String Methods or Exercises      
Item Number Composer/Editor Title Voicing Level Cost
MBF0559  Amore  Guitar Chord Book (diagrams, music and tab notations)   $4.95 
MBF0556  Amore  Guitar Scale Book   $4.95 
MB00035  Amore  Cello Fingering Chart Vc    $3.95 
MBF0507  Bayas  Guitar Chords for all Styles of Playing (jazz, blues, reggae+)   $8.95 
GA00001a  Carcassi  Guitar Method - New Edition, Vol 1   $9.95 
GA00001b  Carcassi  Guitar Method - New Edition, Vol 2   $9.95 
DER1174  Feggelen  Complete Scale Book for Guitar (beginner and advanced)   $10.95 
MK02049  Fernandez  Guitar Method - Classical Spain   $25.00 
PEL0972  Forrer-Schoch Beginners Violin Method (German text)   $7.25 
ST11102  Hunt  An Introduction to Playing the Spanish Guitar   $5.00 
PAN0184  Leisegang  Information und Versuche Vc    $40.00 
MK02043  Monkemeyer  Method for Alto/ Tenor Gamba (German text)     $26.00 
MK02042  Monkemeyer  Method for Soprano Gamba (German text)     $26.00 
MK02044  Monkemeyer  Method for Tenor/ Bass Gamba (German text)     $26.00 
ST12324  Poulton  A Tutor for the Renaissance Lute (beginner-advanced, 142 pgs)   $49.00
MBF0020  Sandy  Guitar Chord Chart   $3.50 
MET0001  Townsend  Old Time Fiddle Method (tuning, examples, styles, with CD) V + CD    $19.95