recorder Studies, Vol 4 (quintet or ensemble) -ScP SAATB    $13.95 
ASC0621  Clerck, de  One and Only, seven finger studies for alto recorder   $11.50 
ST12432  Davis  15 Studies for S/ T Recorder (breath, articulation, fingering) S/T  $8.95 
ST11480  Davis  15 Studies for Treble Recorder (breath, articulation, fingering) $10.95 
ST11145  Dinn  18 Short Studies for Treble Recorder   $8.95 
DER1014 Duschenes Studies in Recorder Playing, Alto (79 daily exercises incl scales) $10.95
DER1217  Duschenes  Twelve Etudes, Soprano, Tenor S/T  $9.95 
DER1013  Duschenes  Studies in Recorder Playing, Soprano (79 daily exercises w/ scales) S/ T  $10.95 
DER1015  Duschenes  Twelve Etudes, Alto $9.95 
PEL0877  Frederick the Great Short Solfeggi   $18.00 
CM01041  Garnier  Thirty Progressive Studies -sc  SS/TT    $5.00 
MK02055  Hechler  Practice Book for Beginners, Vol 1 $19.00 
MK02056  Hechler  Practice Book for Beginners, Vol 2 (German ed ) 2-6 S  $20.00 
MK02076  Hechler  Practice Book for Soprano and Piano (48 pieces) -ScP  S (Pf)    $28.00 
ST10359  Hook  Easy Lessons SA  $7.95 
ST11459  Hunt  Orchestral Studies for Recorder S/A/AT/AA    $14.95 
MK01131  Krahmer  40 Progressive Exercises, Op 1 (1821)   $21.00 
ST05262  Linde  Quartet Exercises for Recorder (15 selections) -sc SATB  $8.95 
ST04758  Linde  Kleine Anleitung zum Verzieren alter Musik   $19.95 
ST04882  Linde  Little Exercises (24 selections) German text   $9.95 
ST04797  Linde  Modern Exercises for Alto (22 pieces) $11.95 
OL00039  Milhaud  Exercice Musical   4.5
RS00002  Raskin  Recorder Studies, Vol 2 (quartet or ensemble) -ScP SATB/SSTT+   $8.95 
RS00003  Raskin  Recorder Studies, Vol 3 (quartet or ensemble) -ScP ATBB/AATT    $11.75 
RS00001  Raskin  Recorder Studies, Vol 1 (quartet or ensemble) -ScP ATTB/ATBB    $11.95 
ST10563  Rodgers  Sight Reading Exercises (182 very short graded exercises)   $9.95 
SP02301  Rothgarber  Round and Round (10 well-known rounds) -sc  S,Orff,vo  $2.95 
ARJ0001-02  Rowland-Jones A Practice Book for Treble Recorder    $18.00 
CM01004  Staeps  Nine Basic Exercises for Alto Recorder  $5.00 
MK04009  Vetter  Instruction and Exercises for Playing New Recorder Music   $48.00 
PAN0218  Wehlte  Spass zu Zweit (12 Duet Studies - German text preface) AA    $27.50 
PEL0786  Winterfeld  Daily Exercises for Alto (German text)   $18.00