Recorder Quintets      
Item Number Composer/Editor Title Voicing Level Cost
1AP00066  (Anonymous)  Holiday Celebration (medley of seasonal songs) -ScP NSATB    $6.00 
LPMTM51  (various)  English Ballad Tunes in polyphonic settings 1600 -5 sc  SSATB    $11.25 
LMP0050  (various)   3 Jacobean Dances (c 1620 Adson/Bassano/Dering) - ScP SSATB/SATTB  $7.75 
LPMEM03  Adson  Courtly Masquing Ayres (1621), Vol 1 -ScP SATTB    $11.25 
1AP00071  Adson  Two Ayres (from Courtly Masquing Ayres, 1620) -ScP SATTB    $5.00 
LPMRB01  Alamire  TAndernaken -ScP ATTBB    $4.75 
1AP00069  Alford  Colonel Bogey (march) -ScP NATTB    $5.00 
HARA110  Anonymous  Villancicos a 5 -ScP  SSATB    $9.50 
LMP0115  Anonymous   Summer Is Icumen In, 1310 (from Harleian Mss) -sc SSSSS/AAAAA  $2.00 
LTM0014  Anonymous  (16th C ) Wise Men Come From the East -ScP SATTB    $8.00 
LMP0030  Anonymous  Paduana Bona Speranza -sc BBBBB  $1.25 
PDL0048  Anonymous   Elizabethan Dances, Vol 1 -ScP SATTB    $15.25 
EML0267  Anonymous  Assumpta est Maria (early 16th Century) - set of scores SATTB    $5.50 
1AP00037  Arcadelt/Gibbons  Two Swans (White Swan and Silver Swan) -ScP SAATB + SATB    $5.00 
1AP00059  Arndt  Nola -ScP SAATB    6
BFS0004  Arne  Rule, Britannia -ScP SAATB    $6.50 
MK03628  Attaingnant  Pavanen and Gaillarden -sc SATTB  $17.00 
1ECS2060  Bach  12 Chorales (taken from St Matthew Passion and other) SATTB/ SAATB    $7.50 
MR00055  Bach, JS  Two Chorale Preludes -sc SSATB  $3.50 
PDL0051  Bach, JS  Concerto No 9 in G Major (after Vivaldi) -ScP SSATB    $15.25 
PP00059  Bach, JS  Presto, from Brandenburg Concerto No 4 -ScP  AAATB  $8.75 
PDL0010  Bach, JS  Concerto in A Minor, BWV 593 after Vivaldi -ScP SSATB    $11.95 
PDL0055  Bach, JS  Preludium BWV 545 -ScP SSATGb    $15.25 
PP00173  Bach, JS  Prelude and Fugue, BWV 555 -ScP ATBBCb    $6.75 
PDL0035  Bach, JS  Praeludium pro Organo Pleno, BWV 552 -ScP SATBGb    $15.25 
LMP0032  Bach, JS  Fuga VII, from Das Wohltemperirte Clavier (1722) NSATB/SSATB  $4.50 
PDL0042  Bach, JS  Five 5-Part Chorales -ScP SATBGb    $15.25 
AVP0018  Bach, JS  Fantasie in A Minor -ScP SSATB  $5.50 
PDL0054  Bach, JS  Concerto No 11 in Bb Major (after Ernst) -ScP SSATB    $15.25 
PDL0025  Bach, JS  Concerto No 1 in D Major -ScP SSATB    $15.25 
PDL0009  Bach, JS  Concerto in G Major, BWV 592 after J Ernst -ScP SSATB    $11.95 
PDL0012  Bach, JS  Concerto in C Minor, BWV 595 after J Ernst -ScP SSATB    $11.95 
AVP0032  Bach, JS  Canonic Aria (from Cantata 9) -ScP AATTB  $5.00 
PAN0712  Bach, JS  2 Fugues: (IV: BWV849 + XXII: BWV867) -ScP SAATB    $22.50 
PDL0045  Bach, JS  Concerto No 7 in F Major -ScP SSATB    $15.25 
HACO001  Baker  Quintet, Op 4 -ScP SAATT    $16.50 
DOL0401  Bateman  Recorders in Rhythm (various jazz styles) -ScP  SAATB/SATTB    $10.75 
PP00003  Bennet  All Creatures Now -ScP  SSATB  $5.75 
DOL0107  Bernstein (arr)  The Consort Collection, Vol II (36 pieces) -sc  5 r    $13.75 
HARA012  Bizet  Toreadors Song from Carmen -ScP  NSATB/NAATB    $9.50 
HARB014  Bloodworth  Suite Pastiche (Latin, Blues, Charleston ) -ScP  SATTB    $13.50 
LMP0100SET  Boismortier  Concert, Op 15, No 4 - set of parts AAAAA  $12.50 
LMP0100  Boismortier  Concert, Op 15, No 4 -sc AAAAA   $10.00 
DOL0315  Boismortier  Concerto Op 15, No 2 in C Minor -ScP  AAAAA    $12.25 
LMP0146  Boyce  Ye Sweet Retreat -ScP SAATB  $6.50 
LPMTM24  Brade  Pavans and Galliards (1607) - set of scores  SSATB    $11.25 
WB00001  Brade  Pavans, Galliards and Canzonas (1609) - boxed set  Various     $65.00 
MK00336.7  Brade  Pavanes and Galliards (Monkemeyer ed ) -sc SSATB  $8.50 
LPMTM43  Brade  Ten Dances (1617) -set of scores  SSATB    $11.25 
LPMTM32  Brade  9 Masque Dances  SSATB    $11.25 
EML0249  Brade  Paduana and Gagliarda, 1609 - set of scores SSATB    $5.50 
LMP0024  Brahms  Motet, Op 29, No 2 -sc SATTB  $1.25 
1AP00088  Brahms  Two Songs (Old Love Songs, All My Heart’s Thoughts) SSATBB +    $5.00 
MK01523  Braun  Minimal Music II (modern) -sc NSATB  $12.00 
MK00568.9  Bresgen  Spanish Suite -sc SAATB  $8.50 
PP00083  Broege  Meadows (5 expressive movements) -ScP  SAATB  $9.25 
RFS0041  Bryan/Edwards  In My Merry Oldsmobile (1905) -ScP SATBGb  $4.95 
ST11524A  Byrd  Fantasia a 5 - parts each S/A/A/T/B  $1.00 
ST11596  Byrd  The Leaves Be Green (Moore ed ) -ScP SAATB  $16.95 
AVP0034  Byrd  The Leaves Be Green (Murray ed ) -ScP SAATB  $6.50 
NRWB5RE  Byrd  Prelude and Ground The Queens Goodnight -ScP SATTB    $12.00 
HARB027  Byrd  Pavans and Galliards, Vol 2 (Ladye Nevells Booke) -ScP SATTB    $13.50 
HARB026  Byrd  Pavans and Galliards, Vol 1 (Ladye Nevells Booke) -ScP SATTB    $13.50 
EML0165  Byrd  Pavan and Galliard (includes 5th part Kassel Book) - 5 scores  SATTB    $5.50 
AVP0015  Byrd  Non Vos Relinquam - set of scores AATTB  $3.50 
HAEE001  Byrd  Fantasia Ye Leaves be Greene -ScP  SATTB    $13.50 
ST11524  Byrd  Fantasia a 5 -ScP SAATB  $11.95 
LMP0051  Byrd  Browning a 5 -ScP SAATB/ATTBB  $12.00 
NRWB5FA  Byrd  Fantasia of Five Parts (2 parts in the 4th above) -ScP SATTB    $12.00 
MK03606  Caroubel-Praetorius  French Dances in 5 Parts Bk 6, Terpsichore - perf Sc SSTTB  $21.00 
PP00170  Cavendish  Come, Gentle Swains -ScP SSATB  $5.75 
LMP0145  Chandler  Quintet No 1 -ScP SAATB  $8.00 
JR00001  Charlton  Commodious Rag -ScP SAATB    $12.50 
JR00002P  Charlton  Pipe Dreams - parts each  S/A/A/T/B    $1.50 
JR00002  Charlton  Pipe Dreams -ScP SAATB    $12.50 
1PBE0007  Charlton  Celtic Fancies (set of parts) SAATB    $9.95 
PP00110  Clark  Fire Down Below -ScP  SATTB  $5.75 
HARA027  Clark  Irish Suite -ScP  SATTB    $9.50 
HARB003  Clark  Three Avocations -ScP  SAATB    $13.50 
HARA086  Clemens (non Papa)  Two Boozy Songs -ScP  SAATB  $9.50 
MK00508  Coleman  Fantazia, 1600s (Monkemeyer ed ) -sc SSATB  $5.50 
EML0303  Coperario  2 Italian Pieces - set of scores AATTB/SSATB    $5.50 
MBF0566  Cowan  Consort in Concert (53 folk and classic songs) - sc 3-5 r    $11.95 
LPMREP5A  Crecquillon  2 Chansons -sc SATTB    $4.75 
EML0134  Crecquillon  2 Chansons - 5 scores  SATTB    $5.50 
LMP0177  Crecquillon  Oncques Amour (1553) -ScP SSATB    $4.50 
EML0122  Deering  2 Pavans - 5 scores  SATTB    $5.50 
HARA087  Delibes  Entracte from Lakme -ScP  SAATB  $9.50 
ST04876  Demantius  Nurnberger Tanzbuch -sc SATTB    $8.95 
MK00210  Demantius  Polish and German Dances -sc SATTB/SSATB  $5.50 
LPMGM02  Demantius  15 Dances (1601) -ScP SATTB    $16.25 
1AP00042  Dering/Okeover  Two Pavans -ScP AATTB + SATTB    $5.00 
RMS1140  Dinn  Playing for Pleasure: 5 Folksongs, Book 2 -ScP SAATT    $3.25 
MR00051  Dowland  Allemande, Pavane and Galliard -sc SATTB/AATTB  $3.50 
DOL0114  Dowland  The Dowland Collection (23 pieces) -sc  SATTB    $10.75 
ST11563  Dowland  Lachrimae, Pavans, Galliards and Almands, Vol 7 SATTB/SAATB  $5.95 
ST11560  Dowland  Lachrimae, Pavans, Galliards and Almands, Vol 4 SATTB/SAATB  $5.95 
ST11559  Dowland  Lachrimae, Pavans, Galliards and Almands, Vol 3 SATTB/SAATB  $5.95 
ST12141  Dowland  Lachrimae, Pavans, Galliards and Almands - boxed set Various SATB  $79.00 
PP00011  Dowland  Come Again -ScP  SAATB  $4.00 
CM01036  Dowland  Dowland: Pavan (a 5) + Simpson: Galliard (a 5) - sc  SAATB  $2.75 
VDGS033  Dowland/Simpson  4 Pavan-Galliard Sets (1610) (Simpson+)-ScP SSTTB    $15.00 
LPM1101  Du Caurroy  Two Fanatasies a 5 (Paris, 1505) -ScP 5 Various    $7.50 
1AP00011  Dukas  Fanfare (precedes La Peri) -ScP SSATB    $5.00 
EML0189  Engelmann  Paduana and Gagliarda based on Parsons Farewell  SSATB    $5.50 
MK09017  Engelmann  Paduanas and Galliardas (Leipzig 1616) - bound score SSATB  $31.00 
MK09018  Engelmann  Paduanas and Galliardas (Leipzig 1617) - bound score SSATB  $31.00 
PAN1106  Erig  Jiggeria: Irish-Celtic Music for 3-5 instruments -sc 3-5 Instr.    $35.00 
PAN0785  Fankhauser  Ein Mannlein steht im Walde -sc SSATB    $20.00 
EML0195  Farmer/Simpson  Paduana and Gagliarda - 5 scores  SSATB    $5.50 
PP00157  Farnaby  A Giles Farnaby Suite (16th Century) -ScP SATTB    $9.25 
1AP00012  Ferrabosco  Di Sei Bassi -ScP BBBBBGb    $6.00 
ST11504  Ferrabosco  Second Set of Pieces -sc SSATB  $5.95 
ST11503  Ferrabosco II  First Set of Pieces -sc SAATB  $5.95 
EML0273  Finck (ed)  Christ ist Erstanden (2 settings) - set of scores SATTB    $7.50 
PP00015  Franck  Du bist aller Dinge Schon -ScP  SSATB  $6.00 
ST11833  Franck  Intrada, Pavane and Galliard -sc SSSAT  $5.95 
EML0255  Franck  4 Pavans - set of scores SATTB    $5.50 
1AP00038  Gabrieli  Exaudi Domine -ScP SSAATB    $5.00 
LPMVM01  Gabrieli, G  Canzon Prima (1615) -ScP SATTB    $6.75 
LPMTM37  Gastoldi  Eight Balletti (1596) -set of scores  SSATB    $11.25 
LPMTM45  Gastoldi  Seven Balletti (1591) -set of scores  SSATB    $11.25 
HARA007  Gelehrte  Selected 5-Part Dances -ScP  SSATB    $9.50 
SRC0003  Gesualdo  Ave, Dulcessima Maria -ScP SATTB    $6.75 
SRC0001  Gesualdo  Al Mio Gioir Il Ciel Si Fa Sereno -ScP SATTB    $6.75 
SRC0004  Gesualdo  Studies in Renaissance Chromaticism, No 4 -ScP SATTB    $6.75 
SRC0002  Gesualdo  Studies in Renaissance Chromaticism, No 2 -ScP SSATB    $6.75 
EML0243  Gesualdo  O Come e Gran Martire - set of scores SAATB    $5.50 
HARS106  Gesualdo  Io pur respiro -ScP  SAATB    $8.00 
SRC0005  Gesualdo  Peccantem Me -ScP SATTB    $6.00 
PP00050  Gibbons  Dainty Fine Bird -ScP  SSTTB  $4.75 
PP00171  Gibbons  What is Our Life? -ScP SATTB  $5.25 
HARA070  Gibbons  Fair Ladies That to Love (1612) -ScP  SSATB    $9.50 
PP00133  Gibbons  O That The Learned Poets -ScP  SSATB    $5.75 
HARA134  Gibbons  O! That the Learned Poets -ScP  SSATB    $9.50 
PP00041  Gibbons  The Silver Swan -ScP  SAATB  $6.00 
PP00066  Gibbons  Trust Not Too Much, Fair Youth -ScP  SSTTB  $4.75 
LPM0537  Gibbons  How Art Thou Thralled -ScP 5 inst    $7.00 
1AP00050  Giblin  Chicken Chowder Rag -ScP NSATB    $6.00 
ST02439  Giesbert  Ein Altes Spielbuch, No.1 (c 1500) -sc 2-5 Var.:SATB  $8.95 
ST02440  Giesbert  Ein Altes Spielbuch, No.2 (c 1500) -sc 2-5 Var.:SATB  $8.95 
EML0285  Gistou  Paduana and Galliard (1609) - set of scores SSATB    $5.50 
1LPANS03  Gombert  Dezilde al Cauallero (5-part Villancico) -ScP AATTB    $12.00 
PP00144  Gottschalk  Polka de Concert: Ses Yeux -ScP  NSATB    $8.50 
HARA003  Gounod  Soldiers Chorus (Faust) -ScP  SSATB    $9.50 
PP00085  Greaves  Come Away, Sweet Love -ScP  SSATB  $4.75 
MK00416.7  Groh  Neue Liebliche und Zierliche Intraden -sc SSATB  $8.50 
MK03623  Groh  New, Lovely and Ornamented Intradas (German text) -sc SSATB    $21.00 
MR00057  Handl  Trahe Me Post Te -sc TTTTB  $2.00 
PAN0760  Harras  Chorales by Old Masters -sc SSTTB    $17.50 
RFS0040  Harris  After The Ball (1892) -ScP SATTB    $5.95 
CHR0012  Harvey  Suite No 1 For Recorder Ensemble -ScP SATTB    $13.25 
HARA144  Hassler  Two Madrigals (La bella Filli, Care lagrime mie ) -ScP  SATTB    $9.50 
LMP0021  Hassler  Mein Gmuth ist Mir Verwirret (1601) -sc SSATB  $1.75 
LPMTM26  Hassler  Six Leider from Lustgarten (1601) -5 scores  SSATB    $11.25 
HARA005  Hassler  Three Motets -ScP  SSATB/SAATB    $9.50 
EML0130  Haussmann  Paduana and 2 Galliards - 5 scores  SSATB    $5.50 
EML0225  Haussmann  Paduan and Galliard Go From My Window + -sc SATTB    $5.50 
MK00056  Haussmann  New Pleasant and Delightful Dances (1598) -sc SATTB  $5.50 
1AP00105A  Haydn  Orlando Paladino - Overture, 1782 -ScP NSSAAATTBGbCb    $17.95 
PAN0802  Hessen, von  Pavans and Galliards, V 2 -sc  SSATB    $25.00 
AVP0042  Higgins  Variations on an Hungarian Folk Song -ScP SAATB  $7.50 
EML0111  Hoftanz  Benzenhauer (2 settings) - 5 scores  SATTB    $5.50 
LPM1049  Holborne  Pieces 63-65 Fairie-round,Fell on Hollie Eve,Heigh -set of sc 5 recs    $5.50 
LPM1038  Holborne  Pieces 35-36 Pavan: Decrevi and Galliard: My selfe - set of scores 5 recs    $5.50 
LPM1040  Holborne  Pieces 41-42 Pavan and Galliard - set of scores 5 recs    $5.50 
LPM1041  Holborne  Pieces 43-44 Pavan: Amoretta and Galliard: Nec invideo - set of scores 5 recs    $5.50 
LPM1042  Holborne  Pieces 45-46 Pavan and Galliard - set of scores 5 recs    $5.50 
LPM1043  Holborne  Pieces 47-48 Pavan and Galliard - set of scores 5 recs    $5.50 
LPM1044  Holborne  Pieces 49-50 Pavan: Ploravit and Galliard: Sic semper soleo 5 recs    $5.50 
LPM1045  Holborne  Pieces 51-52 Pavan: Posthuma and Galliard: untitled - set of scores 5 recs    $5.50 
LPM1046  Holborne  Pieces 53-54 Pavan: Last will and testament and Galliard: untitled 5 recs    $5.50 
LPM1047  Holborne  Pieces 55-58 Almaines: Night Watch, Fruit of Love -set of sc 5 recs    $5.50 
LPM1048  Holborne  Pieces 59-62 The Choise, Honeysuckle, Wanton -set of sc 5 recs    $5.50 
LPM1022  Holborne  Pieces 3-4 Pavan: untitled and Galliard: Lullabie - set of scores SATTB    $5.50 
LPM1024  Holborne  Pieces 7-8 Pavan: untitled and Galliard: The Marie-golde -5 scores SSATB    $5.50 
LPM1025  Holborne  Pieces 9-10 Pavan and Galliard: untitled - set of scores SATTB    $5.50 
ST11555  Holborne  Suite -sc SAATB  $5.95 
ST11528  Holborne  The Fruit of Love and 4 Other Quintets -sc SAATB/SATTB  $10.95 
PP00071  Holborne  Three Galliards -ScP  SAATB  $5.25 
MK00563.4  Holborne   Pavans, Galliards, Almains, Aeirs 1599 and 1607 -sc SATTB  $8.50 
LPM1023  Holborne  Pieces 5-6 Pavan:The Cradle + Galliard: New-Yeeres - 5 sc SATTB    $5.50 
LPM1026  Holborne  Pieces 11-12 Pavan and Galliard: untitled - set of scores SATTB    $5.50 
ST11518  Holborne  2 Pavane and 2 Galliards -sc SAATB  $6.95 
ST11589  Holborne  A Second Set of Quintets -sc SSATB  $6.95 
ST11590  Holborne  A Third Set of Quintets -sc SSATB  $6.95 
LPM1039  Holborne  Pieces 37-40 Two Pavans and Two Galliards - set of scores 5 recs    $5.50 
ST11564  Holborne  Pavans and Galliards -sc SATTB/SAATB  $5.95 
LPM1037  Holborne  Pieces 33-34 Pavan: Heres paternus and Galliard: Muy linda 5 recs    $5.50 
LPM1021  Holborne  Pieces 1-2 Pavan: Bona Speranza and Galliard: Teares of the Muses SATTB    $5.50 
LPM1027  Holborne  Pieces 13-14 Pavan and Galliard: untitled - set of scores SATTB    $5.50 
LPM1035  Holborne  Pieces 29-30 Pavan : Mens innovata and Galliard: untitled SATTB    $5.50 
ST11436  Holborne  Mens Innovata -sc SATTB  $8.95 
LPM1036  Holborne  Pieces 31-32 Pavan: The Funerals and Galliard: untitled - set of scores 5 recs    $5.50 
LPM1028  Holborne  Pieces 15-16 Pavan and Galliard: untitled - set of scores SATTB    $5.50 
LPM1034  Holborne  Pieces 27-28 Pavan: Image of Melancholly and Galliard: Ecce quam bonum+C400 SATTB    $5.50 
LPM1033  Holborne  Pieces 25-26 Pavan: Patienca and Galliard: Hermoza - set of scores SATTB    $5.50 
LPM1032  Holborne  Pieces 23-24 Pavan: Spero and Galliard: untitled - set of scores SATTB    $5.50 
LPM1031  Holborne  Pieces 21-22 Pavan: Infernum and Galliard: untitled - set of scores SATTB    $5.50 
LPM1030  Holborne  Pieces 19-20 Pavan: Sedet Sola and Galliard: untitled - set of scores SSATB    $5.50 
LPM1029  Holborne  Pieces 17-18 Pavan: Paradizo and Galliard: The Sighes - set of scores SATTB    $5.50 
1AP00119A  Holst  1st Movement from Second Suite in F… ScP NSSAAATTBGbCb    $22.95 
OFB0189  Hummel  Pastorella -ScP SAATB    $11.95 
PDL0057  Jenkins  Pavan No 1 -ScP SSATGb    $15.25 
PDL0053  Jenkins  Pavan No 3 -ScP SSATGb    $15.25 
HARA100  Johnson  Gaude, Virgo -ScP  SATTB    $9.50 
ST11807-02  Johnson  Three Scottish Country Dances - part soprano 1  $2.00 
ST11807  Johnson  Three Scottish Country Dances -ScP SSATB  $7.95 
ST11807-04  Johnson  Three Scottish Country Dances - part alto  $2.00 
ST11807-06  Johnson  Three Scottish Country Dances - part bass  $2.00 
ST11807-03  Johnson  Three Scottish Country Dances - part soprano 2  $2.00 
ST11807-05  Johnson  Three Scottish Country Dances - part tenor  $2.00 
MK01550  Kaser  Dupuy Tren -ScP 3-6 r    $28.00 
TM00111  Kear  Impressions -ScP SAATT/NSATT    $5.75 
PP00129  Kirbye  See What Maze of Error -ScP  SSATB  $5.25 
MK00551.2  Klier  Inti Raymi (based on Peruvian motifs) -sc SSATB  $8.50 
EML0153  Landgraf  4 Pavans - 5 scores  SATTB    $5.50 
LPMRB11  Landgraf  The Kassel Pavan Collection, Vol 1 -sc SATTB    $12.00 
HARA113  Lassus, de  Resonet in Laudibus -ScP  SATTB    $9.50 
AVP0027  Lassus, de  Tristis est Anima Mea - set of scores SATTB  $3.50 
HARA114  Lassus, de  Quem vidistis -ScP  SSATB    $9.50 
EML0268  Lassus, de  2 Lieder - set of scores SATTB    $5.50 
LPM0502  Lassus, de  Resonet in Laudibus -ScP SATTB    $6.50 
HARA151  Lassus/Ferrabosco  Susanna Faire  SATTB    $9.50 
PDL0033  Lawes  Consort set a 5 in G Minor -ScP SSTTGb    $15.25 
PDL0031  Lawes  Consort set a 5 in C Major -ScP SSATGb    $15.25 
PDL0032  Lawes  Consort set a 5 in C Minor -ScP SSATGb    $15.25 
PDL0034  Lawes  Consort set a 5 in F Major -ScP SSTTGb    $15.25 
PDL0030  Lawes  Consort set a 5 in A Minor -ScP SSATGb    $15.25 
PDL0001  Le Jeune  Fantasia a Cinque -ScP SSATB    $11.95 
LMP0166  Le Jeune  Revency venir du printans -ScP SSATB    $8.00 
EML0280  Le Jeune/duCaurroy   Prince, La France tu veut - 2 settings - set of scores SSATB    $8.00 
EML0261  Lechner  2 Lieder (1579) - set of scores SAATB    $5.50 
PDL0014  Legrenzi  Sonata - La Fugazza -ScP SSATB    $15.25 
AMH0002  Lerma  Music for the Duke of Lerma 4-6 recs    $49.00 
HARB007  Lewin  West of the Severn (Welsh folk songs) -ScP  SATTB  $13.50 
HASA008  Lewin  Joe’s Jitters -ScP  SSATB    $13.50 
HARB010  Lewin  A Girl in Every Port, a Suite of Sea Songs -ScP  SATTB    $13.50 
HARB015  Lewin  Two Ulster Folksongs (Northern Ireland) -ScP  SATTB    $13.50 
HASA013  Lewin  Kerry’s Blues -ScP SSATB    $13.50 
HARA116  Lewin  Trelawney’s Ghost -ScP  SAATB    $9.50 
MK02549  Linde  Browning : The Leaves Be Green -ScP TTTBB  $24.00 
1LPSRS02  Lobo  Ave Maria (double choir motet, Eight in Four Canon) SAATTBB/ SSATTBB    $13.00 
1LPSRS01B  Lobo  Versa est in Luctum (Spanish) AATBBB    $10.00 
PDL0002  Loeillet, John  Quintet in D Minor -ScP AAAAB    $11.95 
LTM0005  Loux/ Phelps  Angels Oer the Fields (Lorraine, 18th century) -ScP  SAATB/SATTB    $8.00 
LTM0006  Loux/ Phelps  Ballad of Jesus Christ (Bresse, 19th century) -ScP  SAATB/SATTB    $8.75 
LTM0007  Loux/ Phelps  Pat-A-Pan (Bourgogne, 18th century) -ScP SAATB/SATTB    $9.00 
LTM0009  Loux/ Phelps  Sleep, Little Dove (Alsace, 18th century) -ScP  SAATB/SATTB    $8.50 
LTM0015  Loux/ Phelps  Wake From Your Dreamless Sleep (Poitouo, 15th c ) -ScP  SAATB/SATTB    $9.95 
LPMGM01  Lutkeman  Innsbruck, ich Muss Dich Lassen (1597) -ScP  SSATB    $4.75 
PAN0305  Maasz  Flauto a Cinque, Book 5  SSAAT    $20.00 
ST11810  MacDowell  To A Wild Rose -sc SAATB  $5.95 
ASC0580  Manneke  Time and Time Again -ScP 5r/ SATCbGb    $36.00 
LMP0023  Marenzio  Spring Returns -ScP AAATB/AATTB  $5.50 
EML0297  Mico  2 Pavans - set of scores SSATB    $5.50 
MK00440.1  Mico  Four Pavanes (Monkemeyer ed ) -sc SSATB  $8.50 
LMP0061  Miller  Gnome Assembly Music - 2 scores NSATB/NATTB  $3.00 
PEL2037  Monteverdi  Five Madrigals -sc AATTB    $27.50 
1LPSRS03  Morales  Emendemus in Melius (16th century) -ScP ATTTB    $11.00 
EML0207  Morley  2 Pavans (Sacred End, Southerns) - set of scores SATTB    $5.50 
PP00045  Morley  Sing We and Chant It -ScP  SSATB  $4.00 
PP00174  Morley  Fyer, Fyer! -ScP  SSTTB    $6.00 
LPMTM68  Morley  Balletts (1595) Selection II (5 pieces) -set of scores SSATB    $11.25 
LPMTM63  Morley  Balletts (1595) Selection I (5 pieces) -set of scores  SSATB    $11.25 
PP00132  Morley  My Bonny Lass, She Smileth -ScP  SATTB    $4.75 
PP00073  Morton  Jelly Roll Blues -ScP  SSATB  $5.75 
PP00122  Morton  Milenberg Joys -ScP  SATTB  $6.00 
PP00005  Mozart, WA  Allegro Molto (Divertimento No 14, K270) -ScP  SAATB  $7.25 
HARA001  Mozart, WA  Non Piu Andrai (Marriage of Figaro) -ScP  SAATB    $9.50 
EML0254  Mundy  Fantasia a 5 - set of scores SSATB    $5.50 
LPM0523  Ockeghem  Intemerata Dei Mater -ScP SATTB    $7.50 
LPMGM04  Orologio  6 Intradas (1597) -ScP SSATB    $8.25 
LPMREP13A  Palestrina  Vestiva i Colli 5 instrs    $4.75 
HARA121  Palestrina  Kyrie (L’homme arme) -ScP  SATTB    $9.50 
TR00023  Palestrina  Madrigals and Motets for 5 Voices Vol 1 -ScP  ATTTB  $4.75 
EML0177  Parsley  2 Pieces (Parsleys Clock and In Nomine) - set of scores SATTB    $5.50 
HARA079  Parsley  Spes Nostra -ScP  SATTB    $9.50 
HAEE007  Parsley/Johnson  Parsleys Clock/ Johnsons Knell -ScP  rrrrr    $13.50 
VDGS058  Peerson  The Eight 5-Part Songs (1620) -ScP SSATB/ SAATB    $12.00 
ST11805  Pennick  4 Sea Songs -sc SSSAT  $5.95 
HARA039  Pennick  First Folk Song Suite -ScP  NSATB    $9.50 
HARA072  Pennick  The Cuckoo is a Pretty Bird -ScP  NSATB/SSATB    $9.50 
HARB023  Pennick  Trees? -ScP  NSATB/SSATGb    $13.50 
1AP00075  Pezel  Sonata No 25 (from Hora decima, 1670) -ScP SATTB    $5.00 
1AP00076  Pezel  Sonata No 3 (from Hora decima, 1670) -ScP SATTB    $5.00 
LMP0077  Pezel  Fifteen Intradas, Vol 2 -ScP SSATB/SSTTB    $13.00 
LMP0076  Pezel  Fifteen Intradas, Vol 1 -ScP NSATB/SSATB    $13.00 
LMP0028  Pezel  Suite a 5, No 2 (1685) -ScP NSATB/SSATB  $7.75 
1AP00074  Pezel  Sonata No 1 (from Hora decima, 1670) -ScP NSATB    $5.00 
BFS0001  Phelps (arr)  Country Gardens -ScP SATTB    $6.50 
EML0135  Phillips  Pavan and Galliard Dolorosa - 5 scores  SATTB    $5.50 
EML0104  Phillips  Pavan and Galliard Pagget - 5 scores  SSATB    $5.50 
EML0201  Posch  Paduana and Gagliarda - set of scores  SSATB    $5.50 
PAN0801  Posch  Paduana and Galliards - 3 scores SSATB    $25.00 
MK01568  Poth  1/f (contemporary) -ScP rrrrr    $34.00 
ST12317  Praetorius  Dances from Terpsichore, Vol 2 -ScP SSATB  $25.00 
LPMDM14  Praetorius  Dances from Terpsichore, Vol 4 -sc  SATTB    $11.25 
LPMDM12  Praetorius  Dances from Terpsichore, Vol 2 -sc  SATTB    $11.25 
LPMRB06  Praetorius  Dances -sc SATTB    $7.75 
EML0105  Praetorius  7 Gavottes (Tersichore) - 5 scores  SATTB    $5.50 
MK00595  Praetorius  Wei Schon Leuchtet der Morgenstern -sc SSATB  $5.50 
HARA068  Praetorius/Isaac  Es ist ein Ros and Innsbruck -ScP  SAATB    $9.50 
LPMRB03  Pres, des  La Spagna -ScP ATTBB/SAATT    $8.00 
MR00056  Pres, des  Three Chansons -sc ATTTB  $3.50 
HARA073  Pres, des/Cavazzoni  Faulte dArgent (1500) -ScP  AATTB    $9.50 
PP00151  Purcell  Chaconne from Dioclesian -ScP AATTB    $5.75 
HARA061  Purcell  Didos Lament -ScP  SSATB/SATTB    $9.50 
AVP0035  Purcell  Lord, How Long Wilt Thou be Angry -ScP SSATB  $5.00 
HARA054  Purcell/Stanley  Rondeau from Abdelazer and Organ Voluntary Op6/ 5 -ScP  SSATB    $9.50 
1AP00140A  Ravel  Bolero -ScP NSSAAATTBGbCb    $19.95 
EML0128  Richafort  2 Chansons - 5 scores  SATTB    $5.50 
EML0164  Rimonte  Amar y No Padecer - 5 scores SATTB    $5.50 
HARA148  Rogers  A Flippancy (a fun encore for a good consort) -ScP  SSATB  $9.50 
PP00055  Rore, de  Da Le Belle Contrade -ScP  SATTB  $5.25 
ST05098  Rossi  Sinfonias and Galliards -ScP SSATB  $14.95 
1AP00139A  Rossini  LItaliana in Algeri -sc 7 2 sets of parts NSSAAATTBGbCb    $19.95 
HARA002  Saint-Saens  Fossiles (Carnival of Animals) -ScP  NSATB    $9.50 
ASC0485.6.7  Satie, E  Trois Chansons (1995, Maute arr ) -ScP SAATB    $11.50 
MP07003  Scheidt  Ludi Musici (Prima Pars) Hamburg, 1621- part book Altus wind    $8.00 
MP07004  Scheidt  Ludi Musici (Prima Pars) Hamburg, 1621 -part book Altus string    $8.00 
MP07000  Scheidt  Ludi Musici (Prima Pars) Hamburg, 1621 -bound sc 4-5 r (Bc)    $19.50 
MP07007  Scheidt  Ludi Musici (Prima Pars) Hamburg, 1621- part book Bassus    $8.00 
MP07005  Scheidt  Ludi Musici (Prima Pars) Hamburg, 1621- part book Tenor wind    $8.00 
MP07002  Scheidt  Ludi Musici (Prima Pars) Hamburg, 1621 -part book Quinta    $8.00 
MP07001  Scheidt  Ludi Musici (Prima Pars) Hamburg, 1621- part book Cantus    $8.00 
MK00184  Scheidt  Dances in Five Parts -sc SSATB  $5.50 
HAEE005  Scheidt  Canzon super Cantionem Balgicam -ScP  SSTTB/SSTTGb    $13.50 
HAEE003  Scheidt  Canzon on Est-ce Mars? -ScP  SSATB    $13.50 
PAN0814  Scheidt  Canzon - O Nachbar Roland -ScP SSATB    $41.25 
MP07006  Scheidt  Ludi Musici (Prima Pars) Hamburg, 1621 -part book Tenor string    $8.00 
EML0147  Schein  Suite 15 - 5 scores SSATB    $5.50 
MK00043  Schein  Two Suites in Five Parts -sc SSATB    $5.50 
LPMTM39  Schein  Suites 9 and 12 (Banchetto Musicale) -5 sc SSATB    $11.25 
ST11582  Schein  Suite No 8 from Banchetto Musicale -sc SSATB  $6.95 
MK00458.9  Schein  Suite No 7 in E Major and Suite No 17 in A Major - sc SSTTB    $8.50 
ST11583  Schein  Suite No 18 -sc SSATB  $6.95 
MP05001  Schein  Banchetto Musicale (1617) - part book Canto all instr    $8.00 
HARA077  Schein  Canzon a 5 -ScP  SSATB    $9.50 
MP05000  Schein  Banchetto Musicale (1617) -sc + perf notes 5 Various    $27.50 
MP05007  Schein  Banchetto Musicale (1617) - part book Basso all instr    $8.00 
MP05006  Schein  Banchetto Musicale (1617) - part book Tenor wind    $8.00 
MP05004  Schein  Banchetto Musicale (1617) - part book Alto wind    $8.00 
MK00362  Schein  Suite from Banchetto Musicale No 13, G Minor- sc SATTB  $5.50 
MP05002  Schein  Banchetto Musicale (1617) - part book Quinta all instr    $8.00 
MK00374  Schein  Suite in D Minor -sc SATTB  $5.50 
PP00072  Schmelzer  Sonata ad Tabulam -ScP  SSATB  $7.75 
HARA064  Schutz  Two Motets -ScP  SSATB    $9.50 
EML0224  Senfl  Vivo ego, dicit Dominus - set of scores SATTB    $5.50 
EML0230  Senfl  2 Canonic Songs - set of scores SATTB    $5.50 
EML0123  Senfl  2 Lieder - 5 scores  SATTB    $5.50 
MP04000  Senfl  Complete Instrumental Music (11 pieces) -ScP 3-5 Various    $22.50 
HARB005  Short, M  The Winds of Change -ScP  SAATB    $13.50 
MK09008  Simpson  Paduan, Galliarden (1617) - bound score book SSATB    $31.00 
LPMTM60  Simpson  Pavans and Galliards from Opusculum (1610) -5 scores  SSATB    $11.25 
LPMTM15  Simpson  Dances, 1617 - 5 sc  SSATB    $11.25 
PP00028  Simpson  Mascarada -ScP  SSATB  $6.00 
MK00619  Staden  Galliards and Pavans (Monkemeyer ed ) -sc NSATB  $5.50 
MK00280  Staeps  Rondelli (contemporary) -sc SSAAT  $5.50 
MK00344  Stephani  Five-Part Pavans and Galliards -sc SSATB  $5.50 
1R000008  Stillwell (arr.)   Arkansaw Traveler SAATB    $0.45 
EML0112  Stonings/Woodcock  Browning and Hackney - 5 scores  SATTB    $5.50 
HARA171  Sweelinck  Hodie Christus natus est -ScP SATTB    $9.50 
HARB018  Sweelinck  Two Motets (Cantate Domino… and Gaude et Laetare)  SATTB  $13.50 
HARA096  Tallis  O Sacrum Convivium -ScP  SATTB    $9.50 
HARA078  Tallis  Solfing Song -ScP  SATTB    $9.50 
EML0272  Taverner/Tallis  Two In Nominee Settings - set of scores SATTB    $5.00 
MK00614.5  Thesselius  Neue Liebliche Paduanen, Intraden and Galliarden , 1609 SSATB  $8.50 
EML0237  Thomas (ed)  2 Hoftanze from the Hessen Books - set of scores SATTB    $5.50 
EML0291  Thomas (ed)  5 Dances from the Lumley Books - set of scores Various:SATTB    $5.50 
ST12390  Thomas (ed)  Recorder Consort Anthology, V 4, Dance Music -sc  SAATB    $19.95 
ST12392  Thomas (ed)  Recorder Consort Anthology, V 6, English Music -sc  SATTB    $19.95 
PP00135  Tomkins  See, See The Shepherds Queen -ScP  SSATB    $6.00 
CM01026  Tomkins  Tomkins: Pavan (a 5) and Simpson: Galliard (a 5) -sc  SAATB  $2.75 
MK00422.3  Tomkins  Four Pavans (Monkemeyer ed ) -sc SATTB  $8.50 
PP00101  Tomkins  Adieu, Ye City-Prisoning Towers -ScP  SSATB  $5.25 
EML0170  Tomkins  2 Pavans - 5 scores  SATTB    $5.50 
EML0213  Tomkins/Simpson  Chromatic Pavan and Galliard - set of scores SATTB    $5.50 
LPMTM52  Trabaci  Five Galliards (1615) -set of scores  SSATB    $11.25 
LMP0052  Tregian  Balla DAmore (c 1615) -ScP SSATB  $6.50 
MP01006  Tye  Complete Consort Music - part book Tenor recorder    $6.50 
PDL0052  Tye  In Nomine II and III -ScP SATBGb    $15.25 
MP01007  Tye  Complete Consort Music - part book Bassus all instr     $6.50 
MP01004  Tye  Complete Consort Music - part book Altus, recorder    $6.50 
MP01002  Tye  Complete Consort Music - part book Medius all instr    $6.50 
MP01001  Tye  Complete Consort Music -part book Cantus all instr    $6.50 
MP01000  Tye  Complete Consort Music -bound score 3-5 Various    $20.00 
EML0129  Tye  2 In Nomines - 5 scores  SATTB    $5.50 
ST11556  Tye  2 Quintets -sc SAATB  $8.95 
PP00039  Vauter  Sweet Suffolk Owl -ScP  SSATB  $5.25 
LPMTM38  Vecchi  Songs and Dances from Selva di Varie Recreatione -5 sc  SSATB    $11.25 
AVP0026  Verdelot  Donna se fiera stella, Altro non el mio amor ATTTB  $4.00 
AVP0025  Verdelot  Madonna non so dit tante parole, Dormendun giorno ATTTB  $4.00 
1AP00078  Vivaldi  Sarabanda -ScP ATTBGb    $5.00 
MK00395.6  Ward  2 Fantasies (Monkemeyer ed ) -sc SSATB  $8.50 
LPM0560  Ward  Hope of My Heart -ScP 5 recs    $6.00 
ST11812  Webb  Tunes from The Dancing Master (3 pieces) -sc SSATB  $5.95 
PP00143  Weelkes  Hark, All Ye Lovely Saints -ScP  SSATB    $5.75 
ST11509  Weelkes  Lachrimae and Three Pavans -sc SAATB/SSATB  $6.95 
HARA164  Weelkes  O Mortal Man -ScP  SAATB    $9.50 
MK00503.4  Werdin  Yugoslavian Dance Suite -sc NSATB  $8.50 
EML0159  Wert  2 Villanelles - 5 scores  SATTB    $5.50 
CM01023  Whitney  Renaissance Debut (12 dances) -sc  1-6 S/A/T/B, (Pf)  $4.95 
LPMGM09  Widmann  Canzonas and Intradas (1618) -ScP SSATB    $11.75 
MK00533.4  Widmann  Musicalischer Tugendtspeigel Gantz neuer Gesang - sc SATTB/SSATB  $8.50 
LPM0511  Wilbye  Weep, Weep, Mine Eyes -ScP SATTB    $5.00 
PP00053  Wilbye  Flora Gave Me Fairest Flowers -ScP  SSATB  $4.75 
LPM0519  Willaert  Helas Ma Mere -ScP SATTB    $6.00 
EML0284  Willaert (ed)  Two Motto Motets from the Copenhagen MS - set of sc SATTB    $5.50 
PP00164  Williams  Come Away, Death -ScP  SAATB    $6.50 
LPMEM01  Woodcock  Browning Fantasy -ScP SATTB    $4.75