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Item Number Composer Title Voicing (help) Level Cost
ST04351  (various)  Folksongs and Dances, Vol I (German text) -sc SA,G ad lib  $9.95 
MK00084  (various)  German Dances from the Age of Schubert -sc SSA/SAA,G  $5.50 
RGS0005  (various)  Lyrical Melodies of the Masters (Reichenthal ed ) -sc (more) S/T,G  $6.95 
ST06697  (various)  Merry Christmas (from around the world) -sc SA,G    $9.95 
MK00149  (various)  Dances from the Alps -sc (more) SS,G  $5.50 
PAN0109  Bachli  Im Bim Bam Bummelzug (German text) -sc S,G    $22.50
ST12287  Beechey  21 Christmas Carols -ScP S,G  $14.95
MK00229  Beethoven  German Dances -sc SATB,G  $5.50 
MK00186  Bialas  Rhythmic Miniatures -sc SS,G  $5.50 
MK00231  Bialas  Spanish Romances -sc SA,G  $5.50 
ST12269  Bonsor  50 For Fun (a graded collection of intíl folksongs) -sc S,G  $8.95 
JR00003P  Boyce  Symphony No 1 - Three Movements - parts each (more) S/A/T/B    $1.50 
MK00545.6  Bresgen  Butterfly Suite (ST/AT/SA and G) -sc (more) ST,G  $8.50 
MK00479.0  Bresgen  Stornelli - five pieces -sc NAB,G  $8.50 
MK00506.7  Bresgen  Sei Capricci (SA/AT, G) -sc ST,G  $8.50 
ST04513  Bresgen  Sonatina -ScP S,Pf  $9.95 
MK00373  Bruckmann  Sonatina Buffa -sc SA,Trg,Xyl,G  $5.50 
ST10986  Bull  4 Pieces from Fitzwilliam Virginal Book, Vol 1 A,G  $9.95 
CM01002  Burakoff/Strickland The Duet Recorder, Book 1 (10 pieces) -sc (more) S,G,Perc  $4.00
MK01542  Buschmann  Sonate -ScP AA,G    $24.00
MK00554.5  Buschmann  Very New Moods -sc (more) SA,G  $8.50 
ST10987  Byrd  4 Pieces from Fitzwilliam Virginal Book, Vol 2 -sc A,G  $9.95 
OFB0141  Castello  Sonata Prima -ScP S,G  $9.95 
RGS0003  Castle  Suite in Spanish Style -ScP A,G    $8.95 
CM01037  Clark  Folk Tunes of Austria (11 songs) -sc (more) SA,G (Perc)  $4.00 
DER1690  Coles  Folksongs of Canada -sc S,G  $9.95 
JR00004  Corelli  Overture in A Minor (from Concerto in C Minor) -ScP SATB,G    $11.50
ST02653  Degen/Scheumann 38 Old Dutch Pieces (German text) -sc SSA,G    $5.75
ST10765  Dewey/Dupre  12 Playford Tunes -sc S,G    $8.95 
GA00444  Dowland  3 Dances -sc r,G    $10.95
MK00698.9  Dowland/Eyck,van 2 Divisions: Dowland 1597, van Eyck: 1646 -sc S,G    $8.50 
ST05938  Draths  Advent and Christmas Songs (German text) -ScP SATB,G    $14.95
ST06396  Draths  Duet ABC (childrens songs) -sc S,G (Perc)  $7.95 
ST06090  Draths  Songs and Dances, Vol 1 -sc SSS,(G/ Perc)  $7.95 
ST06583  Draths  Songs and Dances, Vol 2 -sc SSS,(G/ Perc)  $7.95 
ST05944  Draths  St Martins Lieder -sc S/SS,G ad lib    $7.95 
ST05050  Draths/Lechner  Folk Music (German ed.) -sc SSA,G    $7.00 
MK00562  Durante  Solfeggio E Minor -sc S,G  $5.50 
MK00586  Durante  Solfeggio Detta la Stravaganza -sc S,G    $5.50 
RGS0004  Evans  Pastorale, Dance and Gigue -ScP S,G    $4.95 
ST10988  Farnaby  6 Pieces from the Fitzwilliam Virginal Book -sc A,G  $9.95 
PAN0795  Fink  Folkstone Suite from England -sc SS,G (Perc)    $22.50
PAN0794  Fink  Musique de France -sc A,G (Perc)    $22.50
JR00005P  Flecha  El Fuego - parts each (more) S/A/T/B    $2.75 
JR00005  Flecha  El Fuego -ScP SATB,G    $24.00
OFB0164  Francaix  Sonata -ScP S,G  $10.95
LPMTM54  Franck  Seven Intradas (1608) -ScP (more) 5r, Bc/ L    $12.75
JRS0001  Frederick the Great Sonata 14 in G (originally in E Flat) -ScP A,G    $9.50
OFB0140  Frescobaldi  Canzona III: detta la Bernardina -ScP S,G  $9.95 
MK01557  Gasser  Lamentatio 1 (contemporary) -ScP T,G    $22.00
PEL0888  Gebhardt  Its Christmasy -sc SS,G ad lib    $11.25
ST02659  Giesbert  Old Dances, 16-18 Century (German text) -sc S/T,G  $8.95 
ST02707A  Giesbert  First Ensemble Book (German text) -sc TTT,G    $7.95 
ST02660  Giesbert (ed)  Old Dances, 16-18 Century (German text) -sc A,G/L  $8.95 
MK00328  Graetzer  Folk Dances and Tunes from Argentina -sc SSA,G(Perc)  $5.50 
ST06999  Haus  Dances and Dance Songs from Spain, Portugal -sc SS/SA,G    $8.95 
ST07248  Haus/Mockl  Dance Music (German text) -sc SS,G ad lib    $6.95 
MK00659  Hoh (ed)  Spanish Songs and Dances -sc S,G  $5.50 
MK00521  Hollfelder  Episodes -sc (more) S,G  $5.50 
ST02725  Kaestner  Tanzbuchlein (Little Book of Dances) -sc S,G  $8.95 
ST04456  Kaestner/Zanoskar  From Old England -sc A,G  $9.95
DOL0212  Krahmer  Introduction and Variations on an Original Theme -ScP (more) S,G    $10.75
DOL0211  Krahmer  Rondeau Hongrois, Op 28 (gypsy style) -ScP (more) S,G    $10.75 
MK01518  Kroll  Canzonabile -ScP B,G    $10.00
OFB0157  Linde  Music for Two -sc A,G  $9.95 
OFB0135  Linde  Musica da Camera -sc A/B,G  $9.95 
ST11809  Manifold  Travelling Down the Castlereach -sc SS, A/T,G    $2.75 
MK00572.3  Marinovici  Folk Dances of Eastern Europe and Asia II -sc SSAA,G  $8.50 
MK00560.1  Marinovici  Folk Dances of Eastern Europe and Asia I -sc SSAA,G  $8.50 
MK00029  Mozart, WA  Country Dances and Minuets -sc SS,G  $5.50 
RGS0006  Mozart, WA  Mozart for Recorder and Guitar -sc (more) S/T,G  $6.95 
ST10944  Mozart, WA  Trio -sc SA,G  $9.95 
MK00574  Nobis  Elegie -sc A,G  $5.50 
MK00256  Poletzky  Blues and Spirituals -sc AAT,G  $5.50 
MK00274  Poser  Little Serenade -sc A,G  $5.50 
ST12254  Praetorius  17 Dances -ScP S,G  $14.95
OFB0179  Regner  Mondzeit (7 Pieces for Recorder and Guitar) -2 sc S/A/T/B,G    $19.95
RGS0002  Reichenthal (ed)  Bach Chorales -sc S/T,G    $8.75 
ST05132  Rentmeister  Pieces of the 17th and 18th Century -sc S/A,G    $8.95 
MK02517  Rhau  Tricinia Gallica -ScP SATB,G    $20.00
PAN0771  Roelcke  Spielt, ihr Musikanten, Book 1 -sc 2-3S,G    $22.50
PAN0772  Roelcke  Spielt, ihr Musikanten, Book 2 -sc 2-3S,G    $22.50
PAN0773  Roelcke  Will ein lustig Book 3 -sc 2-3S,G    $22.50
ST05412  Runge  Spielbuch fur Jugend, Vol 2 -sc S,G (Orff)    $4.75 
MK00467.8  Schmicerer  Ten Pieces from Zodiaci Musici, 1698 -sc SA,G  $8.50 
MK00590.1  Schneider (ed)   Dances and Songs from South America, No.1 -sc SATB,G (Perc)  $8.50 
MK00264  Schubert  Dances -sc SAB,G  $5.50 
MK00361  Stockmeier  Divertimento -sc AA,G  $5.50 
ST12253  Susato  Dances from Danserye -ScP S,G  $19.95
OFB0167  Suter  Small Talk - 2 scores A,G  $14.95
RGS0001  Telemann  First Taste of Telemann (Reichenthal ed ) - sc SS/AT,G    $4.00 
MK00695.6  Teschner  Tin Whistle Tune -sc S,G    $8.50 
ST02662  Uldall  Musizierstucke (New Music Pieces) - 2 scores SS,G    $9.95 
SP02317  Walker  Sing! Play! Move! -sc (more) SSA,G (Perc)  $2.95 
MK02135  Weber  Windspiel (53 international folksongs/ ballads) -sc S/ SS, G ad lib    $25.00
MK00433  Werdin  Trios -sc SA,G  $5.50 
CON0193  Werdin  Concertino solo A+SATB+G   $25.00
MK00042  Wolki (ed)  Popular German Folksongs, Part 2 (German text) - sc SS/AA/SA,G  $5.50 
ST04524  Zanoskar  Baroque Pieces -ScP S,G    $9.95 
ST12193  Zweers/ Pope  Jacobean Masque Tunes -ScP A,G  $14.95
ST12194  Zweers/ Pope  Nine 16th Century Dances -ScP S/A,G