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Martin Shelton

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Gvido Digital Music Score Reader The Gvido is a lightweight dual screen music score reader. It can store thousands of music scores and is only 0.25 inches thick when folded. GVIDO uses PDF files as its source medium which makes it instantly compatible with the most widely available music score format. The stylus can be used to write comments and music annotations on the music score which can be shared through a cloud-based service with other GVIDO device users.    
Guntram Wolf Scherer Baroque Bassoon This is a relatively new model for Guntram Wolf. They have been out for about 4 years and now sell as well as their famous HKICW model.  
Canzonet Recorder Rolls Classic Recorder Rolls in many standard and customs sizes    
Bernie Lehmann Strings Bernie Lehmann Vielles, Rebecs, Lutes, Early Guitars    
Mollenhauer Elody in Cherry ELODY-Cherry with very beautiful wooden natural aesthetics, 5959_13    
Mollenhauer Denner Comfort tenor Denner Comfort Tenor, C/C# key, holes 3 & 4 keys, European Cherrywood, 5437C Denner Comfort-Tenor made of European Cherrywood � pleasant and lightweight  
Mollenhauer Denner Edition soprano A415, Satinwood, DE-1111    
Mollenhauer Denner Edition soprano A415, dark stained Satinwood, DE-1111D    
Mollenhauer Denner Edition soprano A442, Satinwood, DE-1101    
Mollenhauer Denner Edition soprano A442, dark stained Satinwood  DE-1101D    
Kung E3 altos

The wide bore, the metal labium, the octave key for the high registers and the key system with e� foot extension provide for a full and powerful sound.

To allow for ensemble playing with modern instruments, the E3 has a strong lower register and a chromatic range of over 2� octaves.
5997 Grenadilla

5991 Stained Pearwood

Nartiss Alto in Eb Sackbut    
Mollenhauer Denner sopranino, grenadilla   5024
Mollenhauer Denner Edition soprano A442 soprano 1101-DE
Mollenhauer Denner Edition in satinwood A442 and A415 altos 1201-DE


Yamaha Ecodear recorders http://www.lazarsearlymusic.com/Yamaha-Recorders/images/YRS-402.jpg Made from 30% plant-based material and 70% ABS plastic. 

Has tonal properties much closer to wooden instruments than any other plastic recorder!

YRS-402B soprano

YRA-402B alto

Kung K4 Alto NEW Powerful Bressan alto, designed in collaboration with Ernst Meyer and Maurice Steger Model 7401
Eagle Recorders by Adriana Breukink NEW Modern C Soprano "Eagle" with B foot A443  
Moeck Subbass in FF This newly developed sub-bass (FF) in a = 442Hz, dark stained maple and with baroque fingering, is the first recorder of this size which is blown directly, without a bocal. Model 5741
Yamaha Ecodear plastic soprano PlantbasedPlasticRecorders

Bodies made of plant-based �Ecodear� plastic achieves a mellow, centered tone that is similar to that of wood recorders, plus improved breath response and high-register control.

These new sopranos really do play much more sweetly and richly than the 300 series one!


Elody Flute

from Mollenhauer

'Premiere� of a new type of recorder: An instrument based on the Modern Harmonic Alto with innovative cool design, powerful tone and provision for connection for use as an electric recorder.

Airbrush design, gloss varnish, pearwood, foot joint with E extension and triple key for E/ F/ F-sharp

Dream Edition Bass

from Mollenhauer

Knick bass in F, plum with maple decorative rings, baroque double holes, four keys

Dream-Edition � for the demands of a soloist
Due to their characteristic wide bore and full, round sound the Dream-Edition is ideally suited to the exceptional demands of the recorder�s repertoire both in ensemble and as a soloist. The individually matched instruments in European plumwood with maple decorative rings combine a richness of tone color with stability. Baroque fingering and double holes provide for surprising agility.

Lotus Designs LED Music Stand Lights Lotus Light LED 34 Both 17 and 34 LED models
Sackbut Tenor in Bb

A415/A440 tuning slides

Simple, inexpensive hard case for soprano or alto  
Eagle Recorders by Adriana Breukink  

On the Eagle you can play any style where a strong, dynamic and flexible recorder would add to depth to the music. It�s also possible to play elegantly and softly, because the voicing is very fine. The power comes from the strong basis in the tone and not from the harmonics in the 2nd and 3rd register. This ensures that the Eagle still has an authentic, round and full recorder sound. The low register is as strong as the high register so that you can make beautiful musical lines over the whole range of the instrument. This solves the usual problem of losing volume in the low register, without the instrument being too loud in the high register.


Dream-Edition Recorders

from Mollenhauer

Plumwood with maple decorative rings

Dream Recorders for the demands of a soloist
due to their characteristic wide bore and full round sound Dream-Edition recorders are also suitable for demanding solo recorder repertoire. These hand-finished instruments in European plumwood with maple decorative rings combine a colorful rich sound with a stable tone. Baroque fingering and double holes provide surprising agility.

Tenor recorder with ergonomically designed keys:

  • Attractive shell-shaped keys
  • Robust mechanism
  • Fingering changes made
    easy by a roll mechanism
    fitted to double keys
  • Well-balanced sound

a1 = 442 Hz



Musician's Chair


Roland C-200

Digital Organ


A415 Alto Recorder

  Mollenhauer Morgan Denner, A415

Gumtram Wolf

Historical Woodwinds

I now am a dealer for this excellent maker of Baroque and classical bassoons, dulcians, shawms, Baroque and classical oboes, chalumeaux, Baroque clarinets, and the new contraforte/contrabassoon.  

Moeck Renaissance

Consort Contrabass

w/added keys

The stretch on this instrument was horrendous.  I've had beautiful keys and key covers added for holes 3 and 4 to make playing quite comfortable.  

Ralf Netsch Recorders

Ganassi soprano and alto in stock  

Martin Wenner Recorders


Roland C-30

Digital Harpsichord


In Stock!


Great Bass Recorder, Mollenhauer Canta

Versatile, reliable recorder ensemble with an homogenous sound, made of pearwood.

Elegant, stable sound
a strong low register with light, clearly focused high notes.


Its quick and accurate response

make the Canta Great Bass a reliable playing partner.

The small amount of air
it requires allows free and unrestrained playing - a great bass that plays like a tenor.

Comfortable hand stretch
narrower than on an alto recorder.



Violone in G

Lu-Mi, after Busch, 890 mm string length, soft case  

Lu-Mi Servais Strad Cello

I finally received one of these large-bodied Servais Strads.  It has a wonderfully full, rich sound that just sings.  This cello would also work very well as a bass violin or strung with all gut.  If you can handle the large body (the lower bout is wider), you will have yourself a very fine instrument!

Mighty Bright Xtra Flex Duet Dual LED Music Stand Light


The Mighty Bright XtraFlex Duet Super LED. Music Light uses two specially-designed heads that spread light evenly, without any annoying hot spot to washout print and make your music hard to read. The twin, highly flexible arms are easy to position to put light in tight places, and they also make it very easy to fold the unit into a small package for easy storage. The Mighty Bright XtraFlex Duet is equipped with a base that allows the light to be used as either a clip-on or as a freestanding unit. This versatility makes the XtraFlex Duet perfect for lighting things other than music- racks, pedal setups on dimly lit stages and mixing boards will all benefit. Powered by three AAA batteries (not included).


Mighty Bright Duet 2 LED Music Stand Light

The Duet 2 is the professional music stand light with double the brightness of its predecessor! The D 2 features fully adjustable goosenecks to cover two pages. The Duet is already used internationally by professional musicians. Best of all, the LED lights never need changing! The included AC adapter provides an added benefit for orchestras and bands using controlled lighting.

Duet 2 Specifications

  • Four different light level options

  • Dual flexible arms provide infinite maneuverability

  • Two lighting heads, each containing two large LEDs

  • Sensor switches on each lighting head require just a tap to turn on one or both LEDs

  • Optical grade lens provides evenly distributed light with no hot spots

  • Easily bends to compact position for storage

  • Extra strong clip grips almost anything or use free standing

  • Offers 20 hours of continuous use on 3 AAA batteries

  • Powered by included AC adapter (110-240 volts) or 3 AAA Batteries (not included)


Louis Begin viola da gamba bows

Ultra-knicked bass

I have made a new elbow to give the Kung bass a more angled bent neck.  This raises the vertical body of the instrument by about 2-3 inches, allowing shorter people or people with reach problems to play this wonderful bass. Available in cherry or pear to match your instrument (pear elbow shown on cherry bass). Pictures: 1,2,3


Kung Contrabass in F

The new K�ng contrabass is the ideal complement to the Superio models--a low register register partner to the successful greatbass. It has a range of over two octaves, a wide bore and large fingerholes.  Its sound is therefore deep and strong but still rich in overtones. It has a clear high register thanks to the direct blowing position of the bocal tube. The subbass is eminently suitable for ensemble playing, for both traditional and new music. This exceptional instrument can be played seated or standing. Accessories such as a pedestal or recorder stand make it easier to use.

Kung Bass Adjustable Floor Rest

Stable, easily and quickly put on or taken off

Does not block bore or change pitch of low notes

Requires installing threaded socket in hole drilled in foot joint of bass

Instrument Decoration by Marian Henry

Custom decoration of wooden instruments

See examples on my Paetzold contrabass recorder page

Violin Family Instruments

I now sell Baroque and modern violins, violas and cellos.  All instruments are made in China by experienced luthiers.  I sell LuMi Baroque and modern instruments, and Snow modern instruments.

Optimized Crumhorns

These crumhorns are commercially made by a well-known maker, and further improved by David Hogan Smith.  He thoroughly oils them, tunes them (mean-tone tuning) and makes dry-play custom cane reeds (no soaking needed).  The resulting instruments play easily, clearly and strongly.  These are beautifully playing instruments comparable in sound and construction quality to handmade crumhorns.


Hardwood Recorder Stands

Beautifully made hardwood recorder stands.  Come apart for easy transport and storage.  Standard configuration is for SnSATB.  Custom configurations upon request.  Contact George Greenwood: gisinc@pacbell.net


Moeck Ehlert Sopranos

The new Ehlert recorders combines the advantages of various historic models:

  • Due to the wide conical bore, it has the strength of tone of a renaissance recorder

  • Due to a windway designed after baroque models, it has both the flexibility of sound and dynamics of a baroque recorder

  • Due to its design, it has a large compass (2-1/2 octaves) with the advantage that the f sharp� (c sharp3) no longer has to be played by the awkward closing of the bottom hole. Although the instrument is significantly longer than a standard recorder, it does not require any keys besides the double key on the foot joint in order to close the two bottom holes comfortably.

  • The new Ehlert soprano, alto and tenor have been modeled on baroque tenors (Hotteterre, Bressan e.g.) as well as long-bore German recorders made around 1930, and therefore can be played with the customary baroque fingerings. Thus, there is no need to learn new fingerings, except of course for the pitches higher than f sharp� (c sharp�).

    The new Ehlert soprano, alto or tenor is suitable for recorder music from all styles and periods. On account of its strong tone color and volume, it is particularly suitable for playing with piano and other "modern" instruments.  It is strong enough to hold its own with a Baroque orchestra.


Bernie Lehmann Rebecs

The Rebec
The Rebec enjoyed an extraordinarily long period of popularity, eventually evolving into the concertmasters "Kit" in the  19th C. It is a 3 stringed Fiddle with a teardrop-shaped carved body and a flat top.  The Rebec has a bright sound, and is a wonderful solo melody instrument.


K&M Aluminum Music Stands

K&M's latest stand is a very lightweight (0.6 kg or a little over 1 lb.) high-quality stand.  If you've always wanted a lightweight stand, but didn't want to spend a bundle, this one is for you.

Yamaha YRS-322B

Yamaha YRS-322B translucent, colored sopranos.  These are not the low-end YRS-20 series.  These sopranos are the high end 300 series instruments with Baroque fingering and curved windway, the same as the dark brown/ivory instruments.  They are normally not available in the US, but I was able to obtain a small stock of them.  Available until I run out.

Wendy's Viols

Less expensive, relatively undecorated instruments are now available at lower prices than the decorated instruments.  They have one border of double purfling around the front and back, and the finish is less highly polished than on the decorated instruments.

Pardessus are now available.  Large 6-string basses (74 cm and 80 cm string length) are also coming.  The 80 cm bass can be used as an A violone or an all-gut strung bass.

Hotteterre Tenors and Kung Superio basses with added key

I've gotten some custom made (by Moeck) Hotteterre tenors with an added key on the fourth finger hole to make the worst stretch of the instrument easy.  Now people with finger stretch problems can play this wonderful tenor.

I also have Kung Superio basses with a key added on hole 1 to make this fabulous bass playable by almost anyone.

Stefan Puchalski Vielles

I'm trying out the simple vielles or medieval fiddles of Port Townsend, WA maker Stefan Puchalski.  Sweet and easy to play.  I'll soon add his more elaborate vielles with carved soundboards.

Martin Wenner Baroque & Renaissance Flutes

Wenner flutes, modeled after various historical instruments, made in boxwood, ebony or grenadillla, play easily, clearly and strongly.  I am not a flute player and even I can get a full, clear sound out of these instruments.

Mollenhauer Dream Knick Bass

Mollenhauer has finally added the knick bass to its Dream line of Renaissance-sounding but Baroque-range instruments.  The new knick bass is an instrument with strong sound.  The knick style makes it easy for players with short arms to play.  The direct blow style allows sharper attacks and more control over speaking.

Mollenhauer Modern Soprano

Mollenhauer has now expanded its Modern series to include a Modern Soprano.  The instrument length, bore design and key system (B-foot) give this instrument an unusually full, rich tone.  The dynamic range and extended range from b up to high g''' give this new soprano expressive qualities far beyond all traditional models.

Chris English Bows

Wendy's Viols

I offer Wendy's Viols imported directly from China under the name of Wendy Gillespie, renowned member of the viol consorts Fretwork and Phantasm. Commissioned by Finnish gambist Markku Luolajan-Mikkola, these instruments are hand-made in Beijing, China by master Wang Zhi Ming, who learned violin-making from his father, who studied classic German methods.

These viols are made from very high quality wood, which gives them a good timbre and a beautiful appearance.  These are real instruments, beautifully built with a sweet, bright sound. You may find cheaper viols, but not with this degree of resonance and craftsmanship. Wendy has played concerts worldwide on these instruments.  Soft and hard cases and bows (Chinese and Begin bows) also available.

Charlie Ogle Chinese Violas da Gamba

These viols and bows are being made in China by highly skilled instrument makers under the direction of Charlie Ogle, using high quality materials. The soundboards are hand carved spruce, the backs and sides are figured maple.

These are good instruments, at great prices. They are well designed, well made, and properly set up. Both students and advanced players will find them suitable for all uses.


Pirastro Viola da Gamba Strings

String for treble, tenor and bass viols, as well as any other strings Pirastro or Aquila makes, are available at discount prices.

Konig and Meyer (K & M)

K&M high quality music and instrument stands (gambas, sackbuts, guitars, etc.) available at discount prices.

Sheet Music

A wide range of sheet music is available from such publishers as London Pro Musica, Schott, L'Oiseau Lyre, Dovehouse, Landmark Press, etc.

Mollenhauer Modern Alto Options

Mollenhauer has come out with two options for its Modern Altos.  First, you now have a choice of the old, somewhat flute-like voicing, or the new standard Baroque recorder voicing.  Second, you have the option of a 3-keyed E-foot, allowing you to play low E, F and F# instead of the normal F and F#.  This foot can be added to older Modern Altos as well.

 Herbert Paetzold Square Bass Recorders

I am again be carrying these impressive instruments.  A shipment of contrabasses and great basses has arrived.

 Pavel Č�p Gemshorns

I ordered several sets (sopranino to great bass) of these extremely well-made, sweet sounding instruments.  They quickly sold, and further instruments have gone so quickly that I can't keep a set in stock for myself.

 K�ng Greatbass in C, Knick (bent neck), stained maple, 9 keys

I got my first great bass in June.  I was prepared to be disappointed after all the hype this recorder has received.  However, it is one impressive instrument!  It plays easily over a range of at least two octaves, with CLEAR and strong sound.  The bottom C is very strong and speaks easily, without needing a soft attack.  In fact, it is hard to overblow it.  The highs play with surprisingly low breath pressure and speak without the necessity for strong attacks.   Even the high C# plays easily, with a simple fingering, and in tune.  I got 3 more; they were even better than the first one.  They are already sold.  I've ordered 10 more.  Kung has a winner! 

  Mollenhauer 2446K Knick (bent-neck) Tenor, C/C# keys

The normally large stretch between the 4th and 5th finger holes, that is often a problem for people with small hands (children, too) or arthritis, is considerably reduced on this tenor.  And the bent-neck design also reduces the awkward angle needed for the right wrist.  The combination of these design factors and the strong bottom and easy high notes make this recorder a winner! 

I can add matching keys to finger holes 3 & 4 to make this instrument easier to reach than an alto.

  Mollenhauer 5430K Tenor, C/C# keys + 4th finger hole key

  The normally large stretch between the 4th and 5th finger holes, that is often a problem for people with small hands (children, too) or arthritis, is almost completely eliminated on this tenor by the addition of a key for the 4th finger.

  Yamaha YRT-304BKn Knick (bent-neck) Tenor, C/C# keys

  I have modified Yamaha's popular plastic tenor to transform it into a bent-neck design, as suggested by a customer, Elena Cardinell.  It raises the position of the right hand, allowing a straight wrist.  This results in a greater ability to stretch the fingers to reach the holes/keys. This alteration often allows people with small hands or stretch/reach problems to play tenor.  The design change does not affect tuning or the sound of the instrument.

  I am also happy to modify your Yamaha YRT-304B plastic tenor. 

  Brass keys can also be added to plastic or wooden recorders.

  By the way, I also carry a C/C# keyed foot joint to replace your old single-keyed joint.

  I will also consider modifying your tenors of other brands, charge to be determined based on work needed to make the appropriate jig.

  New Makers

  I have received a few instruments by the highly-respected maker, Ralf Ehlert.  These hand-made instruments are superb.


  And last but not least, I now sell Moeck recorders and other early winds, such as crumhorns and shawms.


  I now stock a variety of recorder-related accessories for your convenience.  Cases (soft and hard), cork grease, mops, cleaning rods, Duponol, recorder oil, thumb rests (plastic, wood and brass), music stands, etc.  If you would like me to stock any additional items not listed, please let me know.