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Item Number Composer/Editor Title Voicing Level Cost
HARB025 Bamforth EforanF, Op 61 -ScP NSATBGbCb   $13.50
PP00112  Bloodworth  A Suite of Early English Keyboard Music -ScP  NSSAATTBBGbCb  $24.25
PP00138  Bloodworth   Popular Renaissance Dances (6 dances) -ScP  NSSAATTBBGbCb  $23.25
HARA066 Debussy  Golliwoggs Cake-Walk (Children’s Corner, 1908) -ScP  NSAATTBGb    $9.50
PAN0788  Fankhauser  Ein Scherz mit Kleinen Terz -sc NNSSATGb    $20.00
PP00093  Farnaby  The Lord Zouches Maske -ScP  NSSAATTBBBGbCb $11.00
PP00106  Glinka  Overture to Russlan and Ludmila -ScP  NNSSAATTBGbCb $29.25
PP00125  Goldstein  Isaiah 2: 2-5 -ScP  NSATBGb    $4.75
PP00154  Green  Through The Seasons, with Persephone -ScP  20 recorders    $35.75
PP00160  Grieg  Elegiac Melody No 1: Hjertesar -ScP  SAAATTTBGbCb    $8.50
PP00150  Grieg  Elegiac Melody No 2: Varen -ScP  NSAAATTBGbCb    $8.50
PP00161  Grieg  Jeg Elsker Dig -ScP  AAATTBGbCb    $6.75
PP00087  Handel  Arrival of the Queen of Sheba -ScP  NSSAATTTBGbCb $14.50
PP00063  Hilling  Midsummer Meadow Suite -ScP  NSAATTBGbCb  $18.25
1AP00119  Holst  2nd Suite in F NSSAAATTBGbCb    $17.95
PP00086  Liadov  Six Russian Folksongs -ScP  SSAAATTBCb    $14.50
PP00145  MacDowell  Midsummer -ScP  NSAATTBGbCb    $7.50
PP00082  Mozart, WA  Minuet, from Serenade for 13 Wind Instruments-ScP  NSSAATTBBGbCb  $8.75
PP00092  Mussorgsky  Gopack, from Sorochintsy Fair -ScP  NSAATTBGb  $8.50
PP00163  Praetorius  Alleluia (AATBGb x 3 and ATTBGb) -ScP  4 choirs    $17.75
PP00146  Rimsky-Korsakov Dance of the Tumblers -ScP  NSAATTBGbCb  $15.50
PP00156  Schubert  Waltz, Op 9, No 1 -ScP  SSAATTBBGbCb    $8.75
1AP00134ASET Sousa  The Liberty Bell - set of additional parts NSSAAATTBGbCb   $8.95
1AP00134A  Sousa  The Liberty Bell - set of additional parts NSSAAATTBGbCb    $17.95
HACO008  Touchin  Staffordshire Festival -ScP NSATBGb    $13.50
ADC0054A  Viadana  La Reggiana, alternative parts SATB x 2    $4.00
PP00124  Warlock  Capriol Suite -ScP  NSSAATTBBGbCb  $29.75
LMP0015  Whitney  Gamut - 4 scores NSATBGb  $3.75