Recorder Quartets
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Item Number Composer/Editor Title Voicing Level Cost
LPMTM23  (various)  Five Dutch Songs from a Phalese print of 1572 -4 sc  ATTB    $9.75 
HARA159  (various)  Four Short Tudor Anthems (Tye, Tallis, Ford and Mudd) -ScP  SATB    $9.50 
1AP00091  (various)  Little Suite (Corelli and Frescobaldi) -ScP ATTB    $5.00 
1AP00154  (various)  Old Irish Airs -ScP SATB    $6.00 
MK00341  (various)  Polish Folk Dances in 2, 3 and 4 parts -sc SSAT  $5.50 
LPMTM07  (various)  Seven Comical Chansons of the mid-16th Century -4 sc  ATTB    $9.75 
LPMTM31  (various)  Five Italian Ricercars of the mid-16th Century -4 scores  SATB/ ATTB    $9.75 
LMP0176  (various)  Two 14th Century Pieces (laRossignol, A L’arme) -ScP SSTB    $5.00 
MK00133  (various)  Eight German Evening Songs (folk) -sc SATB  $5.50 
RMP0027  (various)  Early Dance Music, Vol 2 -sc SSAT    $8.00 
RMP0001  (various)  Early Dance Music, Vol 1 (12 pieces-mostly Susato) -sc SSAT    $8.00 
EML0133  (various)  2 Popular Italian Songs c. 1500 - polyphonic settings - 4 scores  ATTB    $5.00 
ASIRS01  (various)  Balli Strumentali del Primo Cinquecento -sc SATB/ATTB  $12.00 
EML0242  (various)  8 Neapolitan Dances, c 1620 (Trabaci, Gesualdo ) SATB    $8.00 
LPMAN02  (various)  4 Instrumental Pieces of the Late 15th Century -ScP  ATTB    $11.00 
1AP00131  (various)  Flapper Days - Melody Hits from the 20’s ATTB    $6.00 
ASC0792  Abazis  Johnnie Buy -ScP TBGbCb    $22.00 
1AP00141  Ager/Yellen  Ain’t She Sweet -ScP AATB    $6.00 
MK00491  Agricola  Four Fugues (1532) Musica spiritualis -sc SAAB  $5.50 
IRCS011  Aichinger  3 Ricercars in 4 Parts (1595) -ScP SATB    $10.50 
RCE0022  Albrechtsberger  Enigmas, Canons, Fugues -sc  SATB    $2.50 
LPM0556  Alder  Da Jakoob Das Kleid Ansahe -ScP SATB    $4.50 
1ARS0079WLP Alemann  Spectra and Record (includes score and album) SATB    $10.85 
1ARS0079SC  Alemann  Spectra, score only SATB    $6.50 
PDL0019  Allegri  Symphonia a 4 -ScP AATB    $15.25 
1PBE0036  Alnaes  8 Norwegian Folk Hymns SATB    $6.95 
LMP0037  Ammerbach  Passamezzo Antico (16th Century) -ScP SATB/ATTB  $4.50 
EML0241  Ammerbach  4 Dances (1583) - 4 scores SATB    $5.00 
PP00064  Andresen  The Boxwood Bounce -ScP  SATB  $5.75 
EML0116  Anerio  2 Gagliarde - 4 scores  SATB    $5.00 
EML0269  Anonymous  Je Suis dAlemagne/ Je Suis Trop Jeunette - set scores rrrr    $6.00 
MP06000  Anonymous  16th Century Scottish Fantasies and Dances -ScP SATB    $15.00 
EML0276  Anonymous  Ave Regina Coelorum/ O Decus Innocentie - set of scores SATB    $5.00 
EML0294  Anonymous  Ave Vera Caro Christi (c 1500) - set of scores SSAT/ SAAT    $5.00 
PP00008  Anonymous  Bass Viol Bleu -ScP  ATTB  $4.75 
PP00029  Anonymous  Mon Ami -ScP  SATB  $4.75 
LMP0143  Anonymous  Nastu Peu Veu la Mistodina (Canti C 1504) -ScP STTB    $4.00 
MK00001  Anonymous  Old Dutch Dances (1500s) -sc SATB  $5.50 
EML0307  Anonymous  Pange lingua (5 settings c 1500) - set of scores ATTB    $7.50 
MK00770  Anonymous  Six Old Polish Dances -ScP  SATB    $7.00 
1AP00126  Anonymous  The Twelve Days of Xmas AATB    $6.00 
KEMTC04  Anonymous  Terpsichore with a Twist SATB    $6.95 
KEMTC16  Anonymous  German Evening Songs SATB    $8.95 
JR00030  Anonymous  Traditional Irish Pub Songs SATB    $15.50 
MK01138  Anonymous  Music From the Middle Ages: (13th and 14th C ) - 2 scores AATT/TTBB    $23.00 
ASC0149  Ansink, C  Melting Buddha (1993) -ScP SATB    $18.00 
LPMTM30  Antegnati  Five Canzoni -4 scores  SATB    $9.75 
1AP00039  Arcadelt  Voi Ve N andate al Cielo (Madrigal I, 1539) AATB    $5.00 
LMP0020  Arcadelt  Ave Maria -sc SATB  $1.90 
LMP0175  Arcadelt  Due Madrigali: Il Bianco e Dolce Cigno +, 1539 -ScP SATB    $5.50 
1AP00037  Arcadelt/Gibbons  Two Swans (White Swan and Silver Swan) -ScP SATB + SAATB    $5.00 
LPMEM08  Ashton  Hugh Ashtons Maske (most satisfying) -ScP  ATT(B)    $8.00 
ST11536  Attaingnant  8 Chansons (1533) Vol 1, Nos 1-4 -sc SATB    $8.95 
OFB1008  Attaingnant  8 Chansons (1533) -ScP SATB/ATTB  $14.95 
MK03603  Attaingnant  Fourth and Fifth Book of Dances (1547) -sc SATB  $21.00 
MK03604  Attaingnant  Fourth and Fifth Book of Dances (1550) -sc SATB  $21.00 
PAN0722  Attaingnant  Second Livre de Danceries, 1547 (50 pieces) -sc 4 Various    $22.50 
ST11537  Attaingnant  8 Chansons (1533) Vol 2, Nos 5-8 -sc SATB/SAAB    8.95
LPMAD01  Attaingnant  9 Basse Dances (1530) -sc  SATB/ATTB    $12.75 
PAN0721  Attaingnant  Attaingnant’s Tanzbucher (51 dances, branles+) 1530 -sc 4 Various    $26.25 
PP00052  Attaingnant  Dance Suite (5 delightful French dances) -ScP  SATB  $6.00 
LPMAD02  Attaingnant  2nd Livre de Danceries (1547) -sc  SATB/ATTB    $12.75 
PP00107  Auber  Barcarole (from the opera Masaniello)-ScP  SATB  $5.25 
MK00749.0  Audersch  Music for Four Recorders in Three Movements - 4 scores SATB    $10.00 
1AP00035  Aufderheide  The Richmond Rag -ScP NSTB    $6.00 
1AP00049  Aufderheide  Dusty Rag -ScP NATB    $6.00 
1AP00036  Aufderheide  A Totally Different Rag -ScP S (+N) STB    $6.00 
MK00757  Autenrieth  Notturno -ScP  SATB  $7.00 
MK00753.4  Autenrieth  Hanky-Panky (a “Pastoral Play” of sorts) - 4 scores  SATB  $10.00 
MK00722  Autenrieth (ed)  Pezzi Allegri (3 quartet movements by Baroque Masters) SATB  $5.50 
MK00725  Autenrieth (ed)  Three Songs from Latvia -sc  SATB  $5.50 
MK00719  Autenrieth (ed)  English Virginal Music -sc SATB  $5.50 
TR00036  Ayton  Miniatures for Martha -ScP  SATB  8
TR00037  Ayton  Settings of 2 Traditional Jewish Melodies -ScP  SATB  $7.50 
1H000084  Bach  Chorales, Nos 19-24 SATB/ NSAT    $3.95 
1LPJSB01  Bach  Praeludium and Fuga in E Minor -ScP SATB    $9.50 
1LPJSB02  Bach  Praeludium and Fuga in D Minor -ScP SATB    $8.50 
1ECS2072  Bach  My Heart Ever Faithful SATB    $7.95 
1AP00033  Bach  Fuga I and V (Well Tempered Clavier, Vol 1, 1722) -ScP SATB    $5.00 
1HEN0504  Bach  Art of the Fugue, Contrapunctus No 3 SATB    $5.95 
KEMTC10  Bach  Ten Bach Chorales SATB    $5.95 
1LPJSB03  Bach  Lobet den Herrn alle Heiden (BWV 230) -ScP SATB    $14.00 
PP00035  Bach, JC  Sinfonia No 3 -ScP  AATB  $6.50 
PP00010  Bach, JC  Canon -ScP  SATB  $4.00 
HARA030  Bach, JCF  Fugue in F Major -ScP  SATB    $9.50 
PP00018  Bach, JS  Es Woll uns Gott Genadig Sein -ScP  SATB  $3.75 
PP00023  Bach, JS  Fuge uber ein Thema von Legrenzi -ScP  SATB  $7.25 
PP00048  Bach, JS  Fuga VII from The Well-Tempered Clavier, Vol II-ScP SAAB  $4.50 
PP00022  Bach, JS  Fuga V, from The Well-Tempered Clavier, Vol II-ScP SATB  $5.25 
PP00021  Bach, JS  Fuga V, from The Well-Tempered Clavier, Vol 1-ScP SATB  $5.25 
DOL0308  Bach, JS  Fuga Allabreve e Staccato (exciting!) -ScP  SATB/SATCb  $7.75 
PP00020  Bach, JS  Fuga I, from The Well-Tempered Clavier, Vol 1-ScP  SATB  $5.25 
PDL0008  Bach, JS  Five 4-Part Chorales, Vol 1 -ScP SATB    $11.95 
MK00137  Bach, JS  Eight Chorals (Oberborbeck ed ) -sc SATB  $5.50 
PP00013  Bach, JS  Contrapunctus IX -ScP  SATB  $7.25 
AVP0043  Bach, JS  Contrapunctus 5 (from Art of the Fugue) -ScP SATB  $5.00 
AVP0046  Bach, JS  Contrapunctus 10 (from The Art of the Fugue) -ScP SATB  $5.00 
PDL0060  Bach, JS  Concerto No 15 in G Major -ScP SATB    $15.25 
PDL0013  Bach, JS  Concerto in D Minor, BWV 596 after Vivaldi -ScP AATB/ SATB    $11.95 
PDL0011  Bach, JS  Concerto in C Major, BWV 594 after Vivaldi -ScP ATTB    $15.95 
LMP0043  Bach, JS  Come Sweet Death (Komm, Susser Tod) SATB  $2.50 
HARA107  Bach, JS  Christ Lag in Todesbanden -ScP  SATB    $9.50 
MK00014  Bach, JS  Four-Part Chorals -sc SATB/STTB  $5.50 
CHR0004  Bach, JS  Two Preludes and Fugues -ScP SSAT/SSTT    $9.00 
HARA024  Bach, JS  Sinfonia No 2 -ScP  ATTB    $9.50 
MK00173  Bach, JS  Passion Chorales -sc SATB  $5.50 
ST06598  Bach, JS  Geistliche Lieder -sc SATB    $8.95 
MK00142  Bach, JS  Selected Pieces from the Anna Magdalena Bach Book SSAT  $5.50 
MR00055  Bach, JS  Two Chorale Preludes -sc SATB  $3.50 
MK00139  Bach, JS  Two Fugues -sc SATB  $5.50 
CHR0004A  Bach, JS  Two Preludes and Fugues - part soprano 1    $0.75 
PDL0016  Bach, JS  From the Clavier Ubung, Vol 1 -ScP SATB    $15.25 
MK00626.7  Bach, JS  Three Fugues -sc SATB  $8.50 
HARA138  Bach, JS  Two Short Fugues -ScP  SATB    $9.50 
PDL0005  Bach, JS  Three Fantasias BWV 570, 563 and 735 -ScP SATB    $11.95 
AVP0011  Bach, JS  Canzona in D Minor -ScP SATB  $5.00 
CHR0004D  Bach, JS  Two Preludes and Fugues - part tenor    $0.75 
CHR0004C  Bach, JS  Two Preludes and Fugues - part alto    $0.75 
PP00024  Bach, JS  Fugue in G Minor -ScP  SATB  $5.25 
DOL0340  Bach, JS  Suite No 2 (BWV 1067) -ScP AATB    $12.25 
PDL0004  Bach, JS  Three Fugues BWV 578, 574 and 775 -ScP SATB    $11.95 
AVP0044  Bach, JS  Ten Chorales -ScP SATB  $8.50 
SP02329  Bach, JS  Thirteen Melodies From Schemellis Song Book -sc  SATB  $3.95 
ASC0693  Bach, JS  Fugue in G Minor (BWV 542) -ScP SATB    $17.00 
CHR0004B  Bach, JS  Two Preludes and Fugues - part soprano 2    $0.75 
1PBE0033  Bach, JS  2 Airs AATB    $5.95 
1PBE0034  Bach, JS  Sheep may safely Graze SATB    $7.95 
LMP0046  Bach, JS  Brandenburg Concerto No.6, B Major, Part 2 -ScP AABB (Pf)  $17.00 
MK00160  Bach, JS  2 Fugues -sc SATB  $5.50 
ST11500  Bach, JS  22 Choral Preludes, Vol VI (Little Organ Book) -sc AATB  $8.95 
ST11501  Bach, JS  22 Choral Preludes, Vol VII (Little Organ Book) -sc AATB  $8.95 
ST11525  Bach, JS  3 Choral Preludes -sc SATB    $8.95 
PDL0006  Bach, JS  Adagio and Fuga, BWV 564 -ScP SATB    $11.95 
MK00762.3  Bach, JS  Air and Gavotte (from Suite, No 3, D Major, BWV 1068)  SATB  $10.00 
MR00058  Bach, JS  Fuga -sc SATB  $5.50 
DOL0309  Bach, JS  Allabreve (solemn work, expressive dissonances) -ScP  SATB (Vc)    $7.75 
LMP0046A2  Bach, JS  Brandenburg Concerto No.6, B Major, Part 2 - part A2    $1.65 
LMP0046C  Bach, JS  Brandenburg Concerto No.6, B Major, Part 2 - part Cemb    $1.65 
PP00046  Bach, JS  Allegro from Brandenburg Concerto No 3 -ScP  AAAB  $7.75 
LMP0046B1  Bach, JS  Brandenburg Concerto No.6, B Major, Part 2 - part B1    $1.65 
LMP0046S  Bach, JS  Brandenburg Concerto No.6, B Major, Part 2 -sc AABB (Pf)  $8.75 
LMP0046A1  Bach, JS  Brandenburg Concerto No.6, B Major, Part 2 - part A1    $1.65 
PP00116  Bach, JS  Badinerie (from Orchestral Suite, No 2 in B minor)-ScP  SAAB  $4.50 
PP00006  Bach, JS  Aria from Suite in D Major-ScP  ATBB  $4.75 
AVP0045  Bach, JS  Aria from Cantata 164 -ScP ATBB/ AT, Pf  $8.50 
PP00049  Bach, JS  Andante from Brandenburg Concerto No 2 -ScP  SAAB  $4.50 
LMP0046B2  Bach, JS  Brandenburg Concerto No.6, B Major, Part 2 - part B2    $1.65 
ST10713  Baines  Quartet -ScP AATT  $12.95 
HARB013  Bamforth  Quartet 2, Op 22 -ScP  SATB  $13.50 
TM00105  Bamforth  Quartet No 1, Op 6 -ScP SATB    $7.25 
HARB012  Bamforth  Shetland Suite, Op 16 -ScP  SATB    $13.50 
EML0247  Banchieri  2 Canzoni da Sonar (La Feliciana, LAlcenagina) - 4 score ATTB    $5.00 
PDL0015  Banchieri  Two Fantasias -ScP SATB    $15.25 
MK00294  Banchieri  5 Fantasias from Canzoni alla Francese -sc SATB  $5.50 
LPMVM15  Banchieri/Bonelli  12 Canzoni -sc SATB    $8.25 
RFS0025  Barnard  Come Back to Erin -sc  SATB/AATB  $2.00 
RFS0014  Barnby  Sweet and Low -sc  SATB/AATB  $1.75 
MK01580  Bass  Zaunza I - set of scores SATB  $10.00 
DOL0409  Bassey  Two Left Feet -ScP  SATB    $8.75 
DOL0410  Bassey  The Land of Dreams -ScP SATB    $8.75 
RFS0023  Bayly  Long, Long Ago -sc  SATB/AATB  $1.75 
MK01517  Bechtel  Quartet for Recorders -ScP SATB  $28.00 
ST11793  Beethoven  Minuet for a Musical Clock -sc SATB  $5.95 
MK00229  Beethoven  German Dances -sc SATB  $5.50 
PP00081  Beethoven  Allegretto from Symphony VII -ScP  SATB  $5.00 
MK00279  Beethoven  Allegro and Minuet for a Flute Clock -sc SATT  $5.50 
PP00014  Beethoven  Drei Equali -ScP  ATTB  $5.75 
MK03602  Bendusi  Opera Nova de Balli -sc SATB  $21.00 
PP00172  Bennet  Weep, Oh Mine Eyes -ScP  SATB  $5.75 
ST10919  Bergmann  Clair de la Lune -ScP SSAT  $4.25 
ST11781  Bergmann  Greensleeves -sc SATB  $5.95 
ST11554  Bergmann  Six 16th Century Quartets -sc SATB  $9.95 
1AP00062  Berlin  Puttin On The Ritz -ScP SATB    $6.00 
1AP00128  Berlin  Alexander’s Ragtime Band -ScP AATB/ AASTB    $6.00 
1AP00132  Berlin  Play a Simple Melody -ScP AATB    $6.00 
LMP0073  Berlioz  Thou Must Leave Thy Lowly Dwelling -ScP SATB  $5.50 
EML0362  Bermudo  Tientos and Hymns (Spain, 1555) - set of scores SATB    $7.50 
1AP00108  Bernie, Pinkard+  Sweet Georgia Brown -ScP SATB    $6.00 
PAN0811  Bernolin  Danses Polonaises de la Renaissance -sc SATB    $22.50 
DOL0117  Bernstein  Easy Quartets: 21 Dances of the 16th Century -sc  SAAT/ SSAT    $7.75 
DOL0101  Bernstein  The Consort Collection, Vol 1 (ultimate anthology) -sc  SATB/ SSTB/ SSTT+    $13.75 
DOL0121  Bernstein  The Purcell Collection, Vol 2 (25 pieces) -sc  SATB    $10.75 
DOL0108  Bernstein  The Susato Collection (25 pieces from Danserye) -sc  SATB    $9.25 
PAN0226  Biedermann/Pijoan  Faites Chanter Les Flutes -sc SATB    $11.00 
LMP0117  Billings  3 Sacred Canons (New England Psalm Singer 1770) -sc SSSS/AAAA    $2.00 
AVP0002  Bissell  Canzona - set of scores SATB  $3.00 
AVP0003  Bissell  Three Pieces - set of scores SATB  $4.00 
EML0235  Biumi  4 Arie di Correnti - set of scores SATB    $5.00 
1AP00096  Bizet  Toreador Song (from Carmen) -ScP SATB    $5.00 
1AP00027  Bizet  March (from Carmen) -ScP SATB    $5.00 
ST11780  Bizet, G  Adagietto from LArlesienne -sc SATB  $8.95 
MK02811  Boismortier  Sonata 5 in D Minor and Sonata No 6 in C Minor -ScP ATTB/AAAB  $32.00 
DOL0315  Boismortier  Concerto Op 15, No 2 in C Minor -ScP  AAAA (Bc)    $12.25 
LPMTM22  Bonzanini  Sinfoniae and Gagliarde,from Capricci Musicali (1616) - 4 scores  SATB    $9.75 
1AP00026  Borel-Clerc  La Sorella (march on Spanish themes, 1903) -ScP SATB    $5.00 
AVP0029  Boyce  Quartet in E Minor -ScP SATB  $8.50 
1AP00089  Brahms  Seven Songs (Wach auf!, Der Englische Gruss+) -ScP SATB    $5.00 
HARA083  Brahms  O Heiland, Reiss Die Himmel Auf -ScP  SATB    $9.50 
1AP00001  Bratton  The Teddy Bears Picnic -ScP SATB    $5.00 
MK02550  Braun  Klangsplitter -ScP SATB  $16.00 
MK00583  Bresgen  Capriccio Fiorito -sc SATB  $5.50 
MK00420  Bresgen  Musica Matutina -sc SATB  $5.50 
MK00093  Bresgen  The Times of the Day (contemporary) -sc SSSA  $5.50 
MK00340  Bresgen  9 Turkish Folk Songs -sc SATB  $5.50 
MK00389.0  Bresgen (ed)  12 Hungarian Gypsy Songs and Dances -sc SATB  $8.50 
MK00375  Bresgen (ed)  Old Hungarian Tunes, (16th Century), Bk 2 -sc SATB  $5.50 
MK00365  Bresgen (ed)  Old Hungarian Tunes, (17th and 18th Century), Bk 1 -sc SATB  $5.50 
EML0132  Broda, de  Der Pfauen Schwanz - 4 scores  SAAT    $5.00 
PP00159  Broege  Partita Marietta -ScP SATB    $12.00 
1AP00147  Brown/ Freed  Singin In The Rain -ScP SATB    $6.00 
EML0308  Bruck, von  Aus tiefer Not (4 settings, 1544) - set of scores ATTB    $5.00 
MK00358  Bruckmann  Ornithological Suite (contemporary) -sc SSAA  $5.50 
PP00111  Bull  Two Pavan and Galliard Pairs -ScP  SATB  $6.25 
HARA062  Bull  Den Lustelijcken Meij -ScP  SATB    $9.50 
SP02359  Burakoff (ed)  Sweet Land of Liberty -sc  SATB    $3.95 
CM01031  Burakoff/Strickland  The Quartet Recorder, Book 2 (9 from England) -sc  SATB  $4.00 
CM01025  Burakoff/Strickland   The Quartet Recorder, Book 1 (10 folksongs) -sc  SATB  $4.50 
MK00288  Buschmann  Moods for Flutes -sc SSAT  $5.50 
1AP00046  Butts  Gargoyles (Naughty Gargoyle, Bishop in Stone+) SATB    $5.00 
MK09015  Buus  Recercari (Venetia 1547) -bound score SATB  $39.00 
MK09016  Buus  Il Secondo Librodi Recercari (Venetia 1549) -bound sc ATTB    $35.00 
IRCS005B  Buus  Ricercari a Quattro Voci, Vol 2, Nos 6-10 (1547) -ScP SATB    $31.50 
IRCS005A  Buus  Ricercari a Quattro Voci, Vol 1, Nos 1-5 (1547) -ScP SATB    $25.75 
PP00139  Buxtehude  Canzona 10 (German Baroque) -ScP  SATB  $5.75 
LMP0082  Buxtehude  Canzonetta in G Major (Bux WV 171) -ScP SATB    $5.25 
HARA108  Buxtehude  Ich dank dir schon -ScP  SATB    $9.50 
PP00168  Buxtehude  Wir Danken Dir, Herr Jesu Christ -ScP  SAAB    $5.75 
HARA056  Byrd  Fortune -ScP  SATB    $9.50 
ST11543  Byrd  7 Pieces -sc SAAT  $5.95 
HARA170  Byrd  Miserere (Fitzwilliam Virginal Book) -ScP SATB    $9.50 
HARB028  Byrd  Pavans and Galliards, Vol 3 (My Ladye Nevells Booke) -ScP SATB    $13.50 
HARA169  Byrd  Peascodd Time (Fitzwilliam Virginal Book) -ScP SATB    $9.50 
TR00026  Byrd  Selections from Mass for Four Voices -ScP  ATTB  $5.00 
ST11522  Byrd  Sellengers Round -ScP SATB  $11.95 
LMP0072  Byrd  The Earle of Salisburys Pavan and Galliard -ScP SATB  $5.50 
ST11513  Byrd  The Earle of Salisburys Pavana and Galiardo -sc SATB  $5.95 
HARA036  Byrd  The Ghost (from The Fitzwilliam Virginal Book) -ScP  SATB    $9.50 
1ARS0071  Byrd  Two In Nomines SATB/ viols    $7.95 
HARA018  Byrd  Ye Maidens Songe -ScP  SATB    $9.50 
EML0139  Byrd  2 In Nomines - 4 scores  SATB    $5.00 
LPMEM10  Byrd  Four Part Consort Music -ScP SATB    $12.75 
HARA155  Byrd/ Anon.  The Queenes Alman and The King’s Morisco -ScP  SATB    $9.50 
HARA131  Byrd/ Mundy  Ave verum corpus, O Lord the Maker of all Things-ScP  SATB    $9.50 
HARS102  Byrd/Tallis  Two Tudor Anthems: Sacerdotes Domini, Verily Verily  SATB    $8.00 
MK03612P4  Cabezon  Four Fantasias in 4 parts - part   $4.00 
MK03615  Cabezon  Tientos, 2nd Series -ScP SATB    $28.00 
MK00371.2  Cabezon  Diferencias -sc SATB  $8.50 
HARA166  Cabezon  Diferencias Cavallero -ScP  SATB    $9.50 
MK03612  Cabezon  Four Fantasias in 4 parts -ScP SATB  $28.00 
MK03612P1  Cabezon  Four Fantasias in 4 parts - part   $4.00 
MK03615S  Cabezon  Tientos, 2nd Series -sc SATB    $21.00 
MK03612P3  Cabezon  Four Fantasias in 4 parts - part   $4.00 
MK00355  Cabezon  Versos de Magnificat (1578) -sc ATTB/AATB  $5.50 
MK03612S  Cabezon  Four Fantasias in 4 parts -sc SATB    $18.00 
TR00042  Cabezon  Himnos (4 fantasias on religious tunes) -ScP  ATTB  $5.50 
MK03615P1  Cabezon  Tientos, 2nd Series - part   $4.00 
MK03615P2  Cabezon  Tientos, 2nd Series - part   $4.00 
MK00391  Cabezon  Versos de Magnificat, 1500s -sc SATB  $5.50 
MK03615P3  Cabezon  Tientos, 2nd Series - part   $4.00 
MK03615P4  Cabezon  Tientos, 2nd Series - part   $4.00 
MK03612P2  Cabezon  Four Fantasias in 4 parts - part   $4.00 
HARA021  Cabezon/Victoria  Two Spanish Pieces -ScP  SATB    $9.50 
HARA075  Caimo/Macfarren  2 Cuckoo Songs -ScP  SATB    $9.50 
MK02823  Caldini  Fade-Control (Amsterdam Loeki Stardust Quartet) -ScP SATB    $24.00 
ST11502  Cameron  In Nomine (3 Settings by Blitheman, Allwood+) -sc SATB  $5.95 
MK00500.1  Canale  Canzoni da Sonare a Quattro, 1600 (Hechler ed ) -sc SSAT/SATB  $8.50 
LPMVM09  Canali  4 Canzoni (1600) -ScP  ATTB    $10.75 
LPMVM19  Canali  Battaglia Francese -ScP ATTB    $8.75 
LPMVM19a  Canali  Battaglia Francese - parts up a fifth SSAT    $4.50 
LPMIM12  Cangiasi  Two Canzoni da Sonar (incl Girometta) -ScP SATB    $6.75 
1AP00133  Cannon  Bill Bailey, Wont You Come Home? AATB    $6.00 
EML0102  Caprioli  2 Frottole - 4 scores  ATTB/SATB    $5.00 
EML0138  Cara  2 Frottole with Refrains - 4 scores  ATTB/SATB    $5.00 
HARB022  Carey  Pets (suite depicting 4 house pets) -ScP  SATB    $13.50 
HARA094  Carey (arr)  Step Stately: A Suite of English Dances -ScP  SATB    $9.50 
HARA093  Carey (arr)  Tom, Tom the Pipers Son: Suite of Old Nursery Rhymes  SATB    $9.50 
PAN0821  Cato  Fuga and Fantasia - 2 scores SATB    $22.50 
EML0290  Caurroy, du  2 Fantasies a 4 - set of scores ATTB/SATB    $5.00 
EML0278  Cavaccio  2 Canzoni da Sonar (1597) - set of scores SATB    $5.50 
DOL0302  Cavaccio  Toccata detta la Licina (a slow and expressive piece) -ScP  SATB    $5.25 
EML0265  Cavaccio  Pavana and Saltarello - set of scores ATTB    $5.00 
EML0160  Cavaccio/Taeggio  2 Canzoni - 5 scores  SAAT/ATTB    $10.00 
ST11824  Champion  Chorale -sc AAAA/SAAT/SATT+ $8.95 
LMP0065  Chandler  Piecebook 1 -ScP SATB  $8.50 
JR00011  Charlton  Bouquet of Inventions -ScP SATB    $10.50 
1PBE0022  Charlton  4 Traditional Russian Songs SATB    $7.95 
1PBE0009  Charlton  A German Song-Fest (7 pieces) SATB    $6.95 
RCE0018  Charlton  Alman-English, 16th Century - performance score  SATB    $2.00 
1PBE0026  Charlton  The Barbershop Recorder Quartet (9 pieces) SATB    $8.25 
RCE0019  Charlton  Blues in Retrospect - performance score  SAAT    $2.50 
JR00001PT  Charlton  Commodious Rag - tenor part   $1.50 
1PBE0014  Charlton  Cha Cha Dolce SATB    $5.95 
1PBE0017  Charlton  Idyllwild Suite SATB    $8.95 
1PBE0025  Charlton  Partita Piccola, ScP SATB    $7.95 
1PBE0027  Charlton  Popular Italian Songs (6 pieces) SATB    $7.95 
1PBE0011  Charlton  Scandia Suite (fantasies on traditional melodies) SATB    $7.50 
1PBE0015  Charlton  Ayre Conditioned SATB    $5.95 
JR00011PT  Charlton  A Bouquet of Inventions - tenor part   $1.50 
1PBE0035  Charlton  4 Fantasias on Traditional British Melodies SATB    $9.95 
JR00008  Charlton  Three Fantasias -ScP SATB    $12.25 
JR00008P  Charlton  Three Fantasias - parts each  S/A/T/B    $1.50 
JRWC001  Charlton  The Wind Consort, Vol 1 -ScP SATB,r    $24.25 
JRWC002  Charlton  The Wind Consort, Vol 2 -ScP SATB    $24.25 
JR00001PB  Charlton  Commodious Rag - bass part   $1.50 
JR00011PA  Charlton  A Bouquet of Inventions - alto part   $1.50 
JRWC001P  Charlton  The Wind Consort, Vol 1 - parts each  S/A/T/B    $4.25 
JR00011PB  Charlton  A Bouquet of Inventions - parts each   $1.50 
JR00001PS  Charlton  Commodious Rag - soprano part   $1.50 
JR00001PA1  Charlton  Commodious Rag - alto 1 part   Inquire
JR00001PA2  Charlton  Commodious Rag - alto 2 part   $1.50 
JRWC002P  Charlton  The Wind Consort, Vol 2 - parts each  S/A/T/B    $4.25 
1PBE0031  Charlton  Treasury of Irish Dances (14 pieces) SATB    $9.95 
JR00011PS  Charlton  A Bouquet of Inventions - soprano part   $1.50 
HARA031  Chopin  Mazurka No 50 -ScP  SATB    $9.50 
PP00033  Chopin  Preludes Nos 4, 6, 7 and 10 -ScP  SATB  $7.75 
EML0223  Cima, A  2 Canzoni da Sonar: La novella, La gentile - set of scores SATB    $5.00 
EML0188  Cima, GP  2 Canzoni da Sonar: La poppia, Canzone 13 - set of scores  SATB    $5.00 
HARB002  Clark  Six Species -ScP  SATB    $13.50 
PP00108  Clark  Many Happy Returns -ScP  SATB  $6.25 
SP02341  Clark  Happy Birthday Variations -sc  SATB  $2.95 
HARA037  Clark  Caramillo -ScP  SATB    $9.50 
HARA084  Clark  Alcaics -ScP  SATB  $9.50 
HARB008  Clark  Suite in A with Antiphon -ScP  SATB    $13.50 
HARA044  Clark  Two Dutch Folk Songs -ScP  SATB    $9.50 
1AP00065  Clarke  Trumpet Voluntary -ScP SATB    $5.00 
MK01543  Clemencic  Chronos II (modern notation) -sc SATB  $14.00 
HARA086  Clemens (non Papa)  Two Boozy Songs -ScP  SATB  $9.50 
ASC0801  Clemens/ Gabrieli, A  Frais and Galliard, 1605 -ScP  SATB    $25.00 
ST11796  Clementi  Canon from Gradus ad Parnassum, No 33 -ScP SATB  $8.95 
HARA135  Coelho  Two 17th Century Portuguese Pieces -ScP  SATB    $9.50 
1AP00115  Cohan  You’re a Grand Old Flag -ScP AATB    $5.00 
EML0108  Compere  3 Italian Songs - 4 scores  SATB/ATTB    $5.00 
MK00539.0  Cooke  Suite No II (contemporary) -sc SATB  $8.50 
MK00321  Cooke  Suite for Recorder Quartet -sc SATB  $5.50 
MK01512  Cooke  Quartett (contemporary) -ScP SATB  $28.00 
MK01527  Cooke  Quartet for Recorders, No 2 -ScP SATB  $36.00 
ST10845  Cooke  Octave Variations -ScP SATB    $8.95 
HARA162  Cooke/Desprez  The Domouse and The Cricket -ScP  SATB    $9.50 
MK00410.1  Coperario  Two Fantasies (Monkemeyer ed ) -sc SATB  $8.50 
1ECS2075  Corelli  Dance Suite (Earl’s Court Repertory No.2075) SAAT/ SSAT+    $12.00 
JR00004  Corelli  Overture in A Minor (from Concerto in C Minor) -ScP SATB    $11.50 
1AP00101  Corelli  Adagio and Allegro -ScP ATTB    $5.00 
PP00032  Courtois  Petit Jacquet -ScP  SATB  $4.75 
MBF0566  Cowan  Consort in Concert (53 folk and classic songs) - sc 3-5 r    $11.95 
ST11506  Crecquillon  2 Chansons -sc ATTB  $8.95 
MK03613P2  Crequillon  Five Canzonas - part $4.00 
MK02822  Crequillon  Un Gay Bergier -ScP TBGbCb  $21.00 
PP00152  Crequillon  Four Chansons -ScP SATB    $7.50 
MK03613  Crequillon  Five Canzonas -ScP SATB  $28.00 
MK03613S  Crequillon  Five Canzonas -sc SATB  $18.00 
MK03613P1  Crequillon  Five Canzonas - part $4.00 
MK03613P3  Crequillon  Five Canzonas - part $4.00 
MK03613P4  Crequillon  Five Canzonas - part $4.00 
MK00728.9  Czerny  Neun Stucke (9 Pieces) -sc SATB  $8.50 
LPMDM07  d Estrees  Premier Livre de Danseries (1559) -sc  SATB/ATTB    $10.75 
MK00681  Dadiani  Two Georgian Ecclesiastical Songs -sc SAT, SAAT    $5.50 
LPMREP12  Dalla Casa/Rore  A La Dolce Ombra (includes REP12a) -ScP  SATB    $15.75 
RCE0025  Davenport  Four Italian Dances of Renaissance -sc  SATB/AAAB    $2.50 
ST12289  Davis  Party Pieces - 2 scores SATB    $14.95 
1AP00138  Davis, (arr)  Pomp and Circumstance March, No 1 -ScP SATB/ AATB    $6.00 
1AP00137  Davis, (arr)  Waitin’ for the Robert E Lee (ragtime classic) -ScP SATB/ AATB    $6.00 
1AP00142  Davis, (arr)  When The Saints Go Marchin In -ScP AATB    $6.00 
1AP00149  Davis, (arr)  Gimme A Little Kiss Will Ya, Huh? -ScP AATB    $6.00 
1AP00129  Davis/Akst  Baby Face -ScP AATB, vo    $6.00 
SP02324  de la Rue+  Four Carmina a 4 (de la Rue, Hofhaimer +) -sc  SATB  $2.95 
PP00114  DeBussy  Fanfare for a Procession - 4 sc  BBBB    $3.75 
ST07316  Delius/Purcell+  52 Catches (Kanons) -sc AAAA    $9.95 
ST07317  Delius/Purcell+  52 Catches (Kanons, Blow, Clarke+) -sc SSSS    $9.95 
ST04876  Demantius  Nurnberger Tanzbuch -sc SATB    $8.95 
MK00210  Demantius  Polish and German Dances -sc SSAB/SATB  $5.50 
1AP00052  Denza  Funiculi Funicula, 1880 -ScP SATB    $5.00 
1LPANS01  Des Pres  Ave Maria -ScP STTB/ SATTTB    $12.50 
1AP00007  Desmond  Take Five (jazz) -ScP AATB    $6.00 
1AP00144  DeSylva  Button Up Your Overcoat -ScP AATB    $6.00 
ST12157  Dinn  Nine 16th Century Dances -sc SAAT/SAAB  $8.95 
1AP00130  Dixon  Bye Bye Blackbird -ScP AATB    $6.00 
ST11541  Dolmetsch  7 Consorts from the Dolmetsch Collection -sc SATB  $8.95 
EML0264  Donato/Nasco  2 Villanelle - set of scores SATB    $5.00 
DOL0339  Dornel  Sonate a Quatuor -ScP SATB    $8.75 
PP00038  Dornel  Sonate en Quatuor -ScP  AATB  $10.00 
MK01582  Dorwarth  Der Hecht (The Pike) - set of scores AAAA    $20.00 
MK01574  Dorwarth  Das Grosse Lalula - set of scores AAAA  $22.00 
DOL0114  Dowland  The Dowland Collection (23 pieces) -sc  SATB    $10.75 
LMP0035  Dowland  He That is Down Needs Fear No Fall -ScP SATB  $2.50 
PAN0727  du Tertre  Septieme Livre de Danceries (27 pieces), 1557 -sc 4 Various    $22.50 
EML0144  Dufay  2 Rondeaux - 4 scores  AATT    $5.00 
LPM0503  Dufay  Ave Regina Coelorum -ScP SATB  $5.50 
DER1053  Duschenes  Seven Bach Fugues, Book 2 -ScP SATB  $12.95 
DER1051  Duschenes (ed)  Renaissance Dances and Airs SATB/SSAT/SAAT/SSTT   $10.95 
ST11570  East  12 Ayerie Fancies, Vol 2 -sc SSAT  $7.95 
LMP0086  East  Ayerie Fancies (7th Set of Bookes, 1638) Vol 4 -ScP AATB  $11.25 
LMP0085  East  Ayerie Fancies (7th Set of Bookes, 1638) Vol 3 -ScP AATB  $11.25 
LMP0084  East  Ayerie Fancies (7th Set of Bookes, 1638) Vol 2 -ScP AATB  $11.25 
LMP0083  East  Ayerie Fancies (7th Set of Bookes, 1638) Vol 1 -ScP AATB  $11.25 
ST11571  East  12 Ayerie Fancies, Vol 3 -sc SSAT  $7.95 
ST11569  East  12 Ayerie Fancies, Vol 1 -sc SSAT  $7.95 
ST11572  East  12 Ayerie Fancies, Vol 4 -sc SSAT  $7.95 
LMP0090  Eastman  Porter Avenue Suite (celebration of 4th chords) -ScP SATB  $7.70 
LMP0081  Eastman  The Eastman Collection -ScP SATB  $9.95 
EML0145  Encina, del  5 Villancicos - 4 scores ATTB    $5.00 
PEL2031  Erig  Music From Old Basle -sc SATB    $22.50 
PAN1106  Erig  Jiggeria: Irish-Celtic Music for 3-5 instruments -sc 3-5 Instr.    $35.00 
HARS107  Esquivel  Ego Sum Panis Vivus -ScP  SATB    $8.00 
PAN0770  Fankhauser  5 Russian Folksongs - 2 scores SATB/NATB    $22.50 
PAN0781  Fankhauser  Folksongs from Switzerland -sc  SATB    $23.50 
PAN0782  Fankhauser  Folksongs from Scandinavia -sc SATB    $20.00 
MK00575.6  Farina  Galliarden und Couranten -1600’s -sc SATB  $8.50 
PP00127  Farmer  Fair Phyllis I Saw -ScP  SATB  $4.75 
HARA168  Farnaby  Four Pieces (Dreame, His Rest, His Humour and A Toye) -ScP  SATB    $9.50 
LMP0040  Farnaby  Lady, The Silly Flea -ScP AATB  $2.95 
RCE0033  Farnaby  A Self-Portrait -sc with opt G part  SATB(G)    $3.50 
HARA059  Farnaby  Loth to Depart -ScP  SATB    $9.50 
PP00034  Fattorini  Ricercare -ScP  SATB  $5.25 
MK00418  Fegers  Suite after Scottish Folk Tunes -sc SSAB (G)  $5.50 
HARA006  Ferrabosco  Two Fantasias -ScP SATB    $9.50 
HARA032  Ferrabosco  Two More Fantasias -ScP  SATB    $9.50 
HAEE008  Ferrabosco II,   Four Fantasias -ScP  rrrr    $13.50 
LPM0509  Festa  Quam Pulchra Es -ScP AAAT    $5.00 
EML0277  Festa  Two Madrigals - set of scores SATB    $5.50 
DER1056  Fiala  Pastoral and Allegretto -ScP SATB  $10.95 
LPM0201  Finck  Wer Ich Eyn Falck -ScP SATB  $4.00 
JR00005T  Flech  El Fuego Tamb part SATB    $2.75 
JR00005P  Flecha  El Fuego - parts each  S/A/T/B    $2.75 
JR00005  Flecha  El Fuego -ScP SATB    $24.00 
RCE0036  Flecha/Mateo  La Bomba -ScP  SATB    $4.95 
SP02311  Fonghetti  Four Duets -sc  Various  $5.00 
RFS0010  Foster,S  Jeanie with the Light Brown Hair -sc  SATB  $1.75 
RFS0013  Foster,S  Old Folks at Home -sc  AATB  $1.75 
RFS0012  Foster,S  My Old Kentucky Home -sc  SATB/AATB  $1.75 
EML0231  Franck  4 Pavans - set of scores ATTB/SATB    $5.00 
MK00028  Franck  Old German Songs and Dances -sc SATB  $5.50 
MK00032  Franck  Suite in Four Parts -sc SATB    $5.50 
MK03614P1  Frescobaldi  Recercari and Canzoni - part $4.00 
MK09014  Frescobaldi  Primo Libro delle Fantasie a Quatro -bound score SATB/ STTB  $31.00 
RCE0002  Frescobaldi  Two Ricercari: Dopo il Credo and Posto il Credo - sc  SATB    $2.00 
MK00476.7  Frescobaldi  Fantasia (1608) -sc SAAB  $8.50 
MK03614  Frescobaldi  Recercari and Canzoni -ScP SATB  $28.00 
MK03614P2  Frescobaldi  Recercari and Canzoni - part $4.00 
MK03614P3  Frescobaldi  Recercari and Canzoni - part $4.00 
MK03614P4  Frescobaldi  Recercari and Canzoni - part $4.00 
MK03614S  Frescobaldi  Recercari and Canzoni -sc SATB  $21.00 
PEL0742  Frescobaldi  Capricien -sc SATB    $14.25 
PP00115  Frescobaldi  Ricercare Nono -ScP  SAAB  $5.00 
ST11579  Frescobaldi  Ricercare on 4 Subjects -sc  SAAT  $5.95 
PP00091  Frescobaldi  Ricercare Quinto -ScP  SATB  $5.75 
DOL0301  Frescobaldi  Three Toccatas (slow and magical: Fiori Musicali) -ScP  SATB    $6.25 
PP00121  Frescobaldi  Ricercare Secondo -ScP  SATB  $5.25 
MK00683.4  Frescobaldi  Two Ricercari: No.10 and No.4, c 1615 -sc SATB    $8.50 
IRCS003  Frescobaldi  The 5 Canzonas in 4 Parts (1615) -ScP SATB    $15.00 
PEL0742T  Frescobaldi  Capricien - part   $3.00 
HARA069  Frescobaldi  Two Experimental Capricci -ScP  SATB    $9.50 
IRCS002  Frescobaldi  10 Ricercars (Libro Primo 1615) -ScP SATB/STTB    $15.00 
PP00090  Frescobaldi  Ricercare Primo -ScP  SAAB  $5.00 
HARA063  Frescobaldi  Capriccio Sopra La Bassa Fiamenga -ScP  SATB    $9.50 
DOL0307  Frescobaldi  Bergamasca (a substantial fantasy on a popular tune) -ScP  ATTB/SATB    $7.75 
1AP00070  Frescobaldi  Canzona a Quarti Toni (1615-?) -ScP SATB    $5.00 
MK00359.0  Frescobaldi  Canzoni Francese, 1615 -sc SATB/ SAAB  $8.50 
FMA0005  Frescobaldi  Capriccio Sopra Il Cucho -ScP SATB    $8.00 
PEL0742S  Frescobaldi  Capricien - part   $3.00 
FMA0001  Frescobaldi  Capriccio Sopra La Bassa Fiamenga -ScP SATB    $8.00 
ST11578  Frescobaldi  Canzona -sc SAAT  $5.95 
DOL0334  Frescobaldi  Capriccio Sopra La Girometta -ScP SATB    $7.75 
DOL0333  Frescobaldi  Capriccio Sopra La Sol Fa Re Mi -ScP STTB/SATB    $7.75 
FMA0004  Frescobaldi  Capriccio Sopra La Sol Fa Re Mi -ScP SATB    $8.00 
DOL0323  Frescobaldi  Capriccio Sopra La Spagnoletta -ScP  SATB    $7.75 
FMA0003  Frescobaldi  Capriccio Sopra La Spagnoletta (early 1600s) -ScP SATB    $8.00 
PEL0742A  Frescobaldi  Capricien - part   $3.00 
PEL0742B  Frescobaldi  Capricien - part   $3.00 
HARA122  Frescobaldi  Capriccio sopra il cucko -ScP  SATB    $9.50 
MK00285  Fritsch  Four-Part Dances (Monkemeyer ed ) -sc SATB  $5.50 
1H000109  Froberger  Ricercare, ScP SATB    $5.25 
BRM0010  Frottola  Si Me Piace Ci SATB    $1.25 
ST11553  Funccius  Suite -sc SSAT  $8.95 
1AP00061  Gabrieli  Canzona Per Sonare, No 2, 1608 -ScP SATB    $5.00 
1AP00063  Gabrieli  Canzona Per Sonare, No 4, 1608 -ScP SATB    $5.00 
1AP00028  Gabrieli  Ricercar del Duodecimo Tuono -ScP SATB    $5.00 
OFB0030  Gabrieli, A  Ricercari a Quattro -sc SATB  $9.95 
MK00437.8  Gabrieli, A  Canzone in Four Parts (Hechler ed ) -sc SSAT  $8.50 
OFB0030A  Gabrieli, A  Ricercari a Quattro - part $2.25 
OFB0030B  Gabrieli, A  Ricercari a Quattro - part $2.25 
OFB0030S  Gabrieli, A  Ricercari a Quattro - part $2.25 
OFB0030T  Gabrieli, A  Ricercari a Quattro - part $2.25 
HARB016  Gabrieli, G  Four 4-Part Canzonas from Canzoni per sonare -ScP  SATB    $13.50 
HARB017  Gabrieli, G  Four More Canzonas from Canzoni per sonare -ScP  SATB    $13.50 
ANT0042  Galilei  Ricercari a Quatro Voci -sc SATB  $14.95 
RFS0009  Geibel  Kentucky Babe -sc  SATB  $1.75 
1AP00112   Gershwin  Fascinating Rhythm (swing band favorite) -ScP SATB    $6.00 
1AP00094  Gershwin  Little Rhapsody in Blue -ScP SATB    $5.00 
1AP00150  Gershwin  Someone To Watch Over Me -ScP ATBB    $6.00 
LPMAD03  Gervaise  3rd Livre de Danceries (1557) -sc  SATB/ATTB    $10.25 
PAN0726  Gervaise  Sixiesme Livre de Danceries (50pieces), 1550 -score 4 Various    $22.50 
PAN0724  Gervaise  Quatrieme Livre de Danceries (42 pieces), 1550 -score 4 Various    $22.50 
MK00011  Gervaise  Four Part Dances from about 1500 -sc SATB  $5.50 
ST06816  Gervaise  Dance Suite -sc SATB/ATTB  $9.95 
PAN0725  Gervaise  Cinquisme Livre de Danceries (53 pieces), 1550 -score 4 Various    $22.50 
PAN0723  Gervaise  Troisieme Livre de Danceries (42 pieces), 1550 -score 4 Various    $22.50 
LPMAD05  Gervaise  5th Livre de Danceries (1550) -sc  SATB/ATTB    $10.25 
LPMAD06  Gervaise  6th Livre de Danceries (1555) -sc  SATB/ATTB    $10.25 
MK00485  Gesius  Eight Examples (1615) Synopsis musicae practicae - sc SATB  $5.50 
LMP0055  Gesualdo  Gagliarda del Principe de Venosa -ScP SATB  $2.95 
LMP0057  Gesualdo  Salmi delle Compiete -ScP SATB  $3.50 
MK02806  Geysen  Loeki Stardust Quartets Installaties -ScP SATB    $20.00 
TMR0004  Geysen  Periferisch-Diagonaal-Concentrisch -sc SATB  $11.95 
LPM0205  Ghiselin  La Spagna a 4 -ScP SATT/ATBB    $7.50 
1AP00005  Gibbons  Fantasia -ScP SATB    $5.00 
HARA076  Gibbons  Two Fancies -ScP  SATB    $9.50 
ST11609  Gibbons  Fancy -ScP SATB  $6.95 
HARS104  Gibbons  Almighty and Everlasting God-ScP  SATB    $8.00 
ST11533  Gibbons  2 Fantasias -ScP SATB  $12.95 
HARB011  Gibbons/Vautor  Three Bird Madrigals -ScP  SATB    $13.50 
1AP00034  Giblin  Sleepy Lou -ScP SATB/NATB    $6.00 
ST03914  Giesbert  12 Short Fantasies (1611) -sc SATB  $8.95 
ST02439  Giesbert  Ein Altes Spielbuch, No.1 (c 1500) -sc Var:SATB  $8.95 
ST02440  Giesbert  Ein Altes Spielbuch, No.2 (c 1500) -sc Var:SATB  $8.95 
ST03758  Giesbert  Pariser Tanzbuch: 51 Dances, Vol 1 -sc SATB  $8.95 
ST03759  Giesbert  Pariser Tanzbuch: 51 Dances, Vol 2 -sc SATB  $8.95 
PP00119  Gilbert/Ory  Muskrat Ramble -ScP  SATB    $5.75 
PP00077  Gluck  Dance of the Blessed Spirits -ScP  SSAT  $5.25 
HARB024  Gluck  Five Pieces from Orfeo -ScP  SATB    $13.50 
1PBE0029  Goldstein  Hymn Preludes (7 American and 5 general) SATB    $7.95 
PP00088  Goldstein  Quartets for Basses -ScP  BBBB/TBBB  $17.25 
PP00149  Goldstein  The Thirteen Colonies -incl performance notes -ScP  SATB    $17.25 
AVP0031  Gombert  Mort et Fortune/ A bien grant tort - set of scores ATTB  $4.00 
HARA041  Goss/Bennett  Two Victorian Part - Songs -ScP  AATB/SATB    $9.50 
EML0313  Goudimel  3 Psalm Settings (1568) - set of scores ATTB    $5.00 
EML0313A  Goudimel  3 Psalm Settings (1568) - transposed up/ - set of sc SATB    $5.00 
PP00166  Grieg  Ballad, Opus 65 -ScP  AATB    $5.75 
HARA082  Grieg  From the Holberg Suite -ScP  SATB  $9.50 
MK00455.6  Guami  Three Canzonette alla Francese (Monkemeyer ed ) -sc SATB/SAAB  $8.50 
MK01593  Guimaraes  Les Indiennes Galantes - 4 scores 4 r    $29.00 
MK00251  Gumbel  Five Short Pieces -sc SATB  $5.50 
MK03624  Gumpelzhaimer  Musicae Choralis + Figuralis Duodecim toni Legitimi-ScP SATB    $21.00 
HARA145  Hall  Arthropodia (5 works inspired by insects) -ScP  SATB    $9.50 
HARA153  Hall  Scottish Dance Suite -ScP  SATB    $9.50 
HARA124  Hall  Diverse Dances (5 jazzy pieces with Scottish flavor) -ScP  SATB  $9.50 
HARA132  Hall  Rag for Mac - Blues for Barley -ScP  SATB    $9.50 
1AP00143  Hammerstein II  Lover, Come Back To Me -ScP AATB    $6.00 
ST11139  Hand  Fenland Suite -sc SAAT  $14.95 
ST11246  Hand  Festival Overture -ScP SATB    $14.95 
MK02130  Handel  Suite in A Minor - Book 3 -ScP SATB    $20.00 
PP00097  Handel  Fugue in D Minor (G 27) -ScP ATBCb  $6.25 
PP00099  Handel  Fugue in F Major (G 178) -ScP SATB    $5.75 
HARA085  Handel  La Speranza (from Ottone) -ScP  ATTB  $9.50 
ST07036  Handel  Quartet Movements, 9 Pieces from Suite and Fugues -ScP SATB  $12.95 
1AP00102  Handel  Gavotte,Sarabande and Gigue -ScP SATB    $5.00 
HARA071  Handel  Vinto e LAmor (from Otho opera) -ScP  SATB    $9.50 
MK00629.0  Handel  Six Fugues from Piano Fugues, Vol 1 (Zahn ed ) -sc SATB  $8.50 
MK02128  Handel  Suite in G Major - Book 1 -ScP SATB    $19.00 
PP00098  Handel  Fugue in D Minor (G 264) -ScP ATBGb  $5.25 
MK02129  Handel  Suite in D Minor - Book 2 -ScP SATB    $19.00 
MK00654.5  Handel  Six Fugues from Piano Fugues, Vol 2 (Zahn ed ) -sc SATB  $8.50 
MK00666.7  Handel  Six Fugues from Piano Fugues, Vol 3 (Zahn ed ) -sc SATB  $8.50 
PP00094  Handel  Fugue in D Minor (G 163) -ScP SATGb    6.25
PP00095  Handel  Fugue in A Minor (G 194) -ScP ATBCb  $5.25 
HARA022  Handel  Chaconne -ScP  SATB    $9.50 
HARA033  Handel  Amen Chorus (Messiah) -ScP  SATB    $9.50 
HARA050  Handel  Allegro (finale) from Op 6, No 4 -ScP  SATB    $9.50 
LMP0078  Handel  Air Con Variazione (Harmonious Blacksmith ) -ScP AATB/ATTB    $8.00 
MK00241  Handel  6 Pieces from the Water Music -sc SATB  $5.50 
HARA139  Handel  2 Fugues -ScP  SATB    $9.50 
PP00096  Handel  Fugue in D Minor (G 17) -ScP ATBGb  $5.75 
1AP00125  Hanley  Second Hand Rose AATB    $5.00 
PAN0758  Harras  Chorales by Old Masters, Book 3 -sc SATB    $17.50 
PAN0759  Harras  Chorales by Old Masters, Book 4 -sc SATB    $17.50 
PAN0803  Harras  Polish Music - 16th Century, Vol 3 -sc SATB/AATB    $25.00 
PAN0809  Harras  The Kings Music, Vol 1 -sc ATTB    $22.50 
FW00002  Harvey   Suite No 5: In Sherwood Forest -ScP  SATB    $8.00 
FW00001  Harvey (ed)  Variations on “The Flat Pavan” of John Johnson -ScP  SATB    $8.00 
CM01040  Hassler  Eleven German Chorales (hymns, psalms…1608) -sc  SATB  $4.00 
LMP0026  Hassler  Agnus Dei from Missa Dixit Maria - 2 scores ATTB  $4.00 
LMP0027  Hassler  Cantate Domino -ScP AATB  $3.25 
MK00056  Haussmann  New Pleasant and Delightful Dances (1598) -sc SATB/SSAT+  $5.50 
MK00587.8  Haussmann   Tantze nach Teutscher und Polnischer Art, 1606 -sc SSAT/SATB  $8.50 
1AP00105  Haydn  Orlando Paladino - Overture, 1782 -ScP SATB    $5.00 
1AP00021  Haydn  Allegretto (Military Symphony, 2nd movement) -ScP SATB    $5.00 
MK02131  Haydn  Quartettsatze nach Stucken (No.1-4) -ScP SATB    $23.00 
MK02073A  Hechler  Quartet Book of Old Masters - part   $8.00 
MK02073B  Hechler  Quartet Book of Old Masters - part   $8.00 
MK02073S  Hechler  Quartet Book of Old Masters - part   $8.00 
MK02073T  Hechler  Quartet Book of Old Masters - part   $8.00 
MK02073  Hechler   Quartet Book of Old Masters - 48 pg score SATB    $31.00 
MK00581.2  Henry VIII  Consorts in 4 parts -sc AATB/ATTB/SATB  $8.50 
1AP00083  Herbert  Gypsy Medley (from The Fortune Teller, 1898) -ScP NATB/ SATB    $5.00 
PAN0819  Hessen, von  4 Fugae a 4 -ScP  SATB    $25.00 
SP02372  Hettrick  Senior Prom: Songs We Once Danced To -sc  SATB    $6.95 
SP02337  Hettrick  Seventeen Old Favorite Hymns -sc  SATB  $3.95 
SP02375  Hettrick  The Isle of Gentle Airs (tunes of England, Scotland +) -sc  SATB    $5.95 
SP02387  Hettrick  Thirteen Great Hymns of the 18th Century -sc  SATB    $5.95 
SP02378  Hettrick  Airs of the Emerald Isle (11 traditional Irish tunes) -sc  SATB    $5.95 
AVP0041  Higgins  Suite in G: Gavotte-Sarabande-Bourree -ScP SATB  $5.50 
ST04505  Hillemann  German Masters of the Baroque Era -sc SATB    $6.95 
ZR00144  Hirose  Idyll 1 for 4 Recorders -sc SATB/AAAT    $15.00 
MK03609  Hofhaimer  Carmina -sc SATB    $21.00 
LPMTM08  Hofhaimer  7 Tenor Songs - 4 sc  ATTB    $9.75 
1ECS2093  Holborne  9 Consort Pieces (Fruit of Love, Wanton ++) SATB    $13.45 
MK01577  Huisman  A Short History of Life -ScP AAAA    $28.00 
1AP00104  Humperdinck  Children’s Prayer (from Hansel and Gretel 1893) -ScP ATTB    $5.00 
ST11490  Hunt  Dances from the 16th Century (11 dances) -sc SATB  $8.95 
1ECS2033  Hurd  Daily Delight (24 pieces adapted from 18th C Aires) SATB    $10.65 
PP00009  Ippolitov-Ivanov  Bless the Lord, O My Soul -ScP  SATB  $5.25 
MK03610  Isaac  Carmina -sc SATB    $21.00 
HARA045  Isaac  Selected Consorts -ScP  SATB/ATTB    $9.50 
MK00009  Isaac  Four-Part Instrumental Settings -sc SATB  $5.50 
LPMAN01  Isaac  A La Bataglia -ScP  SAAT/ATTB    $7.25 
LPMAN13  Isaac  5 Instrumental Pieces -ScP  Var.:SATB    $10.25 
LPMAN11  Isaac  17 Pieces -sc  Var.:ATTB    $10.75 
MGAM070  Isaac  Quis Dabit Capiti Meo Aquam? (15th Century) -ScP ATTB    $4.00 
MK01596  Ishii  Black Intention IV -ScP AATB    $22.00 
ST11136  Jacques  Divertimento No 3 -sc SSAT  $12.95 
EML0218  Janequin  2 Chansons - set of scores SATB/SAAT    $5.00 
ST11404  Jenkins  4 Australian Songs -sc SSAA    $6.95 
MK00380.1  Jenkins  Allemande and 2 Fantasies (Monkemeyer ed ) -sc SATB  $8.50 
MK00314  Jenkins  Four Pieces -sc SATB  $5.50 
MK01597  Jones  Mr Davies’ Delight -ScP SATB    $24.00 
PP00078  Joplin  Pine Apple Rag -ScP  SATB  $4.00 
1AP00099  Joplin  Ragtime Dance (from the ballet The Ragtime Dance) -ScP SATB    $6.00 
MK01550  Kaser  Dupuy Tren -ScP AAAA    $28.00 
KEMTC01  Kelischek, G  Hymn for Mountain Collegium -sc SATB    $3.50 
MK02815  Kemp  Lieto (contemporary) -ScP SATB    $28.00 
KEMTC06  Kitts  Quartet for Recorder SAAT    $7.50 
ZR00044  Kiyose  Recorder Quartets -sc SATB    $12.00 
RCE0027  Koch  God Bless the Prince of Wales + 26 other Melodies -sc  SAAT    $4.95 
ST04246  Koch  Variations of a Bicinium by Gastoldi -ScP SATB  $10.95 
MK02820  Koomans  The Jogger (Amsterdam Loeki Stardust Quartet) -ScP SATB    $28.00 
RFS0011  Koulman (ed)  Loch Lomond -sc  SATB/AATB  $1.75 
RFS0003  Koulman (ed)  Red River Valley -sc  SATB  $1.75 
RFS0032  Koulman (ed)  Rin Rin Chin (A Villancico c 1500) -sc  SATB,(VdG)  $1.75 
RFS0024  Koulman (ed)  Rose of Tralee -sc  SATB/AATB  $1.75 
RFS0008  Koulman (ed)  Santa Lucia -sc  SATB  $1.75 
RFS0027  Koulman (ed)  The Ash Grove -sc  SATB  $2.00 
RFS0033  Koulman (ed)  The Whiffenpoof Song -ScP  SATB  $5.00 
RFS0030  Koulman (ed)  Du Alter Stephansturm -sc  SATB/AATB  $2.20 
RFS0028  Koulman (ed)  Juanita -sc  SATB/AATB  $2.00 
RFS0016  Koulman (ed)  Two German Folksongs: An Den Mond + -sc  SATB/AATB  $1.75 
RFS0005  Koulman (ed)  Annie Laurie -sc  SATB/AATB  $1.75 
RFS0021  Koulman (ed)  Home on the Range -sc  SATB/AATB  $1.75 
RFS0002  Koulman (ed)  A Londonderry Air -sc  ATTB  $1.75 
RFS0020  Koulman (ed)  Drink To Me Only With Thine Eyes -sc  SATB/AATB  $1.75 
RFS0029  Koulman (ed)  Den Store Hvite Flokk -sc  SATB/AATB  $2.00 
RFS0018  Koulman (ed)  Deep River -sc  SATB/AATB  $1.75 
RFS0006  Koulman (ed)  Cockles and Mussels -sc  AATB  $1.75 
RFS0007  Koulman (ed)  Carry Me Back to Old Virginny -sc  SATB/AATB  $1.75 
RFS0022  Koulman (ed)  Careless Love -sc SATB/AATB  $1.75 
RFS0004  Koulman (ed)  Ah! Dirai-Je Maman? -sc (1 ea. duet, trio and quartet)  SATB  $1.75 
RFS0031  Koulman (ed)  Jacob Drink -sc  SATB  $2.20 
PEL0740  Kraus  Six Fugues -sc SATB    $14.25 
PEL0740P  Kraus  Six Fugues - parts each  S/A/T/B    $3.00 
PEL0741P  Kraus  Four Fugues - parts each  S/A/T/B    $3.00 
PEL0741  Kraus  Four Fugues -sc SATB    $14.25 
HARA118  la Rue/Brumel  Tout les Regretz -ScP  SATB    $9.50 
MK00708.9  Laburda  Holidays in the Country -sc SSAA    $8.50 
MK00747.8  Laburda  In Nature - 4 scores  SATB  $10.00 
MK00592  Laburda  Pastorely (Bohemian Shepherds Songs) -sc SATB  $5.50 
MK00351  Lappi  Two Italian Canzoni (1608) -sc SATB/SAAB  $5.50 
ST07338  Lasso, de  Dance Movements (19 dances) - 4 score books SATB/AAAB    $14.95 
MK02821  Lasso, de  Susana un Jur -ScP TBGbCb    $23.00 
LPMTM36  Lassus  Five Lieder - ScP SATB    $9.75 
EML0212  Lassus, de  Matona mia Cara - set of parts SATB/ATTB    $5.00 
AVP0022  Lassus, de  Scio Enim -ScP SATB  $4.00 
LPMPC16  Lassus,de  Nine Chansons (Renaissance) -sc ATTB    $8.25 
PEL0760P  Lau  12 Dance Tunes - parts each  S/A/T/B    $4.50 
PEL0760  Lau  12 Dance Tunes -sc SATB    $16.25 
LPMTM14  Lechner  Six Lieder (1586) -4 sc  SSAT/ SAAT    $9.75 
MK00496  Lechner  Drifting Clouds -sc SATB  $5.50 
RCE0004  Lechner  Eight Motets -sc  SATB    $2.00 
MK02825  Leenhouts  Short Wave - ScP AATB    $20.00 
MK02803  Leenhouts  When Shall the Sun Shine (contemporary) -ScP SATB    $22.00 
DOL0335  Legrenzi  Sonata a 4, Op 10, No 18 (1673) -ScP AATB    $6.75 
EML0289  LeJeune  2 Chansons a 4 - set of scores SAAT    $5.00 
EML0127  Lemlin  2 Lieder (Ich Armer klag, Des Spilens ich ) - 4 scores  ATTB    $5.00 
AMH0002  Lerma  Music for the Duke of Lerma 4-6 recs    $49.00 
HASA012  Lewin  Oddbods’ Foreign Tour (Frere Jacques+) -ScP  SSAT/ SSTT    $13.50 
HASA011  Lewin  Off to the Fair (Linstead Market and Scarborough Fair) -ScP  SSAT/ SSAB    $13.50 
HARA046  Lewin (ed)  Crumhorn Pieces -ScP  SATB    $9.50 
HASA005  Lewin (ed)  Two Spirituals: Swing Low, Sweet Chariot -ScP and Down by the Riverside  SSAT    $13.50 
OFB0168  Linde  Suite -ScP AATB    $19.95 
ST08916  Linde  Easy Recorder Quartets - European Folk Songs (14) -sc SATB    $12.95 
OFB0202  Linde  Reminiscences - ScP ATTB  $22.95 
ANT0073VC  Locke  Consort in 4 Parts No.2: Suites 4 - 6 - part bass    $3.95 
ANT0073  Locke  Consort in 4 Parts No.2: Suites 4 - 6 in F, g and G -sc SATB    $17.95 
ANT0073VA  Locke  Consort in 4 Parts No.2: Suites 4 - 6 - part tenor 2( alto clef)    $3.95 
ANT0073V2  Locke  Consort in 4 Parts No.2: Suites 4 - 6 - part alto    $3.95 
ANT0072V1  Locke  Consort in 4 Parts No.1: Suites 1 - 3 - part soprano    $3.95 
ANT0073V1  Locke  Consort in 4 Parts No.2: Suites 4 - 6 - part soprano    $3.95 
ANT0072  Locke  Consort in 4 Parts No.1: Suites 1 - 3: in d, D and F -sc SATB  $15.95 
ANT0073V3  Locke  Consort in 4 Parts No.2: Suites 4 - 6 - part tenor(treble clef)    $3.95 
ANT0072V2  Locke  Consort in 4 Parts No.1: Suites 1 - 3 - part alto    $3.95 
ANT0072VC  Locke  Consort in 4 Parts No.1: Suites 1 - 3 - part double bass    $3.95 
ANT0072VA  Locke  Consort in 4 Parts No.1: Suites 1 - 3 - part tenor 2 (alto clef)    $3.95 
ANT0072V3  Locke  Consort in 4 Parts No.1: Suites 1 - 3 - part tenor(treble clef)    $3.95 
HARA090  Lodge, P  Concert Waltz -ScP  SATB  $9.50 
HARA098  Lodge, P  Cambridge Suite (life at Cambridge University) -ScP  SATB    $9.50 
LMP0038  Lotti  Agnus Dei - 2 scores SATB/ATTB  $2.50 
OFB0136  Lotz  Quartet (16th Century Intrada) -sc SATB  $9.95 
MK00633.4  Luchterhandt  4 Pieces (contemporary) -sc SATB/rrrr  $8.50 
MK00671.2  Luchterhandt  Four Pieces -sc SATB  $8.50 
DOL0311  Lupo  Five Fantasias (relatively short, colorful pieces) -ScP  AATB    $7.75 
ST09479  Lutz (ed)  Easy Recorder Quartets: Folk for Four -sc SATB/ SAAB  $9.95 
BRM0011  Luzzaschi  Madrigal O Primavera -sc SATB    $2.00 
MK00213  Maasz  O Musica (after Peuerl, contemporary) -sc SATB  $5.50 
PAN0304  Maasz  Flauto a Quattro -sc SSAA    $20.00 
EML0156  Machaut, de  2 Rondeaux - 4 scores  AATT    $5.00 
ST11516  Macque  Canzon a la Francese -sc SAAT  $8.95 
LPMTM66  Mainerio  Eight Dances fro Il Primo Libro de Balli (1578) -4 scores  SATB    $9.75 
MK03616  Mainerio  Il Primo Libro de Balli, Book 16 -sc SATB    $21.00 
LPMTM13  Mainerio  Nine Dances from Il Primo Libro de Balli, 1578 - 4 sc  SATB    $9.75 
MK02805  Mancini  On The Trail of the Pink Panther -ScP ATBGb/ATTGb    $20.00 
MK02810  Manneke  Loeki Stardust Quartets Archipel I -ScP TTBB    $28.00 
1AP00009  Marquina  Espana Cani - Paso-Doble -ScP SATB    $5.00 
LMP0031  Martini  Gavotte -ScP ATTB  $5.75 
PDL0003  Maschera  2 Canzona: La Capriola and Canzona da Sonare -ScP SATB    $11.95 
LPMVM07  Maschera  5 Canzoni (1582) -ScP SATB    $10.75 
MK00515.6  Maschera  Two Four-Part Canzone, 1582 -sc SSAT/NATB    $8.50 
ST11612  Maschera  Canzon Quarta (1588) -sc SSAT  $8.95 
LPMVM06  Maschera  4 Canzoni (1582) -ScP  SATB    $10.75 
ST11611  Maschera  Canzon Seconda: La Martinenga -sc SSAT  $8.95 
PDL0003  Maschera  2 Canzona: La Capriola and Canzona da Sonare -ScP SATB    $11.95 
LMP0019  Mattheson  Gigue in D Minor -sc SATB  $2.50 
LMP0019P  Mattheson  Gigue parts  SATB    $2.00 
ASC0483  Maute  Adagio (1995) -ScP SATB    $11.00 
MK01587  Maute  Farben (colors) 9 pieces - set of parts SATB    $29.00 
MK00674  Maute  Tanto-Quanto (contemporary) -sc AATB  $5.50 
ASC0584  Maute  Rondeau -ScP (soprano is ad lib) SAAB/STTB    $11.00 
MK00702  Maute  Ricercar -sc AAAB    $5.50 
LPMVM18  Mazzi  Ricercari and Canzon (1596) -ScP  SATB    $7.25 
1AP00146  McHugh/ Fields  I Cant Give You Anything But Love -ScP AATB    $6.00 
ST12495  McKernon  Jazz Triptych for Recorder Quartet - set of parts SATB    $19.95 
ST11830  Meech  Two Pieces -sc SSAA  $3.25 
ASC0176  Meijering  Sitting Ducks (1991) -ScP AATB    $21.00 
MK00776.7  Mendelssohn  5 Pieces (from Op. 65, 72, 102) - ScP  SATB    $10.00 
1AP00068  Mendelssohn  Wedding March (from Midsummer’s Night…) -ScP NSTB    $5.00 
IRCS010B  Merula  Canzonas V-VIII (Libro Primo 1615) -ScP SATB    $10.50 
IRCS010A  Merula  Four Canzonas (1615) -ScP SATB    $14.00 
IRCS010C  Merula  Canzonas IX-XII, (Libro Primo 1615) -ScP SATB    $10.50 
LPMVM16  Merulo  14 Canzoni - sc  SATB    $10.75 
ST02723  Metzger  7 Playing Pieces -sc SSA  $4.95 
EML0146  Mico  2 Pavans - 4 scores  SSAB    $5.00 
ST11605  Mico  Fancy No 9 (17th Century) -ScP SATB  $8.95 
1AP00109  Monaco +  You Made Me Love You -ScP AATB    $6.00 
MK00393  Mondrup  Little Quartet -sc SATB  $5.50 
MK00273  Monkemeyer  Pieces by Unknown Masters from Simpsons Taffel Consort 1621 -sc SSAB  $5.50 
ANT0120  Monkemeyer  Canzoni Venetian a Quattro Voci -sc SATB/Various    $11.95 
MK00326  Monkemeyer  French Dances of Unnamed Masters -sc SATB  $5.50 
ANT0120D  Monkemeyer  Canzoni Venetian a Quattro Voci - part tenor C (viola)    $2.50 
ANT0120C  Monkemeyer  Canzoni Venetian a Quattro Voci - part tenor-treb clef    $2.50 
ANT0120B  Monkemeyer  Canzoni Venetian a Quattro Voci - part alto    $2.50 
ANT0120A  Monkemeyer  Canzoni Venetian a Quattro Voci - part canto    $2.50 
PEL0745P  Monkemeyer  Italian Masters Around 1600 - parts each  S/A/T/B    $3.25 
PEL0855  Monkemeyer  Music of the Early 17th Century -sc SATB    $21.25 
PEL0745  Monkemeyer  Italian Masters Around 1600 -sc SATB    $21.25 
ANT0120F  Monkemeyer  Canzoni Venetian a Quattro Voci - part bass    $2.50 
ANT0120E  Monkemeyer  Canzoni Venetian a Quattro Voci - part (oct higher) tenor    $2.50 
ST11515  Monte  Canzona -sc SAAT    $8.95 
RCE0001  Monte/Marque+  Three Canzoni -sc  SATB/SATT    $2.00 
ASC0409  Monti, V  Csardas (1995) -ScP STTB    $16.50 
KEMTC11  Moore  Measure for Pleasure SATB+Vo    $7.95 
LMP0074  Morley  Fire, Fire (1595) -ScP SSTB/AATB    $7.50 
LPMDM01  Morrow  Italian Dances of the Early 16th Century -sc  Various:ATTB    $9.25 
LPMDM03  Morrow  44 Dances of the 16th Century, Vol 2 -sc Various:ATTB    $9.25 
MK00548.9  Mortaro  Canzoni da Sonare a Quattro Voci, 1600 -sc SAAT  $8.50 
EML0302  Mortaro  2 Canzoni da Sonar (1600) - set of scores SATB    $5.00 
EML0283  Moulu  Quam Pulchra Es - set of scores TTTB    $5.00 
1AP00064  Mouret  Rondeau (from Suite des Symphonies, 1729) -ScP SATB    $5.00 
1AP00006  Mozart  Andante and Allegro (Viennese Sonatina, C major) -ScP ATTB    $5.00 
1AP00113  Mozart  Eine Kleine Nachtmusik (Allegro) -ScP BBBGb    $6.00 
1AP00004  Mozart  The Shepherd King Overture -ScP SATB    $5.00 
ST11783  Mozart, WA  March of the Priests, from Magic Flute -sc SATB  $5.95 
BRM0003  Mozart, WA  Theme from Piano Concerto in C Minor -sc SATB    $2.00 
HARA103  Mozart, WA  Rondo alla Turca -ScP  NSAT    $9.50 
PP00037  Mozart, WA  Rondo - Sonata No 1 -ScP  AAAT  $5.25 
MK00220  Mozart, WA  Pieces for Quartet from Horn Duets, Vol 1 -sc SATB  $5.50 
PP00025  Mozart, WA  Fugue in G Minor, K401 -ScP  SATB  $5.25 
PP00060  Mozart, WA  Dona Nobis Pacem -ScP  AATB  $4.50 
HARA034  Mozart, WA  Cum Sanctis Tuis (from Marriage of Figaro) -ScP  SATB    $9.50 
PP00007  Mozart, WA  Ave Verum Corpus -ScP  AATB  $5.25 
MK00238  Mozart, WA  Pieces for Quartet from Horn Duets, Vol 2 -sc SATB  $5.50 
EML0109  Mulliner  4 Pieces from the Mulliner Book - 4 sc  SATB    $5.00 
ST11586  Munday  Robin (from Fitzwilliam Virginal Book) -sc SATB    $4.95 
RM0001EP  Muro  The Kings Highroad - economy pack 10 scores     $9.95 
RM0001S  Muro  The Kings Highroad -sc SSAT    $1.50 
RM0001C  Muro  The Kings Highroad - tape      $7.50 
RM0003EP  Muro  Capriols Caper - economy pack 10 scores     $9.95 
RM0002S  Muro  A Touch of Spain -sc SSAT    $1.50 
RM0002EP  Muro  A Touch of Spain - economy pack of 10 scores     $9.95 
RM0001K  Muro  The Kings Highroad-(stately procession) kit + tape SSAT + tape  $9.95 
RM0003C  Muro  Capriols Caper - tape      $7.50 
RM0004S  Muro  Recorder Rock -sc SSAT    $1.50 
RM0004K  Muro  Recorder Rock - (upbeat, electronic perc) kit + tape SSAT + tape  $9.95 
RM0004EP  Muro  Recorder Rock - economy pack 10 scores     $9.95 
RM0003S  Muro  Capriols Caper -sc SATB  $1.50 
RM0002C  Muro  A Touch of Spain - tape      $7.50 
RM0003K  Muro  Capriols Caper (3 famous Renaiss. Dances) kit + tape SATB + tape  $9.95 
RM0004C  Muro  Recorder Rock - tape      7.5
RM0002K  Muro  A Touch of Spain - (Latin rhythm) kit + tape SSAT(Pf)  $9.95 
AVP0006  Murray  Kyrie - set of scores TTTB/AATB  $4.00 
AVP0009  Murray  Etude -ScP SATT  $4.00 
1AP00100  Nagila  Israeli Folk Dance -ScP SATB    $5.00 
LMP0108  Nanino  Abounding Grace -ScP ATBB/TTBGb    $4.25 
AVP0001  Napier  Four Bach Chorales - set of scores SATB  $4.00 
PDL0020  Neri  Two Quartets -ScP SATB    $15.25 
MK00283  Neumann  Small Suite -sc SSAT/SATB    $5.50 
1PBE0043  Newman  8 Danish and Swedish Folk Hymns  SATB/AATB    $7.95 
1HFA0022  Newman  Round and Round Again (50 pieces) 2-5 recorders    $3.50 
1AP00032  Niebergal  Hoosier Rag -ScP S (+N) ATB    $6.00 
LPMTM35  Ninot  Five Chansons (ca. 1500) - 4 sc ATTB    $9.75 
MK00625  Nitz  3 Allemandes from the Fitzwilliam Virginal Book -sc SATB  $5.50 
PEL2038  Nitz  Pavans, Galliards from Fitzwilliam Virginal Book SATB    $27.50 
HARS105  non Papa  Vox in Rama -ScP  STTB    $8.00 
MK00531  Nobis  Three Humoresques -sc SATB  $5.50 
1AP00135  O’Carolan  The OCarolan Collection No.3 (Irish harp music) -ScP SATB    $6.00 
1AP00136  O’Carolan  The OCarolan Collection No.4 (Irish harp music) -ScP SATB    $6.00 
1AP00110  O’Carolan  The O’Carolan Collection No.1 (Irish harp music) -ScP SATB    $6.00 
1AP00153  O’Carolan  The OCarolan Collection No.5 (Irish harp music) -ScP SATB    $6.00 
LPMAN10  Obrecht  Jay Pris Amours (a long, beautiful setting) -ScP  AATB    $8.00 
LPMAN09  Obrecht  13 Pieces (many Dutch and French) -sc  Various:ATTB    $10.25 
MK00305  Ochs  Russian Folk Songs -sc SSAT/SSAA  $5.50 
MK00383  Ochs   Music of the Polish Renaissance -sc SATB  $5.50 
1AP00087  Offenbach  La Vie Parisienne (Suite from Comic Operas) -ScP SATB/ AATB…    $5.00 
HARA137  Pachelbel  Two Fugues (from Fugues on the Magnificat)-ScP  SATB    $9.50 
HARA119  Pachelbel  Ricercari in C minor -ScP  SATB    $9.50 
PP00026  Pachelbel  Gigue -ScP  SATB  $5.25 
TR00001  Pachelbel  Fugues, 2nd edition -ScP  SATB  $6.50 
LMP0018  Pachelbel  Canon in D -sc TTTB  $1.25 
MK00675  Pachelbel  2 Fugues from the Magnificat -sc SATB  $5.50 
IRCS017A  Padavano  Two Ricercars, Vol 1 (1556) -ScP S/A,TTB    $12.50 
1AP00008  Padilla  El Relicario -ScP NATB    $5.00 
IRCS017B  Padovano  2 Ricercars No.2 SATB    $12.50 
ANT0085D  Palestrina  Ricercari in 4 Parts - part bass    $3.95 
ANT0085  Palestrina  Ricercari in 4 Parts - ScP SATB    $14.95 
DOL0318  Palestrina  Ricercari Sopra li Tuoni, Vol I (Nos.1-4) -ScP  ATTB/SAAT/SSAT+    $12.25 
TR00008  Palestrina  Two Motets (Ave Regina , Alma Redemptoris ) -ScP  TTTB/AAAT  $5.50 
DOL0319  Palestrina  Ricercari Sopra li Tuoni, Vol II (No.5-8) -ScP  ATTB/SAAT/SSAT+    $12.25 
AVP0020  Palestrina  Super Flumina Babylonis -ScP SATB  $4.00 
HACO006  Palestrina  Four Ricercare -ScP SATB/SAAT    $9.50 
ANT0085A  Palestrina  Ricercari in 4 Parts - part soprano    $3.95 
HARA067  Palestrina  Loquebantur Variis Linguis -ScP  SATB    $9.50 
PP00002  Palestrina  Adoramus te -ScP  TTBGb  $3.75 
ANT0085B  Palestrina  Ricercari in 4 Parts - part alto    $3.95 
ANT0085C  Palestrina  Ricercari in 4 Parts - part tenor    $3.95 
1PBE0005  Palestrina(?)  11 Hexachord Vocalises No.1 (No.3, 5, 7, 9, 11) SATB    $6.95 
1PBE0005A  Palestrina(?)  11 Hexachord Vocalises No.2 (No.1, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10) AAAB/TTTB    $6.95 
1ARSCOLO  Palmer  Entrevista SATB    $6.00 
1AP00107  Palmer/ Williams  Everybody Loves My Baby -ScP ATTB    $6.00 
EML0187  Parsons  2 In Nomines - 4 scores  SATB    $5.00 
PP00165  Passereau  Il Est Bel et Bon -ScP  SATB    $5.75 
HARA074  Passereau/Cavazzoni  Il est bel e bon -ScP  ATTB    $9.50 
HARS103  Pennick  Second Folk Song Suite -ScP  ATTB    $8.00 
HARA091  Pennick (arr)  I Know Where I’m Going -ScP  SSAT    $9.50 
AVP0007  Pentland  Intrada and Canzona - set of scores SATB  $4.00 
MK00252  Pergoles  Dances -sc SSAT  $5.50 
LCC0025  Perotin  (c 1160-1238) Viderunt/ Vide Prophecie -ScP SSSS/ TTTT    $8.00 
1SPR1278  Perry  The Conversation SATB    $4.00 
BRM0006  Petrucci  Two Pieces from Canti C -sc SATB    $2.00 
AMH0001 Petrucci Harmonic Musices Odhecaton (100 songs)-perferformance edition  3-4r    $45.00
MK00024  Peuerl  Two Four Part Suites -sc SATB  $5.50 
AVP0013  Peuerl  Four Dances -ScP SATB  $4.00 
LMP0053  Phelps  Krummy Rondo for Krummhorn Konsort -ScP SATB    $6.75 
LMP0017  Phelps  Krummy Kuartet For Krummhorn Konsort (1977) -sc SATB    $5.75 
LMP0135  Phelps  SUITE: Les Nations (Suite of the Nations) -ScP SATB (Perc)    $8.95 
LMP0070  Phelps  Krummy Kuartet No 2 for Krummhorn Konsort -ScP SATB  $8.00 
BFS0001  Phelps (arr)  Country Gardens -ScP SATB    $6.50 
LMP0087  Phelps (b.1909)  Quartet for Basses -ScP BBBB  $6.95 
PAN0768  Piazzola  Tango - 2 scores SATB    $35.00 
LPM0102  Playford  Playford Dances, Vol 1: 68 Dances in 4 parts -ScP SATB    $10.50 
ST07405  Playford  Contradances from The English Dancing Master -sc SSAA    $8.95 
MK00680  Poglietti  Canzon uber dass Henner and Hennergeschrey (17th C )-score SATB  $5.50 
AVP0023  Poidevin  Bosley Blues - set of scores SATB  $4.00 
ST08373  Pollmann (arr)  Easy Recorder Quartets, Vol 3: Swinging Holidays -sc SATB  $12.95 
HARA040  Porpora/Bencici  Two Italian Fugues -ScP  SATB    $9.50 
EML0236  Posch  Intradas and Courantes - set of scores SATB    $8.00 
ST08692  Posegga  Quartett der Mause -sc SATB  $8.95 
MK00364  Poser   German Traveling and Walking Songs -sc SATB  $5.50 
MK00310  Poser  Wei Schon Bluht uns Der Maien -sc SATB  $5.50 
MK00352  Poser  Old Songs of Craftsmen -sc SATB  $5.50 
MK00334  Poser  Morning and Evening Songs -sc SATB  $5.50 
MK00325  Poser  Love Songs -sc SATB  $5.50 
1HFID001  Praetorius  Terpsichore SATB    $4.95 
LPMDM15  Praetorius  Dances from Terpsichore, Vol 5 -ScP  SATB    $15.75 
LPMDM13  Praetorius  Dances from Terpsichore, Vol 3 -sc  SATB    $11.25 
ST12316  Praetorius  Dances from Terpsichore, Vol 1 -ScP SATB  $25.00 
LPMDM11  Praetorius  Dances from Terpsichore, Vol 1 -sc  SATB    $11.25 
HARA068  Praetorius/Isaac  Es ist ein Ros and Innsbruck -ScP  SATB    $9.50 
LMP0033S  Pres, des  Missa Pange Lingua -sc ATTB  $11.25 
MR00056  Pres, des  Three Chansons -sc AATB  $3.50 
LMP0033P  Pres, des  Missa Pange Lingua - part books each  ATTB  $5.75 
LPMAN08  Pres, des  4 Chansons (Douleur me bat, Plaine de dueil+)-ScP  ATTB    $9.50 
EML0199  Pres, des  2 Italian Songs (El grillo and In te domine speravi) -scs ATTB    $5.00 
EML0234  Pres, des/Susato  Mille Regretz 4/ Les Miens Aussi - set of scores ATTB    $5.00 
EML0206  Preston  2 Early in Nomine Settings - set of scores SATB    $5.00 
PP00017  Prez, des  El Grillo -ScP  SATB  $4.75 
ST11798  Purcell  First Set of Pieces from The Faerie Queen -sc SATB  $6.95 
MK02807  Purcell  Pavane in C Minor and Fantasie in A Minor -ScP AAAB    $21.00 
ST11778  Purcell  Music to Distressed Innocence, Vol 3, Minuet -sc SATB  $8.95 
ST11777  Purcell  Music to Distressed Innocence, Vol 2, Air -sc SATB  $8.95 
ST11795  Purcell  5 Pieces from Abdelazer -sc SATB  $5.95 
HARA057  Purcell  Chaconne (from The Fairy Queen) -ScP  SSAB    $9.50 
ST11776  Purcell  Music to Distressed Innocence, Vol 1, Overture -sc SATB  $8.95 
PAN0715  Purcell  King Arthur - 2 scores SATB    $26.25 
DOL0324  Purcell  The 4-Part Fantazias (rich, expressive pieces) -ScP  SATB    $13.75 
HARA120  Purcell  Selections from Dido and Aeneas -ScP  SATB    $9.50 
ST11799  Purcell  Second Set of Pieces from The Faerie Queen -sc SSAB  $6.95 
1R000004  Purcell  Rigadoon SATB    $0.45 
1WRB0037  Purcell  Purcell Collection (50 selections) S,SA,SAT,SATB    $12.95 
MK03629  Quagliati  Recercate and Canzone (1601) -sc SATB    $15.00 
EML0260  Quagliati  2 Canzoni da Sonar (1601) - set of scores SATB    $5.00 
IRCS001  Raval  3 Ensemble Ricercars (Il Primo Libro, 1593) -ScP SATB    $8.00 
LMP0167  Ravenscroft/Cobb  Ye Street Cries of London - set of 2 sc 4r    $3.50 
PAN0313  Reichel  Suite -sc SATB    $20.00 
ST07819  Reichelt (ed)  Easy Recorder Quartets from Hassler to Bach -sc SATB  $12.95 
ST08067  Reichelt (ed)  Easy Recorder Quartets from Beethoven-Bernstein -sc SATB  $10.95 
ST06388  Reichelt (ed)  Musical Forms: Middle Ages to Classical Period -sc 2-4: SATB    $9.95 
MK02517  Rhau  Tricinia Gallica -ScP SATB    $20.00 
EML0193  Richafort  2 Chansons - 4 scores  ATTB    $5.00 
1AP00095  Rimsky-Korsakov  Dance of the Tumblers (from The Snow Maiden) -ScP SATB    $5.00 
HACO009  Ring  Newcastle in Four -ScP SATB    $9.50 
MK02127  Roelcke  12 Sacred Songs (12 Geistliche Lieder) -sc SATB/SSAB    $25.00 
HARA147  Rogers  Leaves be Still Green -ScP  SATB  $9.50 
LPMREP12A  Rore, da  A La Dolce Ombra (Sestina) -sc SATB    $4.75 
LPMREP14A  Rore, da  Divisions on Madrigals -sc ATTB    $4.25 
EML0169  Rore, da  O Sonno - 4 scores  SATB    $5.00 
TR00010  Rore, de  Quartets, Vol 2 -ScP  SATB  $7.25 
TR00009  Rore, de  Quartets, Vol 1 -ScP  ATTB  $5.50 
MK00605.6  Rore, de  Canzona Alla Dolc ombra -sc SATB  $8.50 
MK02816  Rose, P  Tall P (contemporary) -ScP  ATBGb    $26.00 
BRM0007  Rosenberg  Mazurka -sc SATB    $2.00 
1WRB0057  Rosenberg  Recorder Consort, Vol 4 (40 pieces) -sc S,SA,SAT,SATB    $12.95 
BRM0004  Rosenberg  A Turkey in the Straw -sc NSTB/SATB    $2.00 
BRM0001  Rosenberg  Irish Air -sc SATB    $2.00 
1WRB0010  Rosenberg  Recorder Consort, Vol 1 (47 pieces) -sc S,SA,SAT,SATB    $16.95 
1WRB0034  Rosenberg  Recorder Consort, Vol 3 (40 pieces) -sc S,SA,SAT,SATB    $17.50 
1WRB0028  Rosenberg  Recorder Consort, Vol 2 (44 pieces) -sc S,SA,SAT,SATB    $16.95 
PAN0767  Rosenheck  Rosenheckenrosen - 2 scores SATB    $26.25 
ST04096  Rossi  Sinfonias and Galliards -sc SATB  $8.95 
1AP00139  Rossini  LItaliana in Algeri (Opera Buffa Overture) -ScP AATB    $6.00 
AVP0030  Roussel  Force sera que loeil, par trop ayme, Finiz - 4 scores SATB  $4.00 
EML0253  Rovigo  2 Canzoni - set of scores SATB/SAAT    $5.00 
PP00167  Saint-Saens  Praise Ye The Lord of Hosts -ScP  SATB    $5.25 
EML0246  Sandrin  4 Chansons - set of scores SATB/ATTB    $5.00 
ST10753A  Saux  Quartet in F Minor - mini score SATB    $8.95 
ASIRS13  Sbordoni  Ouvert -sc SATB  $13.00 
PP00040  Scandello  The Little White Hen -ScP  SATB  $4.75 
JR00017  Scarlatti  Sonata in G SATB    $2.75 
LMP0122  Scarlatti  Cats Fugue (K 30) -ScP SATB    $9.95 
1ECS2090  Scarlatti  Pastorale SATB    $15.40 
1AP00014  Scarlatti  Sonate -ScP BBBB    $6.00 
HARA025  Scarlatti  Sonata in D Minor -ScP  SATB    $9.50 
PAN0713  Scheidt  2 Variations -ScP SATB    $17.50 
HARA104  Scheidt  Chorale Fantasia -ScP  SATB    $9.50 
FMA0002  Scheidt  Fantasia Super Io Son Ferito Ai Lasso (1624) -ScP SATB    $8.00 
DOL0312  Scheidt  Fantasia Super Io Son Ferito Lasso (tour de force!) -ScP  SATB  $7.75 
ST11526  Scheidt  Four Preludes Da Jesus au dem Kreuse… -sc SATB    $7.95 
MK00246  Scheidt  Praised be Thou, Jesus Christ -sc SATB  $5.50 
MK00049  Schein  Four-Part Suite Movements -sc SATB  $5.50 
MK01599  Schollhorn  Windmaschine (modern notation!) - set of scores SSSS    $21.50 
PP00027  Schubert  In Memoriam -ScP  TTTB  $3.75 
MK02132  Schumann  Pieces from The Album for the Young -ScP SATB    $25.00 
LPMIM09  Segni  Four Ricercari -ScP SATB    $9.50 
ST12347  Seiber  Dance Suite, Vol 3 (Rumba, Charleston, Six-Eight) -ScP SATB  $11.95 
ST12251  Seiber  Dance Suite, Vol 1 (Tango, Ragtime, Slow Fox) -ScP SATB  $10.95 
ST12252  Seiber  Dance Suite, Vol 2 (Waltz, Blues, Foxtrot+) -ScP SATB  $10.95 
MK00494.5  Senfl  Tandernaken (Dutch Folksongs) -sc STTB  $8.50 
EML0175  Senfl  4 Tenorlieder - 4 scores ATTB    $5.00 
EML0295  Senfl  5 Tenorlieder - set of scores SATB    $7.50 
MP04000  Senfl  Complete Instrumental Music (11 pieces) -ScP Var.:3-5 r    $22.50 
MK00323  Senfl  German Songs (Monkemeyer ed , German text) -sc SATB  $5.50 
LMP0191  Senfl  Missa super Nisi Dominus -sc  SATB    $5.00 
EML0205  Sermisy, de  2 Chansons (Dont Vient Cela, Tant Que Vivray) -sc ATTB/SATB    $5.00 
LPMPC04  Sermisy, de  15 Chansons -sc SATB    $8.75 
MK01525  Serocki  Arrangements (modern) -ScP SATB    $23.00 
MK00255  Serocki  Improvisations (contemporary) -sc SATB  $5.50 
DER1059  Shakespeare  Ophelias Songs from Hamlet SATB    $10.95 
1AP00030  Shepherd  Pickles and Peppers -ScP S (+N) ATB    $6.00 
1AP00031  Shepherd  Wireless Rag -ScP S (+N) ATB    $6.00 
HARA128  Short  Brentwood Bayon -ScP  SATB  $9.50 
DER1060  Sieber  Four Sketches -ScP SATB/SATT  $9.95 
EML0288  Silva  O Virgo Benedicta - set of scores  TTTB    $5.00 
1AP00060  Simons  The Peanut Vendor (El Mansiero) -ScP SATB    $6.00 
1ECS2010  Simpson  Jacobean and Restoration  SA,SAT,SATB    $16.75 
1ECS2009  Simpson  Elizabethan and Shakespearean  SA,SAT,SATB    $16.75 
ST10752  Simpson  Descants in Consort -7 pieces (2-4 soprano) -sc 2-4 S  $6.95 
1AP00023  Sissle/ Blake  Im Just Wild About Harry -ScP SATB/ AATB    $6.00 
ASIRS19  Soderini  Canzona a 4 Voci (1608) -sc SATB  $10.75 
1AP00103  Sousa  El Capitan -ScP SATB    $5.00 
LMP0126  Sousa  El Capitan (1896) -ScP SATB (perc)    $6.50 
1AP00003  Sousa  Washington Post March -ScP SATB/NATB    $5.00 
1AP00092  Sousa  The Thunderer (March, 1889) -ScP NSTB    $5.00 
1AP00116  Sousa  Semper Fidelis (March, 1888) -ScP SATB    $5.00 
1AP00043  Sousa  The Stars and Stripes Forever -ScP NATB    $5.00 
1AP00041  Sousa  The High School Cadets -ScP SATB    $5.00 
1AP00134  Sousa  The Liberty Bell -ScP SATB    $6.00 
MK00601  Staden  Balli, Couranten and Gagliarden, 1606 (Monkemeyer ed ) NSAT  $5.50 
MK00524.5  Staden  Balli, Couranten and Gagliarden (with bass) 1606 SATB  $8.50 
MK00332  Staden  Eight Instrumental Pieces (Ochs ed ) -sc SATB  $5.50 
MK00309  Staeps  Partita in C (French tune) -sc SATB  $5.50 
HARB006  Stanfield  Homage to Paganini -ScP  SATB    $13.50 
PP00113  Steele/Melrose  High Society (jazz - Dixieland standard) -ScP  SATB    $6.50 
MK02802  Steenhoven  Wolken -ScP AAAA    $20.00 
HARA130  Stewart  Four by Four (four movements) -ScP  SATB  $9.50 
OFB0150  Stockert  Glogauer Liederbuch (1480), Vol 1 -ScP SATB  $14.95 
ST06750  Stockert  Classical Dances (Haydn, Mozart) -sc SATB  $9.95 
MK01515  Stockmeier  Structures and Refrains -ScP SAAA    $20.00 
1ARS0072  Stone  Chorale and Fugue SAAT    $8.85 
HARA081  Sullivan  Overture to The Gondoliers -ScP  SATB  $9.50 
PP00056  Susato  Crumhorn Collection (17 pieces -mostly Susato) -ScP  SATB  $9.25 
ST07632  Susato  Danserye 3rd Music Book, Vol 2 (39 pieces) -sc rrrr    $9.95 
ST07631  Susato  Danserye 3rd Music Book, Vol 1 (25 pieces) -sc rrrr    $9.95 
LPM0101C  Susato  Danserye (1551) - set of transposed parts SATB    $12.50 
LPM0101B  Susato  Danserye (1551) -ScP Var.:ATTB    $22.50 
LPM0101A  Susato  Danserye (1551) - 4 scores and commentary Var.:ATTB    $22.50 
ST02436  Susato  Danserye (1551) - Book No.2 -sc SSSA/ AATB+  $6.95 
ST02435  Susato  Danserye (1551) - Book No.1 -sc SSSA/ AATB+  $6.95 
ST11437  Susato  Dances from Danserye -sc ATTB  $6.95 
HASA003  Susato  Two Dances from Danserye (1551) -ScP  Var.:SSAT    $13.50 
MK00276  Sweelinck  Secular Songs and Dances -sc SATB  $5.50 
ST11577  Sweelinck  Variations on an Old German Song Mein junges Leben SAAT  $5.95 
DOL0317  Sweelinck  Fantasia (substantial piece, repays serious study) -ScP  SATB    $7.75 
HARA048  Sweelinck  Variations on Est-ce Mars -ScP  SATB    $9.50 
ASC0175  Swerts, P  Novellette (1990) -ScP SATB    $24.00 
PP00074  Szriftgiser  Latin American Suite -ScP  SATB  $8.50 
PP00126  Szriftgiser  Argentinean Suite -ScP  SATB    $10.25 
EML0271  Taeggio  Two Canzoni da Sonar - set of scores SATB    $5.00 
HARA095  Tallis  Three Pieces (from Mulliner Book) -ScP  SATB    $9.50 
1ECS2091  Tallis  Six Pieces (from The Mulliner Book) SATB    $17.60 
ST11505  Tallis  9 Psalm Tunes -sc SATB  $5.95 
EML0252  Tallis  Sancte Deus a 4 - set of scores AATB/TTBB    $5.00 
MK00616  Tasker  Three Pieces -sc SATB  $5.50 
MK00596  Tasker  Four Moods -sc SATB/AATB  $5.50 
EML0272  Taverner/Tallis  Two In Nominee Settings - set of scores SATB    $5.00 
ASL0017  Taylor  Rounds and Rounds We Go -sc  SSSS    $1.50 
ST11782  Taylor  Fantasia on Polly Oliver -sc SATB  $6.95 
HARA051  Tchaikovsky  Two Pieces -ScP  SATB    $9.50 
MR00059  Tchaikovsky  Dance of the Sugar-Plum Fairy -sc SAAT  $5.50 
PP00044  Tchaikovsky  Waltz of the Flowers -ScP  AATB  $7.25 
DOL0305  Telemann  Concerto in F (a strong and exciting piece) -ScP  AAAA    $7.75 
CM01046  Telemann  Seven Wedding Dances (fr: Wedding Divertissement)  SATB  $4.00 
1AP00016  Telemann  La Caccia -ScP BBBB    $6.00 
LMP0093  Telemann  Fantasia III -ScP SATB    $9.00 
MK00343  Telemann  Overture F-Dur a la pastorelle -sc SSAT  $5.50 
LMP0106  Telemann  Fantasia IV -ScP SATB    $9.00 
MK00407  Telemann  Four-Part Dance Movements (Hechler ed ) -sc SSAT  $5.50 
RCE0038  Telemann  Two Fantasias -ScP  SATB    $3.95 
MK00764.5  Telemann  Concerto in A Minor -ScP AATB    $10.00 
ASIRS21  Temprement  Trio a Elde and La Leopoldina -sc SATB  $11.25 
LPMAD07  Tertre, du  7th Livre de Danceries, 1557 (27 dances) -sc  SATB/ATTB    $8.25 
MK02118  Teschner  The Hobgoblin Birthday Song and English Folksongs - sc SATB    $23.00 
MK00663.4  Teschner (arr)  European Folk-Music -sc SATB  $8.50 
MK00650  Teschner (arr)  3 Traditionals for Recorder Quartet -sc SATB  $5.50 
1AP00025  Texidor  Amparito Roca -ScP NATB    $5.00 
MK01583  Thomas  Inherent Patterns (short self-repeating motifs) -ScP TTTT    $30.00 
EML0229  Thomas (ed)  2 Villotte c 1500 (O vaghe montanine+) - set of scores ATTB    $5.00 
ST12387  Thomas (ed)  Recorder Consort Anthology, V 1, 15th Century -sc  SATT/ATTB/SATB    $19.95 
ST12388  Thomas (ed) Recorder Consort Anthology, V 2, French and Spanish -sc  SATB/ATTB/SSAT    $19.95 
ST12389  Thomas (ed)  Recorder Consort Anthology, V 3, Italian Music -sc  SATB/ATTB/ATTB    $19.95 
ST12391  Thomas (ed) Recorder Consort Anthology, V 5, German and Dutch -sc  SATT/SATB    $19.95 
ST12392  Thomas (ed)  Recorder Consort Anthology, V 6, English Music -sc  SATB    $19.95 
EML0312  Thomas (ed)  Ich stund an einem Morgen (4 settings c 1520) - sc ATTB    $7.50 
EML0151  Thomas (ed)  4 Pieces from Henry VIII Manuscript - 4 scores SATB    $5.00 
EML0180  Thomas (ed)  4 Scottish Songs (c 1545) - set of scores ATTB/SATB    $5.00 
EML0103  Thomas (ed)  4 Villancicos - 4 scores  ATTB/SATB    $5.00 
EML0217  Thomas (ed)  5 Anonymous Villancicos (Cancionero de Palacio) ATTB/SATB    $5.00 
EML0301  Thomas (ed)  5 Italian Dances from Keyboard Collections -sc SATB    $5.00 
EML0157  Thomas (ed)  6 Dances from the Court of Henry VIII - 4 scores  SATB    $5.00 
EML0140  Thomas (ed)  6 Dances from the Dublin Virginal Manuscript - 4 scores SATB    $5.00 
EML0259  Thomas (ed)  7 Lieder from Leopold Codex - set of scores ATTB    $8.00 
EML0287  Thomas (ed)  Ave Maris Stella, c 1500 (5 settings) - set of scores Var.:ATTB    $7.50 
EML0296  Thomas (ed)  2 Canzoni da Sonar from the Pelplin Tablature -sc SATB    $5.00 
EML0181  Thomas (ed)  LHomme Arme - set of scores ATTB    $5.00 
ST12390  Thomas (ed)  Recorder Consort Anthology, V 4, Dance Music -sc  SATB    $19.95 
EML0309  Thomas (ed)  7 Venetian Dances of the Early 16th Century -sc SATB    $5.00 
LMP0168  Thorn  The Great Emu War -ScP SATB (perc)    $12.50 
ST11598  Tomkins  Fantasy -ScP SATB  $6.95 
HARA154  Tomkins   Two Madrigals -ScP  SATB    $9.50 
TM00108  Touchin  A Royal Pageant -ScP SSAT    $5.75 
MK03619  Trabaci  Vier Fugen -sc SATB    $26.00 
MK00446.7  Trabaci  Canzone Francese Durezze, Capriccio -sc SATB/SAAB  $8.50 
MK00473  Trabaci  Four Galliards (Monkemeyer ed ) -sc SATB/SSAB  $5.50 
1AP00017  Traditional  La Spagnola (Spanish melody) -ScP SATB    $6.00 
MK00346  Trapp  Serene Suite (contemporary) -sc SAAT  $5.50 
1AP00020  Tschiakowsky  Mazurka (from Swan Lake) -ScP SATB    $5.00 
ASC0576  Tsoupaki  Aerinon -ScP SATT    $14.00 
ASC0790  Tsoupaki  2000 and 1 -ScP TBGbCb    $26.00 
MK00152  Unger (ed)  Hungarian Folk Songs: collections of Bartok and Kodaly SSSA  $5.50 
MK02063  Unger (ed)  Kommt pfeift und trombt! -ScP SSSA/ATTB    $20.00 
EML0314  Usper (Sponga)  Ricercar and Aria Francese (1595) - set of scores SATB    $5.00 
AVP0019  Vaet  O Quam Gloriosum -ScP SATB  $4.00 
LPMTM56  Various  Six Comical Chansons - 4 sc  SATB    $9.75 
LPMTM05  Vecchi  Seven Canzonette (1585) -4 scores  SSAT/ TTBB    $9.75 
MK00347.8  Venegas de Henestrosa Canciones, 1557 -sc SATB  $8.50 
MK00347.8  Venegas de Henestrosa Canciones, 1557 -sc SATB/SAAB  $8.50 
LPMMA03  Verdelot  22 Madrigals, Venice 1536 (highly varied pieces) -sc Var.:ATTB    $14.25 
1AP00002  Villado  El Choclo (Argentine tango) -ScP AATB/NNTB    $6.00 
EML0211  Vincenet  2 Songs (La Pena, Tristo Che Spero Morendo) - 4 sc  ATTB    $5.00 
PDL0017  Vitali  Capriccio a 4 -ScP SAAB    $15.25 
DOL0337  Vivaldi  Concerto a Quattro (RV 153) -ScP SATB    $10.50 
PP00012  Vivaldi  Largo from Concerto in F Minor -ScP  NATB  $5.25 
1AP00114  Vivaldi  Allegro (1st movement from Concerto in C, Op 46/1) -ScP SATB    $5.00 
PP00004  Vivaldi  Allegro, from Opus 3, No 11 -ScP  SAAB  $5.25 
PP00118  Vivaldi  Allegro, from Opus 3, No 12 -ScP  AATB    $6.50 
DOL0338  Vivaldi  Concerto a Quattro (RV 110) -ScP SATB    $8.75 
1AP00117  Vivaldi  Concerto Grosso, Op 3 No 8 -ScP SATB    $6.00 
MK02801  Vivaldi  Concerto in C Major -ScP AATB    $30.00 
MK02824  Vivaldi  Concerto in D Minor, Op 3 No 11 (RV 565) -ScP SSTB    $25.00 
MK02801P  Vivaldi  Concerto in C Major - parts each  A/A/T/B    $3.00 
KEMTC50  Voss  Iberian Impressions -ScP SATB    $6.50 
KEMTC51C  Voss  Thanksgiving Sinfonietta No 3 -ScP SATB    $6.50 
KEMTC48  Voss  Two Fantasias on Troubadour Songs -ScP SATB    $7.95 
KEMTC47  Voss  Delights of the Troubadour Age -sc SATB/STTB    $7.95 
LMP0163  Wagner,L  Frontier America Suite (includes perf notes) -ScP SATB    $10.00 
AVP0047  Wagner/ Mendelssohn  Wedding Music (Bridal Chorus, Wedding March +) SATB/ AATB  $5.50 
LMP0049  Ward  Fantasia a 4 -ScP SATB  $4.50 
AVP0010  Ward  Patricias Grounde - set of scores SATB  $3.00 
RFS0019  Ward  The Band Played On -sc  SATB/AATB  $1.75 
HARA125  Wastie  Browning for Four (a modern version) -ScP  SATB   $9.50 
EML0270  Weerbecke  Two Motets - set of scores ATTB    $5.00 
MK00486  Werdin  Four Echo Fantasias -sc SATB  $5.50 
MK00400  Werdin  Lieder der Stille -sc SATB  $5.50 
MK02120  Werdin  Acht Bunte Tanzrythmen -ScP SATB    $32.00 
MK00464.5  Werdin  Four Examples (1547, Monkemeyer ed ) -sc STTB/AATB  $8.50 
RFS0015  Westendorf  Ill Take You Home Again Kathleen -sc  SATB/AATB  $1.75 
EML0115  White  2 In Nomines - 4 scores SATB    $5.00 
LMP0010  Whitney  The Bass Quartet -ScP BBBB    $5.95 
LMP0009  Whitney  The Carnival Suite: Part 3: The Roller Coaster - ScP AATB    $3.95 
LMP0008  Whitney  The Carnival Suite: Part 2: The Tunnel of Love-ScP AATB    $3.25 
CM01023  Whitney  Renaissance Debut (12 dances) -sc  1-6 S/A/T/B, (Pf)  $4.95 
LMP0036  Whitney  Mozart Rides Again -ScP AAAT/AATT  $7.75 
LMP0007  Whitney  The Carnival Suite, Part 1: The Carousel -ScP AATB    $3.25 
ST02657  Widmann/Voelckel  Dances (1611 and 1613) -sc SATB  $8.95 
PP00130  Wilbye  Lady When I Behold -ScP  SSTB  $4.75 
AVP0021  Willaert  O Magnum Mysterium -ScP SATB  $4.00 
HARA143  Willaert  Two Motets (2nd edition of Liber Primus, 1545) -ScP  ATTB  $9.50 
1AP00029  Willaert  Un Giorno Mi Prego -ScP AATB    $5.00 
LPMTM65  Willaert  Five Double Canons - 4 scores ATTB    $9.75 
LPMTM42  Willaert  Five Villanelle (Venice, 1545) -set of scores  ATTB    $9.75 
LPMTM49  Willart  Four Villanelle (1545) - 4 scores SATB    $9.75 
LPMTM49X  Willart  Four Villanelle (1545) - score SATB    $4.50 
PAN0817  Winterfeld  Cancionero Musical - 2 scores SATB    $25.00 
PAN0714  Witt  3 Marches -sc SSAB/SSAT    $18.75 
MK00442  Witzenmann  Bordun: Fun with Summer is a Comin In -sc SATB  $5.50 
MK00472  Witzenmann  Bordun II: on its own set of tones (contemporary) - sc SATB  $5.50 
MK00544  Witzenmann  Bordun III (contemporary) -sc SATB  $5.50 
MK01539  Witzenmann  Bordun IV (contemporary) -ScP SATB    $27.00 
1AP00127  Wold  Elizabethtowne Suite SATB    $6.00 
1AP00145  Woods  Side By Side -ScP AATB    $6.00 
RFS0017  Work  Grandfathers Clock -sc SATB/AATB  $1.75 
ASC0791  Wuller  Varia 2000 -ScP SATGb    $26.00 
LPMDM05  Zanetti  Il Scolaro (1645), Vol 1 -sc  Var.:SSAB    $12.25 
LPMDM06  Zanetti  Il Scolaro (1645), Vol 2 -sc  Var.:SSAB    $12.25 
MK00743  Ziesmann  Fantasia Tedesca -sc SATB    $5.50 
MK00732  Ziesmann  Fantasia ritmica -ScP SATB    $7.00 
MK00766  Ziesmann  Fantasia Rockica -ScP SAAT    $7.00 
RFS0026   Zihn  Gott Lebet Noch (1682) -sc  SATB  $2.00 
1AP00086  Zingarelli  Adagio + Presto (Christus e Miserere alla Palestrina) -ScP SATB    $5.00