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Item Number Composer/Editor Title Voicing Level Cost
LMP0091  (various)  The Sunday Consort (Vick ed ) -ScP SAT  $9.75 
TR00038  (various)  Three-Part English Madrigals (East, Bateson, Wilbye+) - sc  TTB    $4.75 
MK00188  (various)  Old Farewell Songs from the Netherlands -sc SSA/TTB  $5.50 
1AP00097  (various)  Four Bass Trios (Cornysh, Purcell, Morley, Handel) -ScP BBB    $6.00 
HARA142  (various)  Classical Trios -ScP  SAT    $9.50 
LPMPC09  (various)  7 Chansons (Mouton, Crecquillon, de Sermisy+) - sc TTT/ SSS    $7.25 
ST08758  (various)  Classic Hits (20 pieces by Bach, Haydn+) -sc SSS  $14.95 
LPMTM21  (various)  Capricci and Ricercari of the 16th Century -3 scores  ATB    $8.25 
TR00032  (various)  Baroque Trios (Handel and Corelli) -ScP  ATB  $4.50 
MK00341  (various)  Polish Folk Dances in 2, 3 and 4 parts -sc SSAT  $5.50 
EML0143  Agricola  De Tous Biens Playne (2 settings) - 3 scores  SAT    $4.50 
MK03620  Agricola  Carmina in 3 parts -sc ATB    $28.00 
EML0204  Agricola  5 Instrumental Pieces - 3 scores ATB/SAT    $7.50 
EML0257  Agricola  4 Chansons - 3 scores STT/ATB    $7.50 
EML0311  Agricola  3 Motets - 3 scores ATB    $4.50 
CM01029  Aichinger  Three Marion Motets (No.XIV, XV and VIII) -sc  SSA/ATT/TTB  $2.75 
CM01022  Aichinger  Five Sacred Canzonettas (Divinarum laudum…PARS II, 1608)  SSB/AAB/TTB  $2.75 
ST10467  Allen  Yugoslavian Folkdances -sc SSA  $11.95 
IRCS020  Anonymous  15th Century Anonymous Chansons, Vol II -ScP rrr    $11.50 
IRCS021  Anonymous  15th Century Anonymous Chansons, Vol III -ScP rrr    $15.00 
EML0293  Anonymous  2 Anonymous Chansons Rustique (1541) - set of scores STB    $4.50 
MK02519  Anonymous  2 Compositions from the Roman de Fauvel -ScP AAT  $17.00 
MK00677.8  Anonymous  3 Part Instrumental Pieces from English Renaissance SAT/ATB  $8.50 
EML0137  Anonymous  4 Early Chansons Rustiques - 3 scores  SAT/ATB    $4.50 
EML0275  Anonymous  5 Pieces from Formschneyder Trium Vocum 1538 STB    $7.50 
ST11580  Anonymous  Instrumental Trio (Morley-?) -sc SSA  $6.95 
IRCS019A  Anonymous  15th Century Anonymous Chansons, Vol Ia -ScP rrr    $12.00 
MK00061  Anonymous  Old English Pieces -sc SSA  $5.50 
HARA111  Anonymous  Villancicos a 3 -ScP  SAT    $9.50 
MK00287  Anonymous  Walloon Folk Dances SAT/SAB    $5.50 
EML0269  Anonymous  Je Suis dAlemagne/ Je Suis Trop Jeunette - set scores rrr    $6.00 
EML0305  Arcadelt  4 Chansons a 3 (1553) - 3 scores AAT/SSA    $4.50 
MK00712  Autenrieth (arr)  Auld Scots Songs -sc SAT  $5.50 
TR00040  Ayton  Incantations for the Solar Year -ScP  SAT  $7.25 
TR00043  Ayton  Songs of the British Isles (12 tunes) -ScP  SAT  $5.00 
MK00704  Bach, JS  Badinerie -sc SAT  $5.50 
HARA106  Bach, JS  3-Part Fugue -ScP  SAB    $9.50 
MK00320  Bach, JS  6 Canons from The Musical Offering -sc SAB/AAT/SSA  $5.50 
SP02356  Bach, JS  Bach For Three Recorders -sc  SAT  $2.95 
HARA157  Bach, JS  Ricercar a 3 from The Musical Offering -ScP  ATB    $9.50 
HARS101  Bach, JS  Sinfonia No 13 in A Minor (BWV 799) -ScP  SAB    $8.00 
HARA152  Bach, JS  Trio super Allein Gott-ScP  ATB    $9.50 
MK00733  Bach, JS  Praeludium, BWV 873 -sc ATB  $5.50 
PDL0041  Bach, JS  Organ Sonata No 6 -ScP SAB    $15.25 
PDL0040  Bach, JS  Organ Sonata No 5 -ScP SAB    $15.25 
HARA165  Bach, JS  Trio super Herr Jesu Christ-ScP  ATB    $9.50 
PDL0038  Bach, JS  Organ Sonata No 3 -ScP SAB    $15.25 
PDL0037  Bach, JS  Organ Sonata No 2 -ScP SAB    $15.25 
PDL0036  Bach, JS  Organ Sonata No 1 -ScP SAB    $15.25 
PP00089  Bach, JS  Fuga XXI from The Well-Tempered Clavier, Vol I  ATGb  $4.00 
PP00084  Bach, JS  Fuga II, from The Well-Tempered Clavier, Vol I ATB  $4.00 
MK00135  Bach, JS  Dances and Songs -sc SAT  $5.50 
TR00015  Bach, JS  Prelude and Allegro -ScP  ATB  $6.00 
1PBE0032  Bach, JS  9 Pieces from SAT    $7.95 
PDL0039  Bach, JS  Organ Sonata No 4 -ScP SAB    $15.25 
PDL0007  Bach, JS (Fasch)  Three Trios ( C Minor, BWV 585, G Major BWV 586…) SSB    $11.95 
MK00217  Badings  Trio (contemporary) -sc SSA  $5.50 
PAN0786  Baer-Grau  Vielles Contredances -sc SAT    $20.00 
LPMEM14  Baldwyn  Two Pieces (Coocow as I me Walked, Browning) -ScP  SAT/ATB    $7.75 
MGAM053  Bamberg  Bamberg Codex 3 French Motets AAT + ATT    $5.25 
EML0222 Barbireau/Barbingnant 5 Secular Pieces - 3 scores STB   $7.50
TR00002  Barsanti  Old Scottish Songs -sc  SAT  $4.75 
LPMIM1102  Bassano  Bassano: Tenor (wind) part STB    $4.00 
LPMIM11  Bassano  Fantasie a Tres Voci -sc STB    $12.00 
LPMIM11-04  Bassano  Fantasie a Tres Voci - part bassus wind    $4.00 
LPMIM11-02  Bassano  Fantasie a Tres Voci - part tenor wind    $4.00 
LPMIM1105  Bassano  Bassano: Bassus (strings) part STB    $4.00 
LPMIM1103  Bassano  Bassano: Tenor (strings) part STB    $4.00 
LPMIM1101  Bassano  Bassano: Cantus part STB    $4.00 
LPMIM11-01  Bassano  Fantasie a Tres Voci - part cantus    $4.00 
LPMIM1104  Bassano  Bassano: Bassus (wind) part STB    $4.00 
LMP0003  Bateson  The Nightingale -sc SSA  $1.75 
PP00065  Bateson  Your Shining Eyes (a delightful madrigal) -ScP  SAT  $4.50 
MK00005  Bauer  Little Suite -sc SSS  $5.50 
MK00063  Bauer  Var Im Marzen der Bauer die Rosslein einspannt - sc SAT  $5.50 
MR00060  Bauer  Suite -sc SAT  $3.50 
MK00271  Baumann  Divertimento -sc SSA/TTB  $5.50 
ST02713  Bauren, von  Rustic and Pastorale Songs (German text) -sc SSS/AAA    $7.95 
ST12310  Beechey (ed)  English Madrigals (Morley, East, Wilbye+, 10 pcs ) - sc  SSA    $12.50 
ST12204  Beethoven  Trio, Op 87 -sc SAT  $12.95 
HARA026  Beethoven  Finale from Trio Op 87 -ScP  ATB    $9.50 
ST05249  Bendik  Baroque and Classical Songs and Dances (German text) SSA  $8.95 
ST05221  Bendik  Chorales and Hymns -sc SAA    $9.95 
ST04827  Bendik  Folksongs and Dances (German text) -sc SSA(G ad lib)  $7.95 
OL00049  Benjamin  The Dancing Schoole SSA    $2.40 
ST10889  Bergmann  Variation on Le Mois de Mai -sc SAT  $8.95 
1H000138  Bergmann  First Trios (15 progressive beginning pieces) SSS    $3.25 
PAN0813  Bernolin  Polish Music of Middle Ages -sc SAT    $25.00 
DOL0116  Bernstein (ed)  The Medieval Collection (24 pieces 13-15th C )  2-3 r    $10.75 
MK00720.1  Beutler  The Great Pumpkin -sc AAB  $8.50 
PP00075  Bevin  Browning -ScP  ATB  $4.00 
LMP0048  Bevin  Browning a 3 (c 1610) -ScP ATB  $3.50 
PAN0226  Biedermann/Pijoan Faites Chanter Les Flutes -sc SAT    $11.00 
EML0215  Binchois  8 Chansons - 3 scores ATT    $7.50 
EML0183  Blankes  6 Fantasies - 3 scores SST    $7.50 
1AP00018  Boismortier  Sonata in F -ScP BBB    $6.00 
ST11653  Boismortier  Sonata in F Major, Op 7, No 1 -sc AAA  $6.95 
MK02522  Bornefeld  Concentus (contemporary, German text) -ScP N to B  $29.00 
HARB009  Bosch, von  France Vacances -ScP  SAT    $13.50 
MK00688  Breen  St Margarets Suite -sc SAT  $5.50 
MK00313  Bresgen  Macedonian Folk Tunes -sc SAT/SSA  $5.50 
MK00316  Bresgen  Bulgarian Folk Tunes -sc SAT  $5.50 
MK00408  Bresgen  Albanian Tunes -sc SAT  $5.50 
MK00457  Bresgen  Mongolian Folk Music -sc SSS  $5.50 
MK00209  Bresgen  Rumanian Folk Tunes -sc SAT  $5.50 
1WRB0013  Britten  Alpine Suite (6 pieces) SSA    $14.50 
SP02357  Brown/Freed  Singin In The Rain -sc  SSA  $4.75 
SP02320  Buona  Four Trios -sc  SST  $2.95 
LPMIM07  Buona  7 Fantasies (1592) -sc SST    $7.75 
SP02327D  Burakoff,G/Riley  Pipers Fancy: accompanying dance instructions      $2.50 
SP02316  Burakoff/Strickland Musicke From Olde England -sc  SAT  $2.95 
CM01028  Burakoff/Strickland The Trio Recorder Book 1 -sc  SAT  $4.00 
SP02327  Burakoff/Strickland Pipers Fancy -sc  SAT  $2.95 
CM01042  Burakoff/Strickland The Trio Recorder Book 2 -sc  SAT  $4.50 
CM01028  Burakoff/Strickland The Trio Recorder Book 1 -sc  SAT  $4.00 
CM01038  Burakoff/Strickland Five Songs for Chanukah -sc  SSA (vo)  $4.00 
CM01042  Burakoff/Strickland The Trio Recorder Book 2 -sc  SAT  $4.50 
MK00492.3  Buschmann  New Moods for Flutes (contemporary) -sc SSA  $8.50 
EML0174  Busnois  5 French Songs - 3 scores ATT    $7.50 
1AP00072   Butts  Snapshots (6 short character pieces) -ScP ATB    $5.00 
ST11545  Byrd  2 Fantasies -sc SAT  $6.95 
RCE0016  Byrd  Non Nobis Domine -sc  ATB/SAB    $2.50 
EML0216  Byrd  The 3-Part Consort Music - 3 scores ATB    $7.50 
HARA029  Byrd/Tomkins  Byrd and Tomkins in three parts -ScP  SAB/TTB    $9.50 
RFS0036  Byther (ed)  Dorian Weave: 2 American Tunes -sc  SAT  $2.00 
ST11550  Cannell  4 Early Tudor Trios -sc SAT  $6.95 
EML0299  Caron  5 Rondeaux - 3 scores Var.:SAT    $7.50 
LPMTM12  Castro  Five Chansons (No.3, 11, 18 and17) -3 sc  SAT    $8.25 
ST10101  Cates  Canons and Rounds II -sc SSS  $6.95 
EML0168  Caurroy, du  3 Fantasies - 3 scores  SAT    $4.50 
EML0258  Cavazzoni/Anon.  2 Ricercari (1551) - 3 scores SAT    $4.50 
1AP00106  Cervantes  Tango for Basses (from I21 Danzas cubanas) -ScP BBGb    $6.00 
ST10365  Champion  Folk Dances (14 settings) -sc SAT/SST/SSA/SAA $8.95 
LMP0172  Chandler  Trio (Rush Hour, Cradle Song, Slauson St Polka) SAT    $8.75 
1PBE0023  Charlton  An American Potpourri (9 well-known pieces) SAT    $6.95 
1PBE0012  Charlton  Suite Francaise (8 traditional French melodies) SAT    $6.25 
1PBE0044  Charlton  Suite Moderne - 3 sc ATB    $9.95 
1PBE0016  Charlton  Suite Americana (9 folk songs) ATB    $6.95 
1PBE0010  Charlton  Suite Canadiana (8 traditional Canadian pieces) SAT    $6.00 
PAN0308  Chemin-Petit  Kleine Suite in alten Stil SAB    $20.00 
ASL0026  Chopyak  Malaysian Songs and Dances - sc  SAT    $4.50 
SP02344  Clark  Trios International -sc  SAT  $3.95 
PP00109  Clark  Riturnu -ScP  SSA  $5.25 
ST05468  Clemens  Old Flemish Folktunes STB    $8.95 
MK03622  Clemens non Papa Souterliedekens, 1556, Book 22 -sc STB/ATB    $21.00 
MK00424  Clemens non papa Souterliedekens, 1556 (Psalmi neerlandici) -sc SSA/TTB  $5.50 
DER1765  Coles  Medieval Trios -sc SAT/SAA  $10.95 
EML0162  Compere  3 Chansons - 3 scores  ATB    $4.50 
MK00520  Cooke  Pieces for Three -sc SAT  $5.50 
MK00412  Cooke  Sonatina -sc SAT  $5.50 
MK01513  Cooke  Suite -ScP SAT  $28.00 
MK00404.5  Coperario  Two Fantasies -sc SAT  $8.50 
TR00003  Corelli  2 Triosonatas, Op. 2, Nos. 4 and 10 - sc  ATB,(Pf)  $5.00 
1PBE0040  Corelli  Tennent: 6 Trio Sonata ATB    $10.95 
ST04101  Corelli  Trios -sc SSA  $8.95 
ST11665  Cormack  Divertissement - performance score SAT    $8.95 
EML0228  Cornysh +  4 Instrumental Pieces - 3 scores ATB    $7.50 
MBF0566  Cowan  Consort in Concert (53 folk and classic songs) - sc 3-5 r    $11.95 
1AP00081  d Anglebert  Variations sur “Folies d Espagne -ScP TTB    $5.00 
MK00681  Dadiani  Two Georgian Ecclesiastical Songs -sc SAT, SAAT    $5.50 
RCE0008  Davenport  Variations on Three Ravens  SAT    $2.75 
ST10187  Davies  Three Welsh Tunes -sc SSS    $8.95 
ST11544  Dawes  3 Trios From Mulliners Book -sc SSA  $8.95 
MK00356  Dedekind  Ten Tricinia (1588) -sc SAT  $5.50 
ST11592  Deering  Pavan and Motet -sc SAT  $8.95 
ST04105  Degen  Old English Dance Tunes -sc SSA  $8.95 
ST07316  Delius/Purcell+  52 Catches (Kanons) -sc AAA    $9.95 
ST07317  Delius/Purcell+  52 Catches (Kanons, Blow, Clarke+) -sc SSS    $9.95 
DOL0322  Dornel  Two Sonatas, 1713/ 1723 (rather beautiful pieces) -ScP  AAA    $10.25 
TR00041  Dornel  Sonata Op 3, No 4, 1713 (a real gem) -ScP  ATB (Pf)    $6.00 
RCE0035  Dorough  Homophonic Suite in Four Movements -sc  SAT  $3.95 
EML0227  Dufay  8 Rondeaux - 3 scores ATB    $7.50 
EML0149  Dufay/Frye  3 Antiphons - 3 scores ATT    $4.50 
EML0107  Dunstable  O Rosa Bella - 2 settings - 3 scores  ATT    $4.50 
DER1019  Duschenes  19 Easy Pieces from Notebook for Wolfgang -sc  SAT  $10.95 
DER1018  Duschenes  Easy Trios (21 short pieces) -sc SSA  $9.95 
TR00016  East  The Muses: 3-part Fancies from 7th Set of Books, No.1  TTB  $7.50 
TR00017  East  The Muses: 3-part Fancies from 7th Set of Books, No.2  TTB  $7.50 
LMP0097  East  Songs Full of Spirit and Delight (1618) Vol 3 -ScP AAB  $7.70 
LMP0094  East  Songs Full of Spirit and Delight (1618) Vol 1 -ScP AAB  $7.70 
LMP0095  East  Songs Full of Spirit and Delight (1618) Vol 2 -ScP AAB  $7.70 
TR00018  East  The Muses: 3-part Fancies from 7th Set of Books, No.3  TTB  $7.50 
EML0324  East  4 Madrigals from The 2nd Book of Madrigals (1606) - 3 scores  SST    $7.50 
LMP0002  East  See Amaryllis Shamed -sc SSA  $1.75 
1PBE0001  East  20 Light Fantasias (from Fifth Set of Bookes,) SSA/TTB    $6.95 
LMP0098  East  Songs Full of Spirit and Delight (1618) Vol 4 -ScP AAB  $7.70 
ST11613  East  3 Fancies -sc SST  $8.95 
LMP0103  Eastman  Sonatina in C Major -ScP SAT  $5.75 
ASC0316  Eccles, S  Divisions Upon a Ground (1990) -ScP AAA    $15.00 
PAN1106  Erig  Jiggeria: Irish-Celtic Music for 3-5 instruments -sc 3-5 Instr.    $35.00 
GH07812  Ermatinger/Bentz  Sing and Spielmusik, Book No.6 - mini sc SAT    $0.50 
MK03611P3  Escobar/Penalosa  Villancicos and Mass - part $4.00 
MK03611P1  Escobar/Penalosa  Villancicos and Mass - part $4.00 
MK03611P2  Escobar/Penalosa  Villancicos and Mass - part $4.00 
MK03611S  Escobar/Penalosa  Villancicos and Mass -sc STT/SAT  $21.00 
MK03611  Escobar/Penalosa  Villancicos and Mass -ScP SAT  $28.00 
1H000098  Evans  5 Renaissance Manuscripts (Rome, MS 2856) SAT    $4.25 
CM01020  Evans/Wollitz  Three Early Renaissance Pieces -sc  SAT  $2.75 
MK00080  Faber  A New Day is Dawning (German text) -sc SAT/SSA    $5.50 
ST11638  Faber  Parties sur les Flutes Dous a 3 -sc ATB  $7.95 
ST04802  Faber  Suite SAT    $8.95 
MK00345  Falk  Dances from Westphalia -sc SSA  $5.50 
PAN0314  Farago  Ungarische Motive - 2 scores AAT    $20.00 
ST11565  Farnaby  8 Pieces -sc SAT  $5.95 
MK00327  Fegers  8 Zwiefache, Vol 1 (contemporary) -sc SAT  $5.50 
MK00432  Fegers  8 Zwiefache, Vol 2 -sc SAT    $5.50 
OFB1012  Finger  2 Suites: No.1: C Major, No.2: G Major -sc AAA  $8.95 
ST02747  Fischer  A Little Music Calendar (German text) -sc SSA  $8.95 
RCE0020  Fischer  Calliope Suite -sc  SAT    $2.25 
LPMTM33  Fontana  Nine Villanelle (Venice, 1545) -3 scores  SAT/ AAT    $8.25 
MK09001  Formschneyder  Trium vocum carmina,Nurnberg (1538) Bk 1, No.1-50 combos of SATB    $37.00 
MK09002  Formschneyder  Trium vocum carmina,Nurnberg (1538) Bk 2, No.51-100 combos of SATB    $35.00 
MK00307  Forster  Magnificat V Toni (Monkemeyer ed ) -sc SSA  $5.50 
MK00622  Friederich  Enigma Blues (very modern) -sc SST  $5.50 
MK00599.0  Friederich  Happy Birthday Variations -sc SAT  $8.50 
MK00613  Friederich  Highstreet-Dixie -sc SAT  $5.50 
MK00638  Friederich  Jubilee Stomp, Op 4 (contemporary) -sc NTB  $5.50 
PAN0228  Fritschun  Geistliche Lieder der Ratoromanen -sc SSA    $8.75 
1AP00010  Gabrieli/Mozart  2 Canons for Basses -ScP BB + BBB    $6.00 
OFB0120  Gal  Divertimento, Op 98 -sc SAT  $9.95 
MK00033  Gastoldi/Marenzio  7 Ballets/ 2 Villanellas -sc SSA  $5.50 
MK02125  Gebauer  Bilder und Stimmungen (9 pieces) -ScP SSA/SAT    $14.00 
MK00230  Genzmer  Five Bagatelles -sc SAT  $5.50 
OFB0200  Genzmer  Miniaturen - ScP SAT  $12.95 
OFB0035  Genzmer  Trio -sc SAA/SAT  $9.95 
HARA105  Ghibel  Four Italian Madrigals -ScP  SAT    $9.50 
EML0210  Ghiselin  5 Instrumental Pieces - 3 scores SAT/ATT    $7.50 
EML0197  Ghizeghem  2 Famous Rondeaux - 3 scores  STT    $4.50 
HARA150  Gibb  Buckstone Byways  SAT    $9.50 
DOL0336A  Gibbins  3 Fantasias, parts AAB    $4.75 
DOL0336  Gibbons  3 Fantasies -ScP AAB    $7.75 
ST11548  Gibbons  Fantasy No 1 -sc SAT  $6.95 
ST11574  Gibbons  Fantasy No 2 -sc SST  $6.95 
ST11575  Gibbons  Fantasy No 3 -sc SAT  $6.95 
ST02439  Giesbert  Ein Altes Spielbuch, No.1 (c 1500) -sc Var.:SATB  $8.95 
ST02440  Giesbert  Ein Altes Spielbuch, No.2 (c 1500) -sc Var.:SATB  $8.95 
ST05585  Giesbert  Ensemble Lessons (72 graded pieces, German text) SSS    $8.95 
ST05585A  Giesbert  Ensemble Lessons, Part 1 SSS    $5.95 
ST05585B  Giesbert  Ensemble Lessons, Part 2 SSS    $5.95 
ST05585C  Giesbert  Ensemble Lessons, Part 3 SSS    $5.95 
ST05585D  Giesbert  Ensemble Lessons, Part 4 SSS    $5.95 
ST02707A  Giesbert  First Ensemble Book (German text) -sc SSS/TTT    $7.95 
ST02736  Giesbert  Little Dances -sc SSS/ 3=    $7.95 
ST02709  Giesbert  Songs and Dances -sc SSS    $7.95 
ST02708  Giesbert  We Play Folksongs -sc AAA    $7.95 
PAN0749  Girard  Musik in der Kirche (Beloved Church Songs) -ScP SAT    $26.25 
1PBE0039  Goldstein  Hymn Preludes for 3 SAT/SAB/ATB    $9.95 
1PBE0008  Goldstein  Jewish Festival Songs (23 pieces) SAT    $6.95 
1PBE0020  Goldstein  Sentimental Songs and Well-Loved Hymns SAT    $6.95 
PP00062  Goldstein  Trios for Basses (10 tunes) -ScP  BBB  $8.75 
MK00755.6  Graap  Little Dances - 3 scores  SSS    $10.00 
LMP0006   Greene  Fugue -ScP ATB  $3.25 
CHR0011  Greene  Voluntary in C Major (18th Century) -ScP SAT    $6.75 
ST02703  Guericke  Festliche Musik and Deutsche Tanze -sc SSS/AAA    $8.95 
MK02504  Gumbel  Recorder Tales (modern) -ScP SSS/AAA/TTT    $21.00 
MK00577  Gusowski  Eight Polish Songs -sc SSS  $5.50 
ST03913  Haag  Der Gelallige Nachbar -sc SSA  $6.95 
HARA140  Hall  5 Catalan Carols -ScP  SAT  $9.50 
HARA163  Hall  The Three Kings-ScP  SAT    $9.50 
EML0119  Halle, de la  4 Rondeaux - 3 scores  ATT/SAT    $4.50 
MK00261  Handel  7 Pieces (Monkemeyer ed ) -sc SAB (Bc)  $5.50 
ST11831  Handel  Allegro (from Concerto Grosso, Op 6, No 1) -sc SAT  $5.95 
1H000146  Handel  Festive Pieces (Water Music, Terpsichore…8 pcs) SAT    $7.95 
ST10111A  Handel  First Handel Album - part $2.95 
ST10111S  Handel  First Handel Album - part $2.95 
ST10111T  Handel  First Handel Album - part $2.95 
ST10111  Handel  First Handel Album (11 selected pieces) -2 sc SAT  $14.95 
HARA160  Handel  Five Trios (from Berenice, Hercules, Jeptha +) -ScP  SAT    $9.50 
HARA028  Handel  Four Minuets - sc SAT    $9.50 
MK00249  Handel  From the Music for The Royal Fireworks -sc SST  $5.50 
PP00031  Handel  Pastoral Symphony from Messiah -ScP  AAB  $4.50 
AVP0040  Handel  Se Tu Non Lasci Amore - 3 scores ATB  $4.50 
AVP0033  Handel  Suite (from Keyboard Suite No.4, HWV429) -3 scores ATB  $4.00 
ST10197  Handel  Suite in C Major -sc SSA  $8.95 
PP00080  Handel  Three Fugues -ScP  ATGb/ABGb  $9.25 
ST11637  Handel/Purcell  Air from Giustino and Symphony for Flutes -sc AAB  $5.95 
ST03911  Hanschke  Pieces for Three Recorders -sc SSA    $8.95 
PAN0757  Harras  Chorales by Old Masters, Book 2 -sc SAT    $17.50 
PAN0261  Harras  English Rounds, Book 1 -sc SSS    $14.00 
PAN0262  Harras  English Rounds, Book 2 -sc AAA    $12.50 
PAN0263  Harras  English Rounds, Book 3 -sc BBB    $12.50 
PAN0810  Harras  The Kings Music, Vol 2 -sc ATB    $22.50 
SP02346  Harrington  Irish Airs and Dances -sc  SAT  $2.95 
ST11636  Hartmann  Suite -sc SAT  $6.95 
MK00686.7  Haydn  20 Pieces for Flute Clocks, Book 1 -sc SAT  $8.50 
MK00639.0  Haydn  20 Pieces for Flute Clocks, Book 2 -sc SAT/SSA  $8.50 
MK00710.1  Haydn  20 Pieces for Flute Clocks, Book 3 -sc SAT  $8.50 
MK00242  Haydn  6 Minuets and Trios -sc SSA  $5.50 
ST10076  Haydn  Divertimento and Serenade -sc SSA  $12.95 
MK00098  Haydn  Divertimento in C Major -sc SSA  $5.50 
PAN0214  Haydn  Sechs Stucke (Six Pieces) -sc SAT    $17.50 
1AP00077  Haydn  Theme from Piano Concerto in D Major -ScP AAT    $5.00 
MK02511  Hechler (ed)  Trio Pieces from the Glogauer Manuscript (1480) rrr/ATB/SAT/STB    $27.00 
MK02525  Heider  La Leggenda di SantOrsola -ScP TTT    $21.00 
MK00553  Henry VIII  Consorts in Three Parts -sc STB/ATB  $5.50 
EML0155  Henry VIII  TAndernaken (2 settings) - 3 scores  ATT/ ATB    $4.50 
MK00116  Hermann  Flotenmusik Nachtigal AAA, SSA    $5.50 
LMP0004  Hilton  If It Be Love -sc TTB  $1.75 
MK00087  Hilton  Tricinia from John Hiltons Ayres or Fa Las -sc SSA  $5.50 
ST10094B  Hindemith  Trio (Ploner Musiktag) - set of parts SAA/SAT  $7.95 
ST10094A  Hindemith  Trio (Ploner Musiktag) -sc SAA/SAT  $5.95 
ST02730  Hoffmann  Wach auf, Meins Herzens Schone -sc SSA    $3.00 
MK00434.5  Hoffmeister  The Hen, The Cuckoo and the Donkey -sc AAA  $8.50 
ST11508  Hofhaimer  Fantasy on a Song Tune -sc STB  $5.95 
LPMTM55  Hofhaimer  Six Pieces (Greiner, Zanner, Fro bon ich, +) -ScP  SAT/ ATB    $8.25 
MK00339  Hohlfeld  Eight Little Trios -sc SAA  $5.50 
MK00037  Hohn  Suite for 3 Recorders in C -sc SSS/ TTT    $5.50 
ST11828  Holborne  2 Fantasias (from Cittharn Schoole 1597) -sc SAT/ SAA  $8.95 
EML0192  Holborne  2 Fantasies - 3 scores ATB    $4.50 
PEL0868  Holborne  Fantasien and Short Aers, 1597 - sc  SAA/SAT    $20.00 
MK00497  Holman (ed)  Music at the Royal Court of London, 1620 -sc SSB  $5.50 
ST10142  Holst  Deddington Suite -sc SSA/AAT  $5.95 
ST10078  Hook  Terzetto -sc SSA  $6.95 
ST11811  Hook  Trio in G Major, Op 133, No 1 -sc SAT  $6.95 
ST10095  Hook  Trio No 2 in F Major - set of parts AAT  $7.95 
1AP00040   Hook  Trio, No 2, Op 83, 1769 -ScP BBB    $6.00 
1AP00118   Hook  Trio, No 5, Op 83, 1769 -ScP BBB    $6.00 
DOL0321  Hook  Trio, Op 133, No 2 -ScP  SAT    $8.00 
LMP0137  Hook  Trio, Op 83, No 1 -ScP AAT    $7.50 
LMP0138  Hook  Trio, Op 83, No 2 -ScP AAT    $7.50 
LMP0139  Hook  Trio, Op 83, No 3 -ScP AAT    $7.50 
LMP0140  Hook  Trio, Op 83, No 4 -ScP AAT    $7.50 
DOL0310  Hook  Trio, Op 83, No 5 -ScP  AAA    $7.75 
LMP0141  Hook  Trio, Op 83, No 5 -ScP AAT    $7.50 
LMP0142  Hook  Trio, Op 83, No 6 -ScP AAT    $7.50 
ST10043  Humfrey  Five Airs -sc SAT/SST/SSA/SAA $7.95 
ST10019  Hunt  12 National Airs -sc SAT  $8.95 
ST10116  Hunt  Old English Pieces: Morley, Weelkes, etc -sc SSA  $6.95 
ST10008  Hunt  Old Masters: Bach, Handel, Purcell -sc SAT/SSA/SST/SAA $8.95 
ST10103  Hunt  Six Elizabethan Trios -sc SSA  $6.95 
LPMAN12  Isaac  7 Instrumental Pieces -ScP  ATB  $10.75 
LPMTM28  Isaac  Italian Songs (5 songs) -3 scores  ATB    $8.25 
MK00713.4  Isaac  The Dob, Carmen - ScP ATB  $10.00 
EML0120  Isaac/Torre  2 La Spagna Settings - 3 scores  ATT/ATB    $4.50 
1AM41310  Isacoff (ed)  Early (Medieval to present) Music for Recorder SAT/AAT/SA    $11.95 
ST11823  Jacobs  Eclogue and Menuet -sc SSA/SSA/SST/SAT  $8.95 
PAN0815  Jarzebeski  Chromatica -ScP SAB, (Bc)    $25.00 
MK00267  Jeletz (ed)  Czech and Slovak Folk Songs -sc SSA  $5.50 
MK00302  Jeletz (ed)  Little Suite (Yugoslavian) -sc SST/SAA  $5.50 
ST11404  Jenkins  4 Australian Songs -sc SSA    $6.95 
MK00386.7  Johnson,R  Dances and Songs from Shakespeares Time -sc SAB  $8.50 
MK01550  Kaser  Dupuy Tren -ScP AAA    $28.00 
10006056  Katz  Music of the Baroque (16 pieces) SSA,SAT    $4.95 
10006059  Katz  Music of the Renaissance (21 pieces) SSA,SAT    $4.95 
1ECS2053  Katz  Recorder Consort (Earl’s Court Repertory) SSA/SAT    $7.35 
PEL0885  Keller-Lowy  A Tre -Dances and Tunes of Old Masters -sc SSA    $11.25 
EML0110  Kindermann  4 Pieces (1643) - 3 scores  SSS    $5.00 
MK00221  Kirmsse  Divertimento (contemporary) -sc SAA/SSA  $5.50 
MK00270  Kirnberger  Characteristic Dance Tunes (1700’s) -sc SSA/SSB  $5.50 
KEMTC09  Kitts  Elegaic Trio - ScP AAT/ ATT    $6.50 
KEMTC14  Kitts  Love Songs Renaissance SAT    $5.95 
ST04892  Knab  Kleine Musik -sc AAA  $8.95 
MK00278  Knapp  New Suite for Three -sc SAT/SSA    $5.50 
MK00211  Koch  Capriccio -sc SSA  $5.50 
RCE0027  Koch  God Bless the Prince of Wales + 26 other Melodies -sc  SAT    $4.95 
ASL0024  Koch  Sea Shanties -sc  SSA,(vo)    $2.95 
ASL0023  Koch  Spirituals -sc SSA    $2.95 
ST02733  Korda  Easy Pieces and Dances -sc SSS/AAA  $8.95 
CM01011  Koulman (ed)  Madrigals, Madrigals, Madrigals -sc  SSA  $5.00 
MK01562  Kroll  Round of Talks (contemporary) -ScP AAA    $24.00 
MK00004  Kuntz  The Forest Hunter -sc SSA/SSA  $5.50 
ASC0313.4.5 La Fontegara Amsterdam Estampie, Lamento di Iseult, Hoketus Estampie 1994 3=r   $8.00
ASC0317  La Fontegara Amsterdam La Follia (1994) -ScP AAA    $28.00 
MK00421  Laburda  Five Brazilian Melodies -sc SAT  $5.50 
MK00623.4  Laburda  Suite in G -sc  SSS  $8.50 
MK00538  Laburda  Terzetti -sc SAT  $5.50 
EML0101  Landini  2 Ballate - 3 scores  ATT    $4.50 
EML0221  Landini  4 Ballate - 3 scores ATT    $7.50 
EML0161  Landini  Musica Son - 3 scores ATT    $4.50 
PEL0765  Lau  Dance Melodies (8 dances) -sc SAA/SSA/SSS    $3.75 
MK00460  Lechner  Beyond the Stars -sc SAT  $5.50 
HASA010  Lewin  Oddbods Abroad (Clair de la Lune+) -ScP  SSA/ SST    $13.50 
HARA016  Lewin (ed)  13th Century French Motets -ScP  ATT/TTB    $9.50 
HARA010  Lewin (ed)  Four 13th Century Motets -ScP  TTB    $9.50 
LMP0022  Lotti  Truly He Hath Borne Our Grief -sc ATB  $2.00 
LCC0024  Loux  Shepherds Carol SAA/TTB/viol,Pf/viols   $6.75 
MK00377  Lully  Les Trios des Opera (Monkemeyer ed ) -sc SSA  $5.50 
EML0198  Lupo  3 Pavans - 3 scores ATT    $7.50 
DOL0329  Lupo  Four Fantasias -ScP AAB    $7.75 
MK00481  Maasz  Flauto Trio -sc SSS/TTT  $5.50 
EML0131  Machaut  2 Rondeaux - 3 scores  ATT    $4.50 
EML0239  Machaut  4 Ballades - 3 scores ATT    $7.50 
LMP0184  Machaut  David Hoquetus -ScP  SSS/ TTT  $6.50 
MK03626  Machaut  Rondeaux and Balladen -sc ATT    $21.00 
LMP0181  Machaut  Troi Trois (B-8, B-17 and B-35, incl translation) -ScP  ATT/ ATB    $7.50 
HARA015  Machaut  Two Pieces (c 1350) -ScP  TTB    $9.50 
LMP0152  Mageau  Trio ( 5 contrasting movements) -ScP SAT  $14.00 
TM00120  Marshall  Trio -ScP SAT    $5.00 
LMP0034  Marsilius  Lloysot Denisot (1487) -ScP ATB  $2.50 
LMP0029  Martini  Air -ScP SAT/ATT(B)  $6.75 
CM01005  Martini  Four Chansons (Renaissance Florentine MSS ) -sc  SAT  $2.75 
LMP0031  Martini  Gavotte -ScP SAT  $5.75 
MK00282  Marx  A Castle in Austria (a short cantata, German text) -sc SAT  $5.50 
MK00767.8  Matousek   Renaissance Suite (original music) -ScP SSA    $10.00 
MK00392  Matousek (ed)  Czech Music of the 15th Century -sc SAT  $5.50 
ST02750  Matthes  Miteinander -sc SSS  $8.95 
GH08123  Matthes  Suite fur Blockfloten (1935/36) -sc SSA    $3.00 
OFB1009  Mattheson  8 Sonatas, Op 1, Vol 1 No.3-6 -sc AAA  $9.95 
OFB1010  Mattheson  8 Sonatas, Op 1, Vol 2 No.7-10 -sc AAA  $9.95 
ST11633  Mattheson  Sonata, Op 1, No 10 in F Minor -sc AAA  $3.25 
ST11630  Mattheson  Sonata, Op 1, No 4 in C Minor -sc AAA  $3.25 
MR00054  Mattheson  Sonata, Op 1, No 4 -sc AAT/AAA  $3.50 
ST11628  Mattheson  Sonata, Op 1, No 6 in B Flat -sc AAA  $3.25 
ST11634  Mattheson  Sonata, Op 1, No 7 in G Major -sc AAA  $3.25 
1AP00013  Mattheson  Sonata, Op 1, No 7 -ScP BBB    $6.00 
ST10051  Mattheson  Suite in G Major -sc SSS  $6.95 
MK01572  Maute  Ciacona - 3 scores TBB    $22.00 
ASC0029  Maute  Les Barricades (1989) -ScP AAA    $6.50 
ASC0584  Maute  Rondeau -ScP (soprano is ad lib) AAB/TTB    $11.00 
MK01566  Maute  Suitte en Trio (technical notes included) -ScP TBGb    $20.00 
HARA126  Mayes  Selections from Buxheimer Orgelbuch -ScP  ATT, STT    $9.50 
MK00530  Medek  Fog Images From Cornwall -sc SSA  $5.50 
HACO010  Meech  A Scrapbook of Party Pieces -ScP SAT    $9.50 
HARA101  Meech  A Second Scrapbook of Party Pieces -ScP  SAT    $9.50 
HARA123  Meech  A Third Scrapbook of Party Pieces -ScP  SAT    $9.50 
ST12443  Meech  Dances from Playford -ScP SST/SAA    $19.95 
ST04801  Meech  Old English Dances from Playford -sc SAT    $8.95 
ST10472  Meech  Puppet Show -ScP SAT  $6.95 
ST10602  Meech  Viennese Classics, 7 pieces (Haydn, Mozart+) -sc SAT  $6.95 
AVP0004  Meek  March-Pipers Three - 3 scores SAT  $4.00 
PP00057  Mendelssohn  Lift Thine Eyes, from Elijah -ScP  SAA/ TTB  $3.25 
PP00030  Mendelssohn  Nocturne from A Midsummer Nights Dream -ScP  SSA  $3.25 
ST10771S2  Mendoza  Five French Dances (1750) - part S2  $0.75 
ST10771S1  Mendoza  Five French Dances (1750) - part S1  $0.75 
ST10771A  Mendoza  Five French Dances (1750) - part $0.75 
MK00778  Miehling  Variazioni Sopra una Canzona Tedesca - ScP  SAT    $7.00 
ST05097  Monkemeyer  21 Pieces of the Baroque Period (Lully, Bach+) SSA  $8.95 
ST04676  Monkemeyer  Early Baroque Music (Brade, Franck+) -sc SSA  $8.95 
MK00370  Monkemeyer  Eight Italian Folksongs -sc SSS/AAA  $5.50 
MK00512.3  Monkemeyer  Four Tricinia c 1400 -sc SAA/ ATT  $8.00 
ST04722  Monkemeyer  Pre-Classical Music (Fasch, Fux, Graun +) -sc SSA  $8.95 
PEL0862  Monkemeyer  Trios of the 17th Century -ScP SSA    $23.75 
KEFOS04  Moore, G (arr)  (14) Native American Tunes -sc most SAT/ATB    $7.95 
ST11819  Moore, R  Saraband -sc SAT/AAT  $6.95 
EML0306  Morley  5 Canzonets a 3 (1593) - 3 scores SAT    $7.50 
AVP0005  Morley  Four Three-Part Canzonettas - 3 scores ATB/SSA  $6.00 
LMP0001  Morley  Joy Doth So Arise -sc SST  $1.75 
LMP0012  Morley  Madrigals, Vol 1 (1593) -sc SSA  $2.50 
LMP0014  Morley  Madrigals, Vol 2 -sc SSA  $2.50 
PP00042  Morley  Though Philomela Lost Her Love -ScP  TTB  $4.50 
PP00136  Morley   Whither Away So Fast? -ScP  SSA    $4.50 
1AP00148  Mozart  Allegro (from Divertimento, No 1, K 229) -ScP ATB    $6.00 
1AP00073  Mozart  Rondo (from Divertimento, No 2) -ScP ATB    $5.00 
SP02315  Mozart, WA  Allegro (Divertimento No 1 K 229) -ScP  ATB  $4.75 
MK00029  Mozart, WA  Country Dances and Minuets -sc SSA  $5.50 
DOL0304  Mozart, WA  Divertimento after K 439b (delightful trios) -ScP  ATB    $7.75 
MK00208  Mozart, WA  Pieces from the London Sketch Book -sc SAT  $5.50 
LMP0056  Mozart, WA  Rondo a la Turque -ScP ATB  $4.25 
ST10061  Mozart, WA  Selected Movements (7 short pieces) -sc SSA  $6.95 
PP00043  Mozart, WA  Trio in C, K229 -ScP  ATB  $8.75 
ST12243  Mozart, WA  Trio, (after K439b: Allegro, Adagio, Minuetto and Rondo) SAT  $8.95 
HARA136  Mozart, WA  Trios (a selection of appealing short pieces) -ScP  SAT    $9.50 
MK00141  Mozart, WA/L  Eight Dances -sc SAT  $5.50 
RM0002K  Muro  A Touch of Spain - (Latin rhythm) kit + tape SSA(Pf) + tape  $9.95 
RM0002EP  Muro  A Touch of Spain - economy pack of 10 scores     $9.95 
RM0002C  Muro  A Touch of Spain - tape      $7.50 
RM0002S  Muro  A Touch of Spain -sc SSA    $1.50 
RM0003EP  Muro  Capriols Caper - economy pack 10 scores     $9.95 
RM0003C  Muro  Capriols Caper - tape      $7.50 
RM0003K  Muro  Capriols Caper (3 famous Renaiss. Dances) kit + tape SAT + tape  $9.95 
RM0003S  Muro  Capriols Caper -sc SAT  $1.50 
RM0004K  Muro  Recorder Rock - (upbeat, electronic perc) kit + tape SSA + tape  $9.95 
RM0004EP  Muro  Recorder Rock - economy pack 10 scores     $9.95 
RM0004C  Muro  Recorder Rock - tape      $7.50 
RM0004S  Muro  Recorder Rock -sc SSA    $1.50 
RM0001EP  Muro  The Kings Highroad - economy pack 10 scores     $9.95 
RM0001C  Muro  The Kings Highroad - tape      $7.50 
RM0001S  Muro  The Kings Highroad -sc SSA    $1.50 
RM0001K  Muro  The Kings Highroad-(stately procession) kit + tape SSA + tape  $9.95 
TR00006A  Nagel  8 Trios for Recorders or Viols, 2nd ed , Vol 1 -sc  ATB/ TTB  $4.75 
AVP0012  Nagel  Partita II - 3 scores ATB  $6.00 
TR00006B  Nagel  Trios for Recorders or Viols, Vol 2 -sc  ATB  $4.75 
MK00153  Naudot/Schone  Lovely Minuets from Olden Times -sc SSA/SAT/SAA  $5.50 
LMP0102  Newarke  But Why Am I So Abused? (Fayrfax Mss 1500) -ScP SAT  $5.75 
1H000080  Newman  The Ensemble Book (22 folk songs) SSS + SSA    $3.95 
MK00535  Nickel  Es Taget vor dem Walde -sc AAT  $5.50 
ASC0031  Nieuwkerk, van  Kadenza (1990) -ScP ATB    $11.00 
ASC0007  Nieuwkerk, van  So Tear (1986) -ScP AAA/TTT    $16.00 
ASL0015  Nitka  Traditional Folksongs (19 songs) -sc  SSS (G/Pf ad lib)   $2.50 
ASL0016  Nitka  Traditional Folksongs (19 songs) -sc  AAA (G/Pf ad lib)   $2.50 
PAN0884  Nitz (arr)  Amarilli Mia Bella, Tanze und Lieder SSB/ATB/TTB    $27.50 
MK00641  Nitz (ed)  Frottola and Villancico Italian and Spanish Compositions SAT  $5.50 
MK00578.9  Nitz (ed)  Quam Pulchra Es -sc ATT  $8.50 
LPMTM41  Nola  Nine Villanelle - 3 sc  SAT    $8.25 
1AP00111  O’Carolan  The O’Carolan Collection No.2 (Irish harp music) SAT    $6.00 
MK00172  Oberborbeck  Songs of the Night (German text) -sc SST/SAT  $5.50 
ST11587  Obrecht-Issac  Three Trios-sc SAT  $6.95 
MK00300  Ochs (ed)  Gothic Music (13th-15th Centuries) -sc SSA  $5.50 
ST10983  Oxtoby  From South Africa -sc SSA    $6.95 
TR00030  Palestrina  10 Trios from the Magnificat -sc  ATB  $4.50 
MK00382  Paporisz  Bucolic Tunes -sc SAA/SAT    $5.50 
ST11623  Pepusch  Trio Sonata in F Major -sc AAB  $6.95 
PAN0777  Petri (ed)  Music from Africa -sc SAT/SSA+    $30.00 
PAN0776  Petri (ed)  Music of Vietnam -sc SAT    $30.00 
PAN0779  Petri (ed)  Musik aus Sudostasien (Birma and Cambodia) -sc SAT    $30.00 
PAN0778  Petri (ed)  Musik aus Ungarn (Hungarian Music) -sc SAT    $30.00 
PAN0745  Petri (ed)  Musik from Mexico (6 lengthy pieces) -sc SAT    $30.00 
PAN0743  Petri (ed)  Musik of Israel -sc mostly SAT    $30.00 
AMH0001  Petrucci  Harmonic Musices Odhecaton (100 songs)-perferformance edition  3-4r    $45.00 
ST10354  Pez  Dance Movements -sc SSA  $6.95 
LPMEM12  Philips  3 Trios (Institution Harmonique) -ScP STB    $8.25 
DER1044  Piggot  Three Pieces -sc SSA/SST  $7.95 
LMP0041  Pipelare  Helas de Vous Me Doy Complaindre (c 1500) -sc ATB  $1.75 
LMP0039  Pipelare  Surtous Regretz (c 1500) -sc ATB  $3.90 
MK00214  Poser  Little Dance Book, 10 rhythmic pieces (contemporary) SSA  $5.50 
MK00301  Poser  Variations on a Popular Song -sc SAT/SSA  $5.50 
MK01555  Poth  Weltzeit (contemporary) -ScP ATB    $22.00 
MK00490  Praetorius  Passion + Easter Hymns from Musae Sioniae 1610 -sc SST SST  $5.50 
LPMAN07  Pres, des  Sixteen Secular Pieces -sc  rrr    $10.00 
MR00056  Pres, des  Three Chansons -sc AAT  $3.50 
MK00234  Prez, des  La Plus des Plus, 5 Songs -sc SAT  $5.50 
HARA080  Prez, des  Two Trios, (Lewin ed ) -ScP  TTB  $9.50 
ST04879  Proebst  Easy Pieces -sc SSS  $8.95 
ST05243  Proebst  Short Pieces -sc SSA  $8.95 
PP00105  Prokofiev  Marche, from The Love for Three Oranges -ScP  TTB  $3.75 
PP00001  Purcell  A Viol Round -ScP  SSS  $3.25 
1WRB0037  Purcell  Purcell Collection (50 selections) S,SA,SAT,SATB    $12.95 
HARA060  Purcell  Sonata -ScP  ATB    $9.50 
MK00243  Purcell  Trio Pieces -sc SST  $5.50 
1ECS2048  Purcell  Two Fantasias, Nos 1 and 3 (Earls Court Rep ) SAT    $6.05 
MK00045  Purcell,H  Fourteen Catches -sc SSS/TTT  $5.50 
ST11651  Quantz  Sonata a 3 -sc AAA  $8.95 
1AP00019  Quantz  Sonata a Tre -ScP BBB    $5.00 
AVP0036  Rameau, JP  Allemande and Fanfarinnette - 3 scores ATB  $4.00 
EML0281  Rari  6 Instrumental Pieces, Florence MS Banco Rari 229 STB    $7.50 
ST04808  Rathgeber  14 Short Trios -sc SSA  $8.95 
BRC0009  Ravenscroft/Dowland Two More Hits from the Renaissance -sc SAT    $2.95 
MK00509  Rebscher  Little Table Music for 3 instruments of = pitch -sc SSS/ 3=  $5.50 
LPMTM04  Regnart  10 Lieder in villanella style - 3 sc  ATB    $8.25 
ST06388  Reichelt (ed)  Musical Forms: Middle Ages to Classical Period -sc SSA/SST    $9.95 
10006060  Reichenthal (ed)  Music of the Royal Court (Rococo and Gallant) SSA,SAT    $4.95 
MK00470.1  Rhau  Eight Tricinia (Hechler ed ) -sc SAT  $8.50 
EML0251  Richafort  5 Chansons Rustique - 3 scores ATB    $7.50 
ST10248  Robinson  Prelude, Andante and Gallivante -ScP SAT  $8.95 
ST05223  Roehr  Wir Musizieren zu Dreien -sc SSA    $8.95 
MK02127  Roelcke  12 Sacred Songs (12 Geistliche Lieder) -sc SSA/SAT    $25.00 
MK00617.8  Roos  Artlander Bauerntanze - 1 -sc SAB  $8.50 
BRM0005  Rosenberg  Bergerette from Danserye -sc SSA/SST    $2.00 
BRM0009  Rosenberg  Die Katzen Pfote - Berlin Liederbuch -sc SAT    $2.00 
1WRB0010  Rosenberg  Recorder Consort, Vol 1 (47 pieces) -sc S,SA,SAT,SATB    $16.95 
1WRB0028  Rosenberg  Recorder Consort, Vol 2 (44 pieces) -sc S,SA,SAT,SATB    $16.95 
1WRB0034  Rosenberg  Recorder Consort, Vol 3 (40 pieces) -sc S,SA,SAT,SATB    $17.50 
1WRB0057  Rosenberg  Recorder Consort, Vol 4 (40 pieces) -sc S,SA,SAT,SATB    $12.95 
BRC0005  Rosenberg  Two Hits from the Renaissance -sc SAT    $2.95 
MK00114  Rosenmuller  Sonata da Camera -sc SSA    $5.50 
1PBE1222  Rossi  15 Canzonets, 1589 SSA/ TTB    $8.95 
ST04094  Rossi  Sinfonias and Galliards -sc SSA  $8.95 
GH08633  Rothenberg  Variationen Ein Mannlein Steht im Walde -sc SSA    $3.25 
MK00517  Rottler  Dance Play -sc  SSA  $5.50 
PEL0756  Ruegg  Dance Miniatures -sc SSA    $11.25 
PAN0277  Ruegg  Gefalliges Triospiel -sc SAT    $11.00 
PEL0755  Ruegg  Luschtig Si (Swiss Folksongs) -sc SSA    $11.25 
PEL0884  Ruegg  Swiss Folksongs from Im Roseligarte -sc SSS/TTT    $11.25 
ST03755  Ruetz  23 Old and New Pieces (songs and dances) -sc SSA  $8.95 
LPMIM02  Ruffo  3 Pieces from Capricci in Musica (1564) -ScP SAT    $7.75 
LPMIM01  Ruffo  4 Pieces from Capricci in Musica (1564) -ScP ATB    $7.75 
ST04805  Runge  12 Pieces of 17th and 18th Century -sc SSA  $8.95 
ST05298  Runge  Aus Barock and Rokoko (Corelli, Couperin+) -sc  AAA  $6.95 
ST05239  Runge  Baroque Music Pieces -sc SSA  $7.95 
ST04878  Runge  Folksongs 1 (German) -sc SSA  $8.95 
ST04877  Runge  Folksongs 2 (German) -sc SSS  $8.95 
TR00012  Sammartini  Symphony No.4 -ScP  ATB  $5.25 
MK00670  Sanders   Lil Brown Jug -sc SAB  $5.50 
MK00682  Sanders (ed)  Spirituals -sc mostly SAT  $5.50 
CHR0010  Scarlatti  Suite from Il Tigrane -sc SSA/SST    $5.50 
MK00643  Scheidt  A Solis ortus cardine (Hechler ed ) -sc ATB  $5.50 
OFB0084  Scherer  Sonatas from Op 1, No 1 and 2 -sc AAA  $8.95 
GH07745B  Schoch  Das Blockflotenheft, Book 2 (German text) -sc SSA/SAA    $3.00 
MK00610  Schop  Six Allemanden -sc TTT  $5.50 
ST02701  Schreyer  Schone Musikanten, spielet auf SSS    $8.95 
PAN0311  Schroder  Spielerein (contemporary music for recorder) -sc AAA    $20.00 
MK00264  Schubert  Dances -sc SAB  $5.50 
LMP0124  Sears  Jasmina -ScP AAA  $5.75 
LMP0125  Sears  Skylark -ScP SAA  $5.75 
HARA020  Senfl  Carmen Das Lang (1538) -ScP  ATB/SAT    $9.50 
HARA014  Senfl  Carmen in la (1538) -ScP  SAT/ATB    $9.50 
MP04000  Senfl  Complete Instrumental Music (11 pieces) -ScP 3-5 Various    $22.50 
MK00494.5  Senfl  Tandernaken (Dutch Folksongs) -sc ATB  $8.50 
MK03016  Serocki  The Gnomes: 7 Three-Part miniatures -sc SAT    $21.00 
MK01570  Sieg, Soren  Pina ya Phala (African Suite No 2) -ScP ATB    $26.00 
1ECS2009  Simpson  Elizabethan and Shakespearean  SA,SAT,SATB    $16.75 
1ECS2010  Simpson  Jacobean and Restoration  SA,SAT,SATB    $16.75 
ST10511  Smith  Serenade -sc SAT  $5.00 
AVP0024  Stanley  Voluntary II - 3 scores ATB  $5.50 
OFB0151  Stockert  Glogauer Leiderbuch (1480), Vol 2 -sc SAT/SAB  $10.95 
MK01514  Stockmeier  Music with Folksongs -ScP AAA    $18.00 
SP02349  Strickland  A Gaelic Suite -sc  SAT  $2.75 
MK00363  Szalonek  Five Small Pieces -sc SAT  $5.50 
MK00083  Teil  Popular German Folksongs, part 3 (German text) -sc SSA  $5.50 
TR00013  Telemann  2 Fantasias (from Fantasies pour le Clavessin) -ScP  ATB  $4.75 
ASIRS21  Temprement  Trio a Elde and La Leopoldina -sc AAA/SAA  $11.25 
MK00705.6  Tenta  3 Jewish Wedding Dances -sc SSA    $8.50 
MK00769  Tenta  A Little Viennese Wine Bar Music -ScP SSB    $7.00 
MK00700  Tenta  Der Wassertrage (4 Chinese traditional folk songs) -sc SSA    $5.50 
MK00734.5  Teschner  Fablebook (4 pieces) -sc AAT    $8.50 
MK01569  Teschner  Tango Valentino - 3 scores SSA    $25.00 
MK00403  Thiele (ed)  8 European f Carols -sc SAT  $5.50 
LPMTM03  Thomas  8 Chansons of the late 15th century - 3 sc  SAT/ATB    $8.25 
MK01556  Thomas  Changes (contemporary) - 3 scores BBB    $25.00 
EML0186  Thomas (ed)  12 Villotte c 1500 - 3 scores  SAT/ATB    $7.50 
EML0113  Thomas (ed)  2 French Songs of the 15th Century - 3 scores  ATT    $4.50 
EML0209  Thomas (ed)  3 Canonic Songs of the 14th Century - 3 scores AAT    $7.50 
EML0126  Thomas (ed)  3 Instrumental Pieces from Henry VIII MS - 3 scores  SAT    $4.50 
EML0125  Thomas (ed)  3 Motets from the Bamberg Codex - 3 scores  ATT/SAT    $4.50 
EML0203  Thomas (ed)  4 French Songs of the 15th Century - 3 scores ATT    $7.50 
EML0167  Thomas (ed)  5 English Songs of the 15th Century - 3 scores ATT    $7.50 
EML0173  Thomas (ed)  6 Instrumental Motets from the Bamberg Codex -3 scores ATT/SAT    $7.50 
EML0114  Thomas (ed)  6 Villancicos - 3 scores  SAT/ATB    $4.50 
LPMAN03  Thomas (ed)  7 Instrumental Pieces from Petruccis Canti -ScP  ATB    $12.50 
EML0240  Thomas (ed)  8 Pieces from the Apel Codex (c 1500) - 3 scores ATB    $7.50 
EML0323  Thomas (ed)  Ave Maris Stella (5 settings from Trent Codices 15th C ) - 3 scores ATT    $4.50 
EML0233  Thomas (ed)  Chansons from the Wolfenbuttel Chansonnier ATT    $7.50 
EML0245  Thomas (ed)  La Martinella (4 settings) - 3 scores ATB    $7.50 
EML0150  Thomas (ed)  La Tricotee (2 settings) - 3 scores SAT/ATB    $4.50 
ST12387  Thomas (ed)  Recorder Consort Anthology, V 1, 15th Century -sc  AAT/SAT    $19.95 
ST12388  (Thomas (ed)  Recorder Consort Anthology, V 2, French and Spanish -sc  SAT    $19.95 
ST12389  Thomas (ed)  Recorder Consort Anthology, V 3, Italian Music -sc  AAT/SAT    $19.95 
ST12391  (Thomas (ed))  Recorder Consort Anthology, V 5, German and Dutch -sc  SAT    $19.95 
ST12392  Thomas (ed)  Recorder Consort Anthology, V 6, English Music -sc  AAT    $19.95 
LPMIM15-01  Tiburtino  Tiburtino Canto part 3 inst    $4.00 
LPMIM15-05  Tiburtino  Tiburtino: Basso (strings) pt 3 inst    $4.00 
LPMIM15-04  Tiburtino  Tiburtino: Basso (wind) part 3 inst    $4.00 
LPMIM15-02  Tiburtino  Tiburtino: Tenore (wind) Pt 3 inst    $4.00 
LPMIM15-03  Tiburtino  Tiburtino:Tenore (strings) pt 3 inst    $4.00 
ST12051-02  Tippett  Bonny at Morn - part soprano 1    $2.95 
ST12051-03  Tippett  Bonny at Morn - part soprano 2    $2.95 
ST12051-04  Tippett  Bonny at Morn - part alto    $2.95 
ST12051-01  Tippett  Bonny at Morn -ScP SSA  $2.95 
LMP0005  Tomkins  Sure There Be No God of Love -sc TTB  $1.75 
TM00104  Touchin  Fanfare, Intermezzo and Scherzo -ScP SAT    $5.00 
GH10808A  Trapp, W  Lieder aus Aller Welt, Vol 1 -sc SSA/SST    $14.25 
GH10808B  Trapp, W  Lieder aus Aller Welt, Vol 2 -sc SSA/SST    $14.25 
LMP0080  Turges  Alas, It Is I (From Fayrfax Manuscript c 1500) -ScP ATB  $5.75 
ST11514  Turner  13th Century Pieces -sc SSS  $6.95 
FMA0006  Tye  Sit Fast (16th Century) -ScP ATB    $5.50 
EML0179  Vaillant  Par Maintes Foys - 3 scores  ATT    $4.50 
DER1045  Vanier  Fantasia -sc SAT  $10.95 
LPMTM29  Various  Music from the Glogauer Liederuch - 4 sc  SAT/ATB    $8.25 
SP02310  various  Three Early Melodies SAT, Vc    $2.25 
PAN0812  Vinci  6 Ricercari a tre voci, 1591 -sc  combos of SATB    $22.50 
AVP0008  Vivaldi  Concerto in G Minor -ScP AAB/ATB  $8.00 
PAN0252  von Kulm  Two Suites in Old Style (German text) -sc SSS    $11.00 
MK00758.9  Walther  Partita: Jesus, my Joy - 3 scores  SAT    $10.00 
LMP0013  Ward  Go, Wailing Accents -sc SSA  $1.75 
EML0282  Weelkes  7 Airs or Fantastic Spirits (1608) - 3 scores STB    7.5
PP00051  Weelkes  Come, Sirrah Jack, Ho! -ScP  STB  $3.25 
PP00128  Weelkes  Since Robin Hood -ScP  SAT  $3.75 
EML0263  Werbecke  2 Instrumental Pieces - 3 scores ATB    $4.50 
MK00529  Werdin  Five Fantasies -sc SAA  $5.50 
ST11527  Wesley  2 Short Pieces -sc SAB    $6.95 
DER1046  Westman  Short Trips -ScP SAT  $10.95 
CM01032  Whitney  Baroque Debut (8 dances and tunes) -sc  SAT/TTB  $4.95 
CM01014  Whitney  Eleven Traditional Hymns -sc  SSA/ SST, (Pf)  $4.00 
CM01007  Whitney  Folk Songs of America (11 well known) -sc  SSA  $4.00 
CM01023  Whitney  Renaissance Debut (12 dances) -sc  1-6 S/A/T/B, (Pf)  $4.95 
LMP0011  Wilbye  Away, Thou Shalt Not Love Me -sc SSA  $1.75 
LPMPC12  Willaert  13 Chansons (1536) -sc Various    $10.75 
ANT0135C  Willaert  Ricercari-Vc part STB viola    $3.95 
ANT0135B  Willaert  Ricercari-viola pt STB viola    $3.95 
MK00597.8  Winterfeld  3-Voiced Occasional Music at Spanish Court,15-16 C ATB  $8.50 
ASIRS18  Witzenmann  Fughette -sc SAT/SSA  $13.00 
MK00030  Wolter (ed)  Popular German Folksongs, Part 1 -sc SSA  $5.50 
DER1047  Woollen  Sonatina -sc AAT  $10.95 
MK00658  Zaniol (arr)  Six French Folk Tunes -sc SAA  $5.50 
MK00717.8  Ziesmann  Lieder im Fruhling -sc SAT    $8.50 
BO00160  Ziller  Music for 3 Recorder Voices -sc rrr    $7.95